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In a previous blog post we established that the best marketing plans use both social and SEO as marketing tools. URLS, handles, and user names brand our company.  Confusion associated with business identity will hinder growth, so keep your social media URLs (website address), handles, and user names, as uniform as possible. If possible, your company’s URL, user names and handles should contain your business name. Choosing wisely when setting up your social media accounts not only helps consumers find your business online, but creates consistency between all your disparate pages across the Web. If you want to derive SEO benefit from your social media profiles, provide relevant information about your business.

Appropriate keywords in your social media descriptions will boost SEO.  Using Google’s keyword tool  will make take the guess work out of this step, allowing you to target customers searching for your brand or services. If you have a physical storefront,  customers will look for your kind of business within a specific geographic area. Social interactions on your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ pages affect where your page ranks in search engine results page.  Your goal should be to engage fans through fresh, quality content.
The more your fans and followers interact with your business online, the more authority you create within each social media site. If your social media site allows, include a link back to your business website.  Inbound links to your website boost rank in organic search. Major search engines take this authority into consideration when determining how your social pages rank.

Posting consistently and frequently to all your social media sites will help your brand rank well on search engines.
So stop wasting time deciding which is superior and resolve to combine the power of social with SEO. While Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest allow for customization, Twitter derives your account URL by default from your handle.

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