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August 11, 2013 By James Harris 1 Comment Tips to improve Google+ local business listings in Google search. Just like normal organic SEO, there are several best practices and tactics to be featured organically at the top of local search listings.
Although it’s not required to be listed in the local search engine page listings, search engines seem to present local listings with business website references. Here’s a source reference about Microdata Markup and rich snippets straight from Google.
For the WordPress users out there, there are premium plugins on the market that make this fairly easy to accomplish. Since Google is the #1 place that customers go to to find information, we recommend that search engine marketing strategist get listed on Google first. Google crawler’s analyze this consistent pattern of business information and use it as a huge factor in their own rankings.
One of the most important things to do when building citations is ensuring consistency and redundancy of the information being submitted. Verifications are the last step in proving that the business is real and that the information being submitted has been validated by an authorized company representative (i.e.
Some of these citation directories have basic accounts which are FREE to list while some others have premium fees. Now that we mentioned a few popular directories to be listed in, there’s still more work to be done. If your local business is already established, we highly recommend creating social media channels for your business. The word on the street is that local business brands that have LOTS of social check-ins such as Facebook or FourSquare check-ins, will also get a little extra bonus in the Google business local rankings.
They also say that local brands that have a large social media followings also get a little perk in local SEO rankings. Copyright © 2016 · Take it Digital · Privacy Policy · Pricing Policy · Refund Policy · Log inWe Build Awesome Looking Websites! Copyright © 2013 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. Furthermore, a business’ website should also take advantage of onsite local SEO best practices.

We will also mention that Take it Digital automatically implements these local onsite optimization tactics for ALL websites that we build.
Also note, that there is a mandatory verification process that involves receiving a snail-mail postcard from Google HQ. Citations are listings (mentions) from other popular local web directories about local businesses. This data is trusted, because just as Google does, most of these directories have strict guidelines and take huge steps in validating the accuracy of their data. Local SEO strategist must be sure that the basic information they’re submitting is exactly the same on ALL directories.
We try to keep it simple and normally go with FREE listings, however, if you’re in a competitive industry within a saturated market, it might be in your best interest to fork out a little extra money for the premium services.
Recite some of the testimonials from various directories and add an action link that says “Like our services?
This is not only good for Local SEO, but this is also good for traditional SEO and for branding in general.
I think, that as long as we communicate online with the people around us, we solved a great part of the local seo marketing. To avoid creating a duplicated business listing, be sure to search for the business first before creating a new one from scratch. These directories include information about business street addresses, phone #’s, hours of operation, customer reviews, and more.
This doesn’t stop fake reviewers such as disgruntled ex-employees and competitors from posting bogus complaints, however, if a business offers a solid product or service, then good reviews should outweigh the bad by leaps and bounds. An engaging and somewhat active social media page will improve local as well as create additional local citations. It will be way more interesting to watch money be flushed down the toilet if that were the case. When done correctly, Google will embed certain peaces of information called rich snippets within their results. We’ve done this many times in the past and it normally takes about 5-10 days to receive the postcard.
It is a very specific collection of information that search engine crawlers check on other popular directories to validate the accuracy of their own search result data.

A true loyal customer will be more than willing to help out if they really enjoy your services. Not only should the businesses page be established, but it’s also recommended to occasionally share links to your own business website and try to push engagement. The right way to do it is to write on a brand’s blog and share the latest articles with social media channels.
Also to note, you must have a personal Google+ profile in order to claim or create a business listings. Google sometimes uses snippets of information from these other directories and actually include some of this info in their own search results.
To protect the business owners and directories from legal actions against falsified verifications, the authorized representative is required to agree to a legal digital document that they have permission to proceed with the listing submission. Whenever a customer compliments how great the services were, respond with a thank you and ask them if they would be willing to write a testimonial.
After all, customers that check-in will almost always share their check-ins with their social networks … That’s FREE advertising! An evil villain or fake representative could face legal action for impersonating an authorized representative. Always remember to interlink your pages from your website to your social media channels and vice versa. Webpages and blog posts that get shared often on social media channels will send these things called social signals to search engines.
We’ve included a screenshot example that shows this in action of a local retirement Google listing near us called New Port Inn.
These are a few of the many popular directories that Google crawls for citations and rich snippets.
Social signals are the hottest topic in the web marketing world right now, because social signals are also included in search engine ranking algorithms. Google likes diversity of reviews and citations, so we must mention to point your customers to various directories for customer testimonials.

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