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Guaranteed to increase up to 7 targeted generic keywords (similar non-targeted keywords will increase naturally but are not under guarantee).
Your website must be at-least on the 10th page of Google or better for your generic industry keywords. If you look up the name of your business in a search engine, you will find a page full of links. So to break this down, reputation management is Watching what people are saying about you and Controlling what searchers see, specifically negative comment removal. So you type in your company name and find one or more less than complimentary reviews of your business. If the comment was made by a real customer with a grievance then contact said customer and try to appease or help them.
The best method i think, is to start generating good reviews of your business which will remove bad ones further down the pages. As an seo company, we can help to regain your reputation and help remove the bad ones from searchers eyes. When your happy with your reputation, you just have to keep monitoring and dealing with any problems straight away. If you can create the right links at the right time and using the correct variety of anchor texts, then you can do it yourself.
If you can get answers to all these questions then ask them what they will do if you hand over your hard earned cash. With all the excitement of Christmas and New year over, everyone tends to take stock of the last year and make plans for the new. So why was there ever a break, what kind of professional company just shuts it’s doors? The company Webworx Limited was officially launched with SKS Services as a satellite company.
There will be a range of new services that take advantage of new algorythms and updates that the search companies make on a regular basis.
So keep your eyes peeled for our new seo service announcements that will bring a guaranteed improvment to your rankings without the waffle, long term contracts and high costs of so many other seo companies.
With the recession biting and companies closing down, look on 2012 as an opportunity for you to succeed. You must have heard by now about the Google plus or Google+ social networking site from the big G. One of the ways Google+ separates itself from the social media pack is its power to affect SEO. So any links you happen to share on social networks – Facebook and Twitter, are NoFollow links, in other words not so important for SEO ranking. Two main areas where you can currently add links are in the Google+ posts and the “About Me” section.  The Google+ posts will give you a short term boost where you can post your latest news.
In the good old days, customers would find a service or product from the Yellow pages or see a company van driving around Essex and jot down the number. The county of Essex is close to London, Kent and has easy access to important trading areas as well as the rest of the Country. Luckily for you many companies based and working in Essex do not realise the benefits of SEO just yet. If you did’nt already know about the number 1 seo method, then Google have just reminded us all. Google’s algorithm is designed to promote and reward (with high rankings) good quality, content filled sites. Breaking news and hot topics are becoming a gateway for hackers and general mischief makers to use SEO for a negative effect. The recent killing of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden at the hands of a US Navy Seal squad has prompted joy and acceptance from almost every corner of the world excluding Bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist clan, and it seems that the happiness is not limited by physical form. SEO specialists have been delighted at the increased opportunities from such a high-profile news story, but it seems as if web hackers have been combining the elements of a good story and high search rankings to set up their malware activities.
Get writing new pages full of great info and concentrate each page on a search term your customers will be typing in. We knew that Panda was coming, the controversial Google algorithm change that has had the world talking. I still maintain that it is onpage content that is most important followed by backlinks of quality.

Panda may have been high profile but Google are forever trying to weed out the cheats and spammers. So your an Essex Business and have looked at the evolving sales landscape, realised that many of the older forms of advertising (Yellow pages, newspaper ads etc.) no longer produce a great return. Even better than talking is to get a visit from someone that can give advice and then leave you to decide on your next move. Because we are based in Essex and have been in Essex for over 20 years, we understand how the county works, where the potential customers are and more importantly how they search for services and products. So if your in Essex do the right thing and use a well established and successful Essex seo company. Use this package if your selected keyword(s) get between 1,000 – 1,000,000 results on Google. Guaranteed to increase up to 5 targeted generic keywords (similar non-targeted keywords will increase naturally but are not under guarantee). Great service, I got a call from them and for sure within 2 weeks my website increased 2 pages on Yahoo and Google! On the 2nd week I saw my website move up from the 50th listing which was on the 5th page, it went to the 45th listing.
It is now 3 weeks, a week after noticing it going from the 50th listing to the 45th listing, now its on the second page, the 28th listing!!
Local SEO Service is ideal for any large or small business that offer any product or services locally and need a quality affordable LOCAL SEO SERVICE to establish a local web presence at a fair price.
We have 3 pre built LOCAL SEO Service Plans Considering most Local Businesses’ need for Local SEO Success . We guarantee that your website will show up on the next better page (most of the time it will increase more than just one page). If comments can not be removed then you need to deal with the problem and thereby limit any damage.
You can achieve this by contacting happy customers and asking them to post a review on any number of directories such as Freeindex or Yell etc.
The problem is that most business owners do not have this knowledge, so maybe using a good seo company is worth doing in this case. SKS Services are no different, and one thing that has been decided is that after a break from offering seo services, we will be re-opening our doors this year. Well the last couple of years have been very hectic as we reposition ourselves and take care of our other business operations.
As we are pretty good at ranking websites we have numerous other sites that sit at the top of the search engines that all need attention and all make an income of their own. All the different companies within the group are ticking over nicely and we can get back to our original objective, which is helping companies and businesses both big and small, get higher rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
We have more staff coming onboard and new premises opening that will give our company the resources and manpower to cope with the research and linking strategies required to rank in today’s sophisticated search results. And to multiply your odds of success, make use of SKS Services seo abilities to give you a winning edge. Already the network has more than 20 million users and is quickly becoming a serious competitor of social media giants Facebook and Twitter.  So how does Google+ factor in to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Google+ has something up their sleeve that the likes of Facebook and Twitter can’t compete with—Google+ links are dofollow links that carry PageRank and authority that Facebook and Twitter do not. For companies large and small, new and established, their online brand and presence is now one of the major ways of attracting new business.
In a blog post designed to give “more guidance on building high-quality sites,” Google gave the simple advice that quality content is what they want.
We have put together some quick seo tips that will have your website purring like an seo’d pussycat.
Ask for them to review, talk about or just link to your website using one of your keywords or phrases.
You have seen that the future of your business and the most cost effective way to drag in new prospects and customers is to work on your online profile and website. There are literally thousands of seo companies, charging from ?10 to ?3,000 and you confused and unsure. That is why if your an Essex business looking for essex seo then you should contact us and make that first move.
It doesnt matter if you are based in and sell exclusively to Essex residents or are a national, even international company.

Local SEO Service is probably one of the toughest on-line marketing & SEO strategies to implement and it gets harder and harder for a local business to found. You will notice your website listing on Google will increase within 30 days after purchase, report will be provided on the 30th day. If your website is not between the 2nd-10th page we guarantee that your website will show up within the 10th page or better in less than 30 days.
But if your unlucky then you may find a review site, forum, complaint site or someone’s blog giving your company a bad reputation. Your reputation can make or break you and the internet is where a big portion of your customers will first will find out about you.
Many people are willing to login and amend or remove the offending message with a little persuasion.
But if you have’nt already, then i suggest you do a quick search for your company and make sure nobody has achieved page one by slating your business.
Most companies have both good and bad comments made about them, just make sure the good ones get seen first. You see starting an seo company is as easy as knocking up a quick website and then becoming a reseller for all these low cost linkbuilding services that are floating around.
We are almost a victim of our own success and the results of the search engine optimisation success that we can achieve. Companies that are based in Essex, search engine optimisation is one of the facets of your business you cannot afford to get wrong. You want business from all over the Essex area but also to attract visitors from nearby that need your product or service. SKS Services are based in Essex and work for many companies of all sizes and for any budget.
Try to make sure you use 300 words or so and have your keyword phrase 3-4 times within the text. Many blog posts have been printing lists of the winners and losers, trying to analyse why the rankings dropped etc. You will notice your website listing on Google increase during the 30 days of SEO work, report will be provided on the 30th day.
If you want customers to find you when they search for your products or services in your area then Local SEO Service is for you.
If an seo company is set up this way then you may as well spend an hour doing it yourself and save on their markup.
The good news is that there are companies (us included) that have been around for a long time, have proven results and can offer cost effective and worthwhile results. Your website should be the equivalent of a salesman that works 24 hours a day and costs a lot less than the physical type.
The good thing about local Essex seo is that you can target certain areas such as Harlow, or Southend, Basildon or Stanstead. Now just make sure that phrase is in your Title tag and is mentioned a couple of times on your homepage. But it’s quite obvious that the sites hit worst allowed junk content and duplicate content onto their websites. Not get the hard sell from some seo snake oil salesman but just a bit of advice on where to begin and the best way to dip your toe into seo.
However, if you need something extra or diffrent, our experts can customize our SEO Plans to suit your business need.
If it is, then you can contact the website carrying the offending comments and ask for it to be removed. Because we know that when you do need additional work doing or want to move to the next level, you will hopefully come back to us.
Using years of experience in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Campaign Management and Online marketing, we have developed a highly effective range of SEO and online marketing services for businesses.

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