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AXIOM Health SEO provides high quality SEO campaigns in order for a website to get the highest possible return of investment (ROI).
Link building simply refers to spreading a word about the business you own among the web users, because the popularity you gain on the web will have direct influence on your success. Building links in order to increase page rank is one part of SEO and it is a crucial factor for success. Remember that every business is unique which means that promotion methods are also different, so you have to be aware of the fact that even though something has worked for your associates or friends, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you too.
Internet contains lots of spam and there is even the information that more than half of the web’s pages are spam, so in order to weed out this irrelevant content, search engines use systems for measuring trust.
Abandoned Domains: An abandoned domain is a web address that potentially has links pointing to it, but has not been renewed for any number of reasons, and is available for purchase. AC Rank: A site’s AC rank (which stands for A Citation Rank) is the ranking its pages achieve on a 0-15 scale based on the number of root domains that have referred to that site. Affiliate Marketing: A performance-based marketing method which allows merchants to expand their market reach by rewarding independent agents (affiliates) for promoting a product, service or site. Aging Content: Aging content refers to pages on a site that have lost their timeliness, and relevance. Algorithm: An algorithm is a series of steps used by a computer or program to solve a problem.
ALT Attribute: An ALT attribute is the text that accompanies an image link on a page of HTML code. ALT Tag: An ALT tag is the text that appears over an image on a webpage when the mouse hovers over it. Article Marketing: Article marketing entails a business writing content about their area of expertise and submitting that content to various article directory sites. Article Directories: An article directory is a website that hosts an archive of online articles.
Article Spinning: Article spinning is the practice of using a computer program to take an existing article and “rewriting” it.
Associations: In SEO terms, an association refers to an organization of people that are more likely to post content from or link back to one of its members’ websites.
Automated Submitting: A site that uses an automated submitting program is one that has its web pages automatically submitted to the search engines, social media sites and directories.
Authority (website): A site’s authority is comprised of its domain’s age, its content, its inbound link profile (quality and quantity) and its search ranking based on a search query.
Authority Linking: Authority linking is the practice of linking to a website that is considered an authority (or at least authoritative) in its respective field. Better Business Bureau: The Better Business Bureau or BBB is an organization that determines if a business is reputable or not.
Black Hat SEO: Black Hat SEO refers to a set of SEO tactics that includes cloaking, keyword stuffing and robot-driven link building. Blekko: Blekko is an unconventional search engine that uses specific search tags in specific categories.
Brand Awareness: The degree to which consumers are acquainted with or knowledgeable of the qualities or image of a particular brand. Broken Links: A broken link is simply a link on a website that no longer takes the user to its designated target. Call to Action: A call to action is a marketing tactic that tries to get consumers to take a certain action, as recommend by the marketer.
Case Study: A form of qualitative descriptive research used to illustrate a thesis or principle. Canonical Issues: A canonical issue occurs when search engines are unable to tell which site is the official one.
Cloaking: A site that engages in cloaking is using a type of black hat SEO strategy that makes a web page look different to a search engine that it does to a site visitor.
Company Directory Submissions: Many companies will publish directories of relevant sites, and submitting your site to these directories is another link building practice. Content Gap: A content gap is crucial information about an industry or market that should be covered but was somehow overlooked. Conversion: A conversion represents the number of site visitors that respond with either a sign up or a purchase to a call to action. Content Link Segmentation: Content link segmentation refers to the location of a link on a page. Contests: Contests are used as a link building strategy by offering an attractive prizes and hosting the content on your site. Contrary Hook: A contrary hook is post that tackle a polarizing issue in your industry or market. CPA: CPA is an acronym for cost per acquisition, which is the business related expense of acquiring a new customer. CPC: CPC—cost per click—refers to one of the ways to make money by accepting ads on your website. CTR: Click through rate (CTR) is the number of times a link for an advertisement has been clicked, and this number is indicative of how effective the ad is.
Custom Error Page: A custom error page is one that shows up when technical issues occur on your site.
Debunking Myths: A popular link building strategy that includes posting facts that contradict site-relevant misinformation on the web, with the express goal of debunking a myth.
Deep Links: Are links that point not to a site’s homepage, but to a page deeper in the website. Deep Link Ratio: The deep link ratio is the relation between the number of deep links to home page links on your site.
Deindex: Although de-indexing is reserved for the most flagrant offenders, a site that has been removed from a search index is one that has been de-indexed.
Directory: Directories are websites that contain lists of products, services or resources, usually separated into categories or subcategories. Dofollow Links: A “nofollow link” includes specific HTML code to stop link equity from flowing through the link. Domain Authority: Domain Authority, or DA, is a metric developed by (SEO) Moz that predicts how a website will perform is search engine rankings. Duplicate Content: Duplicate content refers to the content (usually text) on one site that identically matches the content on another site. Dynamic Website: A site that is considered dynamic is one that is frequently changed, and will sometimes change based on the unique user’s interaction with it. Education-based Content: Content generated for the purpose of educating or tutoring an audience. Ego Bait: Ego bait is a tactic that involves posting flattering content about an individual in an effort to get them to link to your site or content.
Embed Code: HTML code that allows users to obtain the content for inclusion on their own site. Embedded Link: An embedded link is a type of hyperlink that has embedded into the existing text of an article or website, most readily found on blog posts and built in by the post writer using HTML code. Equity (link): Link equity refers to the amount of value a link has to the page it links to. Evergreen Content: Evergreen content is information and data that is timeless and ever-useful.
Exact Match: In a search query, an exact match means that the searched keywords must exactly match the keywords on a web page to be included in the search results. Fresh: Fresh is a descriptor used by Google to label sites that are very frequently updated. Flash Intro: A flash intro is a short animation that plays when users arrive on a website’s home page.
Findability: The findability of a site consists of how easy or difficult it is to find the site with a search.
First Crawled: A first crawled date denotes the first time a website or page was crawled by a web bot such as Googlebot. Forum: Forums are online discussion sites where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Forum Posting: The act of writing or posting comments on a web forum dedicated to a specific group or topic. Footer: Footer denotes the section of web content located at the bottom (or foot) of the page.
Google Algorithm: A  formula employed by the Google search engine to determines which pages are most relevant to a user’s search query. Google Analytics: A tool offered by the search engine that allows site owners to view all of the available statistics regarding site traffic, page rank, unique site views and other demographic data.
Grey Hat: Grey hat refers to link building tactics that are neither perfectly white nor obviously black hat. Guest Posting: A guest post is a article on a website or blog from a writer who does not regularly contribute to the site. HTML-ready content: HTML-ready content is content that already has link code embedded in it. Inbound Marketing: Inbound marketing refers to “earning” leads to your site with good content, social shares and other strategies.
Industry Experts: Industry Experts are those whose special knowledge, experience or skill in a particular field causes them to be regarded as authorities. Infographic: Short for information graphic, an infographic is a graphic visualization of data or other information. Interlink: Links between web pages on an internal site or between a series of related websites are interlinked.
Interactive Content: Web content that responds to a user’s input, such as playing a song, game or video on a site. Internet Protocol (IP): The primary procedure for relaying and routing data across networks.
IP Address: An IP address is a numeric representation of a computer’s “location” when it is connected to the internet.
IP Diversity: IP diversity refers to the number of backlinks your site has from unique IP addresses.
Juice: Juice, commonly referred to as link juice, refers to the quality and authority of the links in your backlink portfolio. Keyword: A keyword is a word or phrase (often called a keyword phrase) that is used to help search engines index content on webpages. Keyword Density: Keyword density refers to the number of times a keyword appears on a given webpage.
Keyword Popularity: A keyword’s popularity refers to how many times that keyword was searched for during a set amount of time. Keyword Prominence: The prominence of a keyword refers to a keyword’s location,  the amount of times it appears, and its overall use on a given website or page. Keyword Stuffing: A spam or Black Hat SEO technique that entails loading pages with keywords that are related to the user’s search query. Spammers also sometimes load pages with irrelevant keywords on topics that are unrelated to the query, such as mortgages, cell phones, ringtones, gambling, weather, etc.
Kiss of Death: In the search marketing world, Kiss of Death refers to the penalty or de-indexation that comes along with anchor text abuse. Last Crawled: The last time a website or page was crawled by a search engine bot is its last crawled date.
Link Asset: Something on a site that would draw an audience to your website, and also compel them to link to that content.
Link Bait: Link bait is content that considered so great that it will attract links based on its general awesomeness.
Link Building: A system of tools, tactics, marketing strategies and sometimes schemes created with the purpose of gaining links back to your website. Linking Domains: Used in search engine optimization, it refers to the number and variety of domains that have given links to your site. Link Farm: A site that gives links indiscriminately, regardless of whom, what, or where the link goes, for the sole purpose of helping those site gain position in search engine rankings.
Link Love: Similar to reciprocal linking, it is the practice of adding links to your site from other sites as a means of showing appreciation for its content or to increase rapport between web communities.
Link Neighborhood: A link neighborhood is the location of your website as determined by the sites that link to you and the sites that you link to.
Link Profile: Also known as a backlink profile, this refers to the appraisal of the number, quality, variety and general health of the backlinks a website possesses.
Linkerati: The linkerati are an elite group of people who are high-use internet practitioners that generate content, build web presence and increase the amount of linkages to sites they see as valuable. Majestic SEO: An SEO company that offers a variety of tools based around it’s own web crawler which has spent the better part of a decade indexing web links. Manual Submission: The process of submitting URLs to search engines manually rather than using software that automates the process. Mashup: A mash-up is involves taking two or more pre-existing pieces of content and combining them in a novel way. Meta Description: A meta description is a string of words in HTML code that the search engines use to describe your web page when displayed in the SERP. Meta Keywords: Previously, SEO companies would include keywords about the site in an HTML tag on the site. Meta Tags: These are special HTML tags which define metadata about a particular HTML document. Navigation Bar: A navigation bar is the static list of links, like a table of contents, that lead to other locations on the site. Niche Directory: A website that contains a hierarchical list of products or resources related to a specialized market. Nofollow Links: Links that have the HTML rel attribute that specifies that a spider or web bot should not follow that specific link, essentially meaning the site or document that linked to is not (fully) endorsed. Organic Link: An organic link is a link that your site attracts naturally with quality content.
Organic Search: Returned search results that appear because of their relevancy to the search query or keywords. PPP: An acronym for pay-per-post, this designates websites that will pay people who create content in exchange for using it on their site. Panda: Panda is a Google algorithm update that changed the way web pages are ranked and penalized sites with poor quality content.
Paid Strategy: A paid strategy is one that includes payment for services, such as a positive product review, as part of a link building plan.
Penalty: A penalty is a virtual reprimand against site owners for engaging in practices that search engine companies find unacceptable, such as black hat SEO. Petition: Part of the web cultural phenomenon called “hacktivism” (internet activism) petitioning is a means of getting signatures in protest of or support for an issue or cause. Printables: A printable is information, hosted on a website, that can be easily printed out.
Profile Links: Profile links are usually found on forums or message boards, and anyone who wishes to register can often get a link from their newly created profile. Resource Pages: A resource page is a site that collects and aggregates websites and content related to a specific online niche, and publishes this information into a list of webpages. Reciprocal Links: Reciprocal linking occurs when one site offers to link to another site, if, and only if, they get a link in return. RSS Feeds: RSS feeds are subscriptions to the posts the user selects for aggregation into a personalized stream of content.
Scraped Content: Scraped content is simply content gleaned from the internet via a computer program and posted on another site. Search Queries: Types of modifiers used in a web search to affect the results of the search, some of these include inurl, intitle, quotations and intext modifiers.
SEO Link Building: Tactically placing as many links as possible on topically-related sites throughout the web in order to increase a site’s SERP.
SERP: An acronym for “search engine results pages,” which are the links to websites that are populated onscreen after a term is searched for in a web browser.
Sitewide Link: A sitewide link on a page remains in the same location on the website, no matter what page of the site you are on. Social Media: A term used to describe the popular and varied online social networking websites that have arisen online in the past decade. Social Signals: A social signal is a way to determine how well a company’s posts, comments or social shares are doing by evaluating the response these shares are getting.
Social Payment System: A social payment company is one that pays out for a social share with a given audience.
Source Flag: A source flag is the language that determines what kind of link it is, such as an atl text flag. Spam: Spam is unsolicited commercial-based content generated for monetary purposes, and is considered the bane of the interweb. Spamdexing: Spamdexing is the process of intentionally manipulating search engines for higher page rankings with the use of various forms of spam-quality hyperlinks. Splash Page: A site that has a splash page is one that gives the viewer a fun, visual experience upon arriving at the site.
Spider: A spider is a search engine robot (bot) that crawls site for information used to determine site-relevance to a queried term. Sponsoring: Sponsoring is a strategy that gives companies the opportunity to sponsor a club, charity event, contest or other higher-profile activity with financial or other resources. Stories: When blogging on your site, a great story can develop into an effective organic link strategy if your story has enough emotional thrust to it. Surveys: A survey is a series of questions designed to get a consensus opinion of a given subject. Time Sensitive Content: Time-sensitive content subject matter that is posted at significant times, such as anniversaries, holidays, elections, or seasonally. Toolbar: A toolbar on a site that is available for users to access, typically created as a widget that can be shared with other webmasters. Troll Bait: Creating content that is so polarizing or controversial it will probably encourage many angry commenting, links, and other online sparring for adding to your site’s link juice. Tutorial: An instructional piece of content, usually a video or a class posted on your site, which if the information is good enough, can result in massive linkages to the site.
UGC: This is an acronym for user-generated content and utilizing it allows sites to have a broader scope for a given topic. Unnatural Link: A link that has been intentionally placed by a webmaster on a site for the sole purpose of deceiving the search engines. Unnatural Link Warning: An unnatural link warning is a notice to a webmaster from a search engine such as Google. User-Rating Review: Sites that have the option of publishing a user-review of a product can be used for posting a review for a product with a link to the product in the review.
Web Tools: A web tool is an online instrument that makes a task easier or solves a problem. White Papers: A white paper is a paper written with a clear intention of demonstrating a particular point.

Widgets: A small javascript or program that blogs and other websites use to create additional content depth on a site such as an email subscription form, a contact form or a live Twitter feed. Wiki: A wiki site is a site that allows all users to contribute information and is constantly seeking new information or to make existing information more accurate, complete and authoritative.
When it comes to SEO, link building is very important for everyone’s success online and that is why it needs to be done just right. After four years in which people have seen the reaction of the search engines to the various backlinking methods, they managed to come with the conclusion that variety is as important as velocity and volume. Linking volume is actually defined as the number of links pertaining to one site, in comparison with the number of links of another, with the 2 previous descriptions held in account. As mentioned earlier, if website owners want to make sure that their backlinking campaign will be very successful, they will need to be aware of the three V’s numbering variety, volume and velocity.
If website owners want to stay out of the sandbox area of Google, then they will need to learn the way to have the velocity of their links steady. As many already know it, the spice of life is actually the variety people bring to it and that was never truer than it is in the situation of the way Google’s algorithm behaves. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
There is a sea of information on link building tactics and some are from real experts and some from self-proclaimed local experts.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Imagine how much money you could make if your blog or websites were at the top of search engines for all the keywords you wish for! Google has some complicated algorithms to determine the value of every link a website receives so you need to have a lot of high quality links pointing to your websites if you wish to dominate the top positions of search results. A bunch of HIGH QUALITY backlinks from authorative Web 2.0 Properties, whose value are raised even further through hundreds of links pointed from else where like social bookmarking sites, forum profiles and so on. We actually build a lot of Web 2.0 Properties first, which are like blog posts on social or third party websites and provide a link to your websites on these properties. The only out-going link from these Web 2.0 properties will be to your money site with proper keywords in the title and besides, the link is going to be surrounded by a keyword rich article which will provide more value to the links. Further, we build a lot of backlinks to these Web 2.0 Properties so the value of outgoing link to your money site is raised even further. When a website receives too many backlinks in a very short period, and if the site is quite young, Google will immediately sand-box it.
But since we're using the intelligent strategy of building back links to the Web 2.0 properties that link to your site, instead of pointing all links directly at your money sites, you can be very sure that your site is safe. And not just that, you will also find a lot of Web 2.0 properties ranking on the other positions so we dominate the first page of Google almost entirely! We don't automate everything: Unlike other hit and run SEO services, we don't automate just about everything! We help you with keywords: Typically, every other service out there will just fire up the automated tools, fill in the information you give and push the button.
We deliver results: We're not just focused on completed the job and providing you a report. Once you order the package, we will ask your main website' url and the keywords you wish to rank for.
04We publish the original article to the top directory like eZine articles, this is again a bonus.
05We then plan the strategy of link building for your website and begin to create Web 2.0 properties with direct links pointed to your site. 06Since these Web 2.0 sites already have an high authority on Google and every other major search engines, links from them to your website are considered to be of high quality. 07We further raise the value of these links by building backlinks to them through a number of forum profiles, social bookmarkings, video submissions, press releases, article submissions and more.. 08We do everything possible to get more value to those Web 2.0 properties, which will be only be linking direct to your sites. 09Finally, we evaluate all the links created, and prepare a detailed report for you in PDF.
The Diamond package gets you over 800 back links targetted at your site on 2 tiers to prevent sand-boxing, will immediately push up your sites on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing too. Or if you're site is on a moderately competitve niche and want to boost your rankings say like from 5th page to 3rd page or so, choose the Platinum package. The Platinum Package is as good as the Diamond Package but does not include videos submissions. Or if you have a site targeting on a fairly low competitive keyword or simply want to boost up the rankings a little bit like pushing up 2 or 3 positions, choose the basic Gold Package. After we complete the service, if you don't see any improvement in search engine rankings, we will provide you 100% FULL REFUND! 10,000 articles spread on a wide variety of top niches that you can directly import to the software and post to all of your blogs. Although the software is absolutely easy to use, even without reading the User Manual, you must have a little bit of knowledge on blogging. And not just that, it will also cover some advanced traffic techniques that will help you earn money even sooner. Disclaimer: This site and the products and services offered on this site are not associated, affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Google, Yahoo or Bing. Partiremos de la premisa de que si recibimos enlaces externos de otros sitios web (backlinks), estos nos ayudaran a posicionar mejor nuestra web porque funcionan como si se tratara de un sistema de votacion on-line. Lo que estos enlaces estan transmitiendo a Google es que el contenido de nuestro sitio es “relevante” para determinados “terminos de busqueda”. Es por esta razon, que los expertos en Posicionamiento seo, tienen la consecucion de enlaces o link building como una de las estrategias mas importantes, pero a la vez mas delicadas. Porque segun Google ha ido dandose cuenta de como los SEO conocian como funcionan los algoritmos del buscador, Google ha ido realizando cambios en sus algoritmos (Panda, Pinguino, Colibri o Paloma) para que esos especialistas no consiguieran posicionar webs con contenido “poco relevante” por delante de otras que si tienen contenidos realmente relevantes para las busquedas que hacen los usuarios. La evolucion que ha ido siguiendo Google en los ultimos anos se ha basado mucho en premiar el contenido de valor y aunque sigue valorando mucho los backlinks que recibe cada pagina web, esta ponderando mucho el comportamiento que tiene el usuario en el sitio web y en lo relativo a los enlaces que recibe, valora muchisimo si son de calidad o no (incluso penaliza determinados tipos de enlaces). Respondiendo a lo de por que es delicado es simplemente porque Google esta PENALIZANDO las webs que el considera que estan recibiendo enlaces de forma artificial (o no natural).
Segun las propias directrices de Google, la mejor forma de posicionar tu web y que otros sitios web nos enlacen, es publicar contenido de valor. Yo recomiendo solo en directorios de calidad como el de Yelp, por su puesto DMOZ, o el de Hotfrog. Por otro lado, aunque estos enlaces sean “nofollow”, a los ojos de Google pueden ser positivos, sobre todo si vienen de webs en las que se habla de los mismos temas que nosotros contamos en nuestro sitio web. Si puedes elegir el anchor text de tu enlace, ten cuidado!!! No te recomiendo que seas descarado poniendo demasiadas veces la palabra clave exacta a posicionar, ya que rapido Google detectara que son enlaces poco naturales. Los enlaces de los foros suelen tener mucha autoridad y por lo tanto mucha fuerza en la estrategia de posicionamiento. Algunos seran dofollow y otros seran nofollow, pero ambos pueden ser interesantes en nuestra estrategia de creacion de enlaces entrantes. Si tienes cualquier noticia que dar sobre tu empresa, sobre tu sector (o si encuentras una excusa como una efemeride, un estudio que habeis hecho,…) podeis elaborar una nota de prensa que distribuyes a empresas que se dedican a su publicacion. La estrategia tiene efecto cuando en estas publicaciones se incluye un enlace hacia nuestra web.
Los marcadores sociales son sitios web (a muchos de ellos tambien ademas se les consideran redes sociales) donde podemos almacenar, clasificar y compartir enlaces.
Para saber en que blogs estan habilitados los trackbacks, como siempre, lo mejor es preguntarselo a Google.
Este es uno de los mejores sistemas en las estrategias de linkbuiling para conseguir enlaces hacia nuestro sitio web. No es recomendable que el enlace este en una parte comun de la plantilla del blog en donde colocamos el enlace. El sitio web donde vayamos a escribir, lo recomendable es que sea de la misma tematica que nuestro sitio web.
Esta estrategia se ha utilizado mucho en los ultimos anos, pero ahora es poco recomendable hacerla porque es tremendamente facil de detectar para Google. No hacerlo directamente entre la web de la que sale el enlace y la que lo recibe, sino que existan varias webs en las que no haya relacion de enlaces que pueda “cerrar el circulo”.
Como veis, es cada vez mas complicado llevar a cabo este tipo de estrategia de LINK BUILDING, ya que una de las prioridades de Google es que no desvirtuemos lo que para ellos es el ranking de las paginas por sus relevancia y cuando detecta que estamos influyendo en ello, nos penaliza..
Esta estrategia de posicionamiento SEO si que me parece muy interesante, ya que recibiras enlaces naturales con mucha autoridad y fuerza desde los sitios web desde los que se organizan estos concursos.
Por supuesto, el trafico que te llega y el prestigio  que te aportara participar en los concursos (sobre todo en imagen de marca personal), tambien son importantes ventajas. Si eres por ejemplo un fabricante o un importador que dispone de una red de distribuidores, te beneficiara que desde cada una de las paginas web de los distribuidores salga un enlace hacia tu web.
Estas webs que te enlazaran seran webs de la misma tematica que la tuya y si ademas no incluyen el atributo “nofollow”, mejor que mejor. Aunque el enlace que se incluye en el perfil de cada una de las redes sociales es (o en la mayoria de los casos suele ser) nofollow, tiene mucha fuerza porque suelen ser dominios de muchisima “autoridad”. Si creamos cuentas en Twitter, LinkedIn, Pagina de Google Plus, Fan Page de Facebook, Pinterest,… tendremos importantes enlaces ayudandonos en la estrategia de linkbuiliding. Si compartimos con nuestros seguidores publicaciones en las que incluimos enlaces hacia paginas o entradas de nuestra web y conseguimos “interaccion” en estas publicaciones, nuestra web se beneficiara. Si tienes un negocio, es muy recomendable hacerte un perfil de Google My Business y una Pagina de Google Plus. Google estara muy contento de que uses su red social y sus herramientas y te dara opcion de introducir la url de tu sitio web y verificarla. Toda la actividad que tengas en Google Plus, sobre todo si consigues interaccion en publicaciones (+1, comentarios y que se compartan) que incluyan enlaces a tu web, te contaran con enlaces externos de calidad recibidos por tu web.
Otra ventaja que obtendremos (independientemente de la estrategia de Link Builing) con Google Plus es que el Buscador de Google ofrece como resultados las propias publicaciones de la red Google Plus. Aunque anteriormente hemos hablado de las redes sociales, Youtube (igual que Google Plus) tiene tanta importancia que la vamos a tratar aparte.
Por un lado, el enlace que pongamos en el canal aportara su fuerza para el posicionamiento. No olvidemos que YouTube es de Google, y al gigante de los buscadores “le gusta que usemos sus cosas”. Por ejemplo, la empresa tiene un equipo de futbol siete y participa en un campeonato inter empresas y al webmaster de la web que organiza el campeonato se le ocurre poner un enlace a la web de las empresas representadas por los equipos. Esto eran solo ejemplos, pero lo cierto es que con el tiempo he visto muchos enlaces que no han sido buscados (otros si…) y que han sido solo el resultado de la actividad habitual de las empresas.
Si quieres hacer un LINK BUILDING mas agresivo, pero a la vez mas complicado puedes crearte una PBN (o red privada de blogs) para utilizarla como punto de partida de diferentes enlazas externos hacia el sitio web que queramos posicionar. Por un lado es como todo en la vida, por ejemplo con la renta fija y la renta variable en las inversiones financieras. Este consejo parece obvio, pero lo lei el otro dia en el post Las unicas tecnicas efectivas de seo off page de Raul Miruri y lleva toda la razon del mundo. Tecnicas de Link Building que usan los profesionales SEO: es un espectacular articulo de Luis M Villanueva en el que varios expertos en posicionamiento dan trucos sobre como conseguir enlaces para tu web.
Guia de Link Building para un SEO eficaz: es un genial articulo sobre LINK BUILDING que ha escrito Manuel Alejandro Palacios. Consultor de Marketing Online y Community Manager especializado en Posicionamiento Web (SEO), Redes Sociales, Marketing de Contenidos y Publicidad en Buscadores (SEM). Buen post Luis, aunque lo de subir un articulo en meneame es mas dificil que te toque una quiniela de 14.
La mayoria de los puntos los conocia, aun que algunos otros han sido de gran interes, muchas gracias por compartir informacion tan valiosas como esta en estos tiempos. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. In order to become popular on the World Wide Web, you will have to make use of different strategies.
There is manual and automated link building and even though automated is faster, manual link building always gives better results, but it takes time.
Talk with the professionals who will provide link building service to you and find out which strategy will best suit your business. Most of them are based on the link graph, so of you do link building yourself work on gaining links from trusted domains, because that can have positive effects on boosting scoring metric. It sends a web user from an old (usually vacant, outdated or otherwise unused) page to its new, permanent address.
The process of buying an abandoned domain and then using a 301 status code to automatically redirect to another website is a common link building strategy. The major search engines use proprietary algorithms to measure, rank and display web pages in their SERPs. Because search engines don’t understand images like humans do, it’s important to use the alt text attribute to textually describe an image.
Businesses submit articles about their brand, business or field of expertise to these directories with the aim of getting a link and increasing traffic. The risk in using such automated programs is that your website may be listed in places that are not relevant or appropriate for your purposes.
The amount and quality of backlinks a site has will increase or decrease its search ranking accordingly. A listing by the BBB is highly valuable and the link that goes with it is considered a high-quality and authoritative. A black blog is a weblog dedicated solely to selling links and possesses no true valuable content. The resulting pages (searches in only those categories) have been authenticated by human editors as spam-free sites. Blog commenting can and does happen naturally, but because links can often be included along with the comment, it has also been severely abused by spammers. A blogger submits their weblog to the directory to expand the blog’s link profile and readership. Bots are programs designed to crawl and copy web pages for later processing and indexing by search engines.
Brand mentions often include a link, and business owner’s should monitor not only their brand mentions, but those of their competitors.
Brand awareness is managed by utilizing social media, content marketing and various other resources that increase public knowledge of a company’s presence. Every time the search engine crawls and indexes your site it replaces its cached copy of your website. For example, if your thesis was that a certain number of links will get a website to the top of the search results page, then you would design anillustrative case study to explore that. Canonical aids in the search engine’s quest to credit the original sources of various documents. Webmasters hoping to avoid this can use a 301 permanent redirect or tag one of the URLs with the Canonical URL Tag, which informs search engines that one of the pages is a copy of the canonical or official page and should be treated as such.
In terms of link building, researching a competitor’s backlink profile for instance can reveal a wealth of information such as market reach, SEO strategy and so on. If discovered, creating content to fill the gap can be a powerful way to build relevant links. Compelling content generates interest, backlinks, response and other forms of engagement across the web, and greatly increases the likelihood that a web page will have higher rankings in the search engine results. Pages are broken into several segments such as the header, body, footer and navigation bar.
The idea is to draw users who are already interested in the topic to your site where they can read and hopefully link to your polemical article. With CPC, an advertiser pays a fee when someone clicks its link on your site, and you get a portion of that fee.
Instead of the standard “page not found” message being displayed, a custom error page is shown. Once the content is discovered, the process involves rewriting, reviving and offering replacement content to the site owner for a link. Used as a linking tactic, debunking myths about a controversial topic, an industry or a product adds to the authority of your site and increases link juice.
These links are often very natural because they point to a page that is directly relevant to the page content the link is embedded in. In contrast, a “dofollow link” is a link that allows link equity to flow to the URL being linked to. Having duplicate content can adversely impact the amount of trust the site receives from search engines. Theoretically, search engines divide the amount of authority present on a page between all of the links on a page.
This content can be used to gain authoritative links from .edu sites or other educational sites. Link equity can be measured by PageRank (Google’s system), the site’s domain authority (offered by Moz) and the relevance of the two pages. Evergreen content is not tied to current events or trends, so there is less chance of an audience losing interest in the specific content. Flash intros are often perceived negatively by site visitors, and they aren’t advantageous for SEO purposes because search engines cannot parse the information within a Flash presentation. Depending on the forum’s settings, users can be anonymous or may have to register and log-in to post messages.
As a link building strategy use caution because forum users can often spot a user who is on the forum solely for links and flag that user as a spammer. Web page footer content most often conveys technical information such as copyright information for the website, the name of the website’s author, the business name and address, if applicable, and the date of the most recent update. It implies that a successful link building strategy must develop links and content for the betterment of mankind, rather than content that is created for search engines or solely promotional in nature. Blog owners often find it difficult to come up with new content on a regular basis, so they often solicit material from their readers. When a guide is posted on a site, it increases the site’s content, increases the site’s authority, adds to the site’s link juice (through relevant backlinks) and serves as a strong way to generate long-term interest in a site. If the information in that how-to is good enough, it can potentially rake in links to your site. When provided content is already HTML-ready, a site owner is more likely to keep the link in place when using the content. It’s also naturally good for public relations– webmasters who produce or host funny content often seem good-natured and approachable. Offering the use images, such as high quality photos, in exchange for a link is a common link building tactic.
It has been used since its development in the 1970s, and it essentially makes the internet possible. To a search engine, a wide diversity of IP addresses shows that your site is valuable to a large number of people. Links from authoritative and relevant websites pass more value to your website, potentially increasing your site’s position in search engine rankings.

Keywords allow Google to better categorize and deliver webpages appropriately when people conduct searches. Having too many keywords can prompt a search engine penalty, and too few can cause ranking problems. The way the keyword is used or placed in a site’s text indicates the keyword’s value to a search engine. Keyword research is used to determine the best search terms and anchor text to increase a given website’s search engine visibility. Whether the keywords are related or unrelated to the query, the intent is to draw search engines and users to the page.
That hyperlink might be embedded in text, an image, an advertisement, a flash game or a video.
This information used to be available in Google’s Webmaster Tools, but they have since removed it. Gaining links can increase the position of a website in search engine rankings, and that leads to increased traffic and revenue. Just as links to and from authoritative and relevant sites can boost your rankings, links to and from bad sites can bring you down. Generally a steady and reasonable increase of links enhances a website’s potential to rank in the SERPs.
Manual submission tends to be a more effective and inexpensive method of ensuring that your pages are indexed.
If no meta description is provided, search engines will automatically pick text from the page to display on the results page. However, this tool was overused and is now no longer effective in searches or web rankings. They can specify things such as page descriptions, keywords, author’s name, and date last modified.
Paid links are a violation of Google’s quality guidelines, and therefore buying or selling links is a high-risk proposition.
It is a measure of the importance of a web page based on the incoming links from other web pages.
For link building strategy it potentially increases link juice, brand awareness and if it is related to your industry, could also generate lots of linking and traffic from your targeted audience.
Submitting press releases to media companies gains your company brand awareness, links and other benefits. If the information is useful, it may be shared, resulting in increased brand awareness, authority and links. Many specialized markets have websites that host resource pages, and it can be a worthwhile to pursue them for relevant links. Technically reciprocal links are a violation of Google’s quality guidelines, which means websites can be penalized if caught engaging in this practice. Gaining links on pages that are relevant to your website is often a goal with any link building project as non-relevant pages that link to you have questionable effect on search engine placement. These bots are automated, and before they access the page of a site, they check to see if a robots.txt file exists that prevents them from accessing certain pages. The top three sites listed in a organic search engine results page (SERP) are highly sought after. For instance, if I Google the word “cupcake” the search engine will then give me a list of websites with the term cupcake in them. Links that are the most powerful in terms of achieving relevance, authority and are most likely to be indexed by search engines. Surveys, if interesting enough, will provide plenty of opportunities for linking after the questions are asked, and again once the results are posted. Writing and submitting testimonials to sites that publish these increases links, brand awareness, etc.
Images, graphics stories and other timely pieces will get greater traction if they’re tied in to a culturally significant event.
The title of a page is what displays in the SERP’s and can be optimized for keywords and click rate. Articles that are written about a specific trade or industry, to be used in article directories for additional links. It is incredibly useful for sites such as e-commerce and Amazon and is part of what makes those sites so successful.
Users can watch via live video feed or listen in over the phone when invited to from the webinar hosts, if your site has the capabilities.
These interactive tools, if entertaining or useful enough, are often repeatedly linked to and serve to increase the amount of links on a site. These are often mistaken for scientific or scholarly papers, and this misconception is used to the advantage of the webmaster to increase awareness about the topic in the paper.
Widgets can also be used as a tool for example a interest rate calculator is a popular widget for realtor sites. Submitting a widget to a widget directory is a great way to build links to your site hosting the widget. However, a wiki site is only as the contributors on it and the people who moderate the content for accuracy. This article will take a look at the 3 V’s of link building for seo and how they affect the overall site traffic and profits. People should know that getting this much variety is actually very simple, as there are plenty of providers on the internet. What people must know is that all have a certain relationship with the other and all are important factors.
What describes velocity is the actual number of links that website owners will put out on a daily basis in terms of where they will have their campaign started. Using automated systems, website owners will never have any problems staying in the safe zone with their marketing campaign.
Individuals just need to think about it: if all of their links will actually look the same, don’t they think that to a human that will be kind of strange?
Here is a list of 30 SEO link building tactics from the pros in an Infographic that is easy to consume.
She actually expected us to move it 3 or 4 pages up but she was over-whelmed to see our results! We know how much budget constrained you are and hence, provide the service at absolutely a bargain where we reduce our profit margins alone but not on the quality.
But we carefully review every information and keywords you give us and will also give you our suggestions on better keywords to target and proceed with precision.
Regardless of the package you choose, we treat every client alike and deliver highest possible quality and satisfaction.
This helps us understand things better and further proceed to write quality articles on your niche. Since the articles are completely original, there's 99% chance to get them approved and published by eZine. The report will have a summary of the work done as well as the detailed links that we have created for you.
If you're serious about promoting your website and truly understand the immense value of strong rankings, choose the Ultimate Diamond Package which is on a great deal today. We actually create a 1-2 minute video on your niche, and publish to the top video sharing sites with watermarks on the video plus backlinks to your site.
You get about 500 odd, verifired backlinks targetted at your site on 2 tiers to prevent sand-boxing. Don't worry, this guide will take you step-by-step in creating both free as well as self-hosted or paid blogs complete with screenshots. Their service allows you to create designer Drop-ins, Peel-Away ads, Social Follow-Me tabs, Media bars and also Autoresponder forms at the push of a button! De este modo, cuantos mas enlaces externos apunten hacia nuestra pagina web, mas popularidad tendra esta de cara a los buscadores. Aunque ya sabemos que las estrategias de creacion de enlaces externos que apunten hacia nuestra web tiene su riesgo, para quien quiera emplearla, vamos a ver una serie de formulas para conseguir backlinks. Si los demas usuarios consideran relevante dicho contenido, muchos de ellos, de forma natural compartiran y enlazaran nuestras paginas o entradas. Ademas tambien en los directorios del sector y tematica de la pagina que queramos posicionar.
Digo cualificado porque si el blog desde el sale el enlace habla del mismo tema que nuestra web, esto hara que los visitantes muy probablemente encuentren nuestro contenido como “contenido relevante” y por lo tanto su comportamiento en la web sera muy positivo (tiempo de permanencia, tasa de rebote, n? de paginas vista por visita,…) y esto hara que Google nos valore positivamente mejorando nuestro ranking.
Aporta valor, pregunta sobre algo relacionado con lo que se este tratando o solicita que amplien alguna explicacion. Seran mas naturales los que contengan en el anchor text el nombre del autor de comentario o el nombre de la web. Si se pueden controlar aspectos como a donde va a dirigir el enlace (a que url), si el enlace sera dofollow, o cual sera el anchor text del enlace, la efectividad de la accion sera mayor. Si ponemos un enlace en nuestro sitio web hacia este blog (un pingback), en el blog al que enlazamos, en su apartado de trackbacks aparecera nuestro enlace.
Hace unos anos colocar cualquier enlace de cualquier tipo, en cualquier sitio web era beneficioso. Aqui hago otra observacion, y es que Google no va a entender como natural que recibamos para una determinada landing page la mayoria de enlaces, casualmente con un anchor text determinado. Si ademas tenemos muchos seguidores en dichas redes y los seguidores tienen interaccion con nuestras publicaciones, mayor sera dicha ayuda. Pero por otro lado, si en el campo de descripcion del video, podremos poner un enlace hacia nuestra web. O si sabes que ha ocurrido o va a ocurrir algo, si han publicado un informe da tu opinion o explica tus conclusiones sobre el mismo.
Si queremos rentabilidad podemos apostar por la renta variable, pero debemos tener en cuenta que hay un cierto riesgo. Si tienes contacto con personas que tienen un sitio web y le cuentas lo que necesitas, igual consigues un buen enlace… Si no lo pides, es muy probable que no lo recibas. Nos parecen muy interesantes estos 20 puntos aunque el que comentas de los trackbacks de ser un enlace por otro si te acepta un trackback un tal Enrique Dans seguro que no es moco de pavo por lo que es una estrategia muy a tener en cuenta.
Para mi tiene un gran valor que un articulo mio sirva para ampliar la informacion de un articulo tan bueno como este.
Gracias a ti porque cada articulo que publicas nos es de gran utilidad a todos los que nos apasiona el posicionamiento.
The number of links that you create through link building on the web will enable search engines to give your site higher rankings, so link building service is one of the components of search engine optimization service that one can use for popularizing their business on the web. That’s why many companies choose to hire professionals who will do this part of the work for them. If you are concerned about which domains are trusted, some examples are universities, government websites and non-profit organizations because they represent high-trust domains. It is important not only to earn links to your website, but also to continue to earn additional links over time. With that in mind, we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a glossary of frequently used terms for the link building layperson.
They’re also risky web neighborhoods to be associated with, and are often riddled with spam, scams and malware. Google claims its search algorithms rely on over 200 measurable factors, some of which are thought to be keywords and inbound links. For example, a link with the anchor text “cat beds” linking to a page about cat beds has greater value than a link with the anchor text “cool stuff” linking to that same page about cat beds. These tactics endeavor to “game” the system using doorway pages, by spamming search engines and using various other methods.
Blogs are an integral part of an overall strategy to create an online presence, have a stake in the online community and attract people to your site. Great blog posts encourage links to your content and increase your perceived authority on the subject you are blogging about.
Most blog directories however are too general and therefore contribute little to a blog’s marketing strategy. They generally begin with a list of URLs to crawl, and while crawling the bot identifies all the hyperlinks it finds, and then adds those URLs to the list of sites to be crawled next. It is believed that links in the header and body area of a page are worth more than links in other parts of the page. De-indexing is different than a site penalty, which means that the site has only lost rankings. The footer is also treated as its own section of the web page, separate from the header, content and sidebars. For example, a link from Cat Fancy’s website with the anchor text ‘kitten beds’ pointing to a page all about kitten beds on your website carries a significant amount of link juice. Examples of bad sites would be sites infected with malware, spam sites, sites with poor content or too many ads, and sites involved in link schemes.
Acquiring a large number of links quickly is a red flag for search engines and usually indicates some type of automation at work. If that happens it could work out well, but Google could also choose no text or even irrelevant text, so it’s always better to carefully write meta descriptions for your web pages rather than leave it to the machines. Penalties vary, but can include a website being dropped significantly in the search results or being deindexed entirely.
Many penalties are timed (30, 60, or 90 days), while some are permanent, remaining in place until the offending issue is resolved. Many media companies accept free press releases, but it is up to the discretion of the editorial staff to publish it or not. As a link building strategy, it has been abused by spammers and is therefore not recommended. But in some cases reciprocal linking can happen very naturally, and in fact it can be often hard to avoid. In relation to SEO relevancy refers to having all on page elements (titles, text, URL’s) consolidated to be relevant to a particular keyword. I’m also of the mind that there’s almost nothing black hat can accomplish that white hat can’t do better over the long run, while building far more value. In order to do this correctly, individuals will need to make sure they will actually find the right providers. The relationship will have to be maintained in order to get the highest rankings or higher rankings.
They could even think about velocity in terms of the number of links they get per day, like one hundred or maybe one thousand links daily. It’s actually very easy to notice when these links were actually generated by a sort of code and they are used in order to abuse the system.
The rest that follows is actually self-explanatory and up until this point, many people will have already understood the importance of link volume. Basically, when a website links to another website, in the eyes of Google, it is actually casting a vote on the linking website.
And even with automation, we closely monitor it and do our best so you get higher success rates always. We actually use a lot of custom tools and find the top quality sites where the submissions will happen. We do everything possible to deliver results and that may include even extra submission or getting you more backlinks, for FREE! During the course, we continuously monitor your website on Google and see how the progress is on your primary keywords. We want to provide at least 10 times more value than what you pay us and therefore you can be very sure that your money is well spent.
Aunque no son do follow, nos aportaran trafico cualificado, que como hemos explicado antes, nos beneficiara en el posicionamiento. Lo normal es que recibamos muchos con el nombre del sitio web o simplemente con la url como anchor text (alguno si podremos “colar” con ese anchor text, pero en pequena proporcion).
Esto hasta ahora no esta ocurriendo con otras redes (aunque he leido que con Twitter posiblemente podrian empezar a hacer algo asi). Si el video tiene interaccion el beneficio en el posicionamiento de nuestra web sera todavia mayor. O que nuestra empresa participa en una feria sectorial y en la web o en el facebook del organizador aparecen enlaces hacia las webs de los expositores. Es muy probable que si escribes es contenido relevante sobre temas de tu sector, alguien lo enlace.
This type of content is considered highly dubious, and search engines target sites that use spun articles for potential penalties. It is a generally frowned-upon form of SEO, and search engines have started penalizing websites using (or abusing) this practice. While it is not an active link, it is still crawled and indexed by web spiders such as Googlebot. For example, if you find an excellent blog for a guest post, you offer good content with an embedded link but the webmaster wants $25, that could be considered a grey hat link. If you have links from these kinds of websites, you may likely be in a bad link neighborhood, and this will ultimately impact your ranking. Paid media companies will guarantee that the press release will be sent out, provided it does contain newsworthy content. Website owners should make sure that they will insert some variety in their links, so that at the end they will be able to rank better in the search engines, without worrying about being banned or penalised.
So the website having the highest number of votes or baclinks will essentially be positioned higher than the rest.
Most small business owners believe that this method should be done on your own as it has an important role in the success of your website and business. If you find any terms that you are unfamiliar with or have general questions, please contact us. Jokingly referred to as the dark arts, Black Hat SEO had massive positive effects on its target sites in the recent past. And hopefully, by the time we complete your project, you should start to see some results already! The manual link building brings benefits for such businesses that actually do not do business on the internet, but they have to be present. There are various strategies which can be implemented and before implementing your link building strategy make sure to analyze your competition.
Most notably, Google has punished and penalized spammy links with its algorithm updates Panda and Penguin. Practitioners of White Hat SEO tend to see it as a shady practice, but such techniques often get results, albeit temporary ones.

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