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Benchmark Analysis software for Excel compares product sales performance to the market and evaluates market share growth and loss. Products below the diagonal grew more than the market, and therefore have won market share. Products positioned within the dotted lines grew slightly more or less than the market - they retained share. I am really interested in the brand mapping techniques in Market research section [of MM4XL software].
Estoy interesado en recibir los cursos de entrenamiento pero se que me sera dificil debido a que mis ingresos no me permiten estos lujos. I have used your programme in my classes in international marketing, and my students, both part-timers (working adults) and full timers have found your programme [MM4XL software] useful in their course work.
This product [MM4XL software] was an interesting tool and I have forwarded information about it to a few persons more into strategic marketing than I am. I use a lot of strategic analysis in my courses which deal mainly with turning around distressed or bankrupt firms. Although I have not yet begun to work with this program [MM4XL software], my colleagues tell me it is an excellent one. I used your product [MM4XL software] under the 21 day trial and found it helpful enough that I wanted to purchase it..
I am a marketing research professor at Rome University and would be interested in utilising your software [MM4XL] during my course.
I have referred to MM4XL in two training courses that I have delivered to major retail banks in South Africa. Here is a link to a marketing analytical software called MM4XL used to improve strategic decision-making. Provide a student price for courses on marketing research using your excellent [MM4XL] software (rather than Marketing Engineering I am using now for teaching). And it can compare any pair of items, not just product versus market, for instance, but also versus company performance. The Benchmark Map tool is used by business decision-makers often supported by business analysts. Slicing and dicing the Universe chart on a total registered account basis throws out some interesting datapoints.
With 40m total accounts in Q1 2009, Poptropica accounts for almost 60% of the total accounts in the five to 10 year old segment. Demonstrating the challenges facing newer companies in the space, the sum total of all worlds with under 1m accounts or with undisclosed figures (which means they’re more than likely small) accounts for just 4%. Moving onto the 10 to 15 age group we see a slightly more proportional split of market share. Habbo of course is the big one here, representing almost 50% of total accounts (124m total).

You gotta be a player if you’re going after this market because the sum total of all sub 1m virtual worlds is just 1%, compared to 4% for the younger group.
The graphic above provides a snapshot of the key players in the SAM tools market in terms of the number of customers (Blue bars) and the average size of their clients (Red dotted line). As you can see, four vendors have in excess of 2,000 customers each, followed by a list of vendors with smaller customer counts. Full details on number of customers, devices under management, further analysis and an independent rating for each vendor are included in TOOLS INTELLIGENCE from The ITAM Review.
Notable exceptions with larger customer counts missing from this data include HP, CA, IBM, Symantec Altiris, Novell Zenworks (although there is considerable overlap regarding what is considered SAM here – see below). A further complication is that SAM is often bundled along with other bits and pieces making it difficult to determine usage. As the market matures and the practice of IT Asset Management grows as a business discipline this difference will become more apparent. Despite the limitations and omissions in the analysis the message is clear – the growth potential in the SAM software market is ENORMOUS. Martin is owner and founder of The ITAM Review, an online resource and community for worldwide ITAM professionals. Martin is an independent ITAM consultant for organizations seeking independent guidance on ITAM strategy or ITAM tool selection.
Market share analysis is a kind of a marketing analysis which can be used to know the current position of the company in a market in comparison to its competitor.
The variable Market Growth is found in both analyses, but Benchmark Analysis uses as a second variable the Product Growth instead of the Relative Market Share.
As a result, a number of our colleagues across the organisation have requested access to the software.
I am nowadays quite busy on my research but I would love to learn deeper about your software in the near future.
Ya yo he trabajado con el MM4XL en varias ocasiones haciendo analisis de cartera de negocios, utilizando ambas matrices la BCG y la de Markensi (disculpeme por el error ortografico).
I am just downloading the trial [of MM4XL software] version if I find it interesting I can help you market it in Nigeria.
This journal, which has seven issues per year, is widely read both in the academic community and among marketing practitioners. I visited your web site and I would be interested to have some pricing information on a student rate for the MM4XL licence. We are keen to pursue this as the computer literacy in India is growing and so are the use of these kinds of tools in the business. I am really looking forward to take advantage of your powerfull analisys tool [MM4XL software]. The charts below, by age segment show the heavy hitters in the virtual worlds space as well as the challenges facing start-ups in the space.

So as an example LicenseWatch have 700 customers who manage a total of 680,000 seats giving them an average customer size of 971.
In terms of average customer size, there are a couple of spikes from BDNA and Aspera who have relatively low customer counts but tend to engage with larger customers. Gartner tend to only focus at the top end of ITAM, and Forrester clumps the market together into a market they define as ITALM – which includes systems management. It is a discipline that can be traced back to the creation of licensing but in the grand scale of things it is very much in its infancy, especially in terms of adoption. It’s much like trying to determine the consumption of gherkins by the number of Big Macs that are bought – it’s in there, but is it eaten? Many vendors position themselves as having SAM functionality whereas, in my opinion, in reality it is systems management or inventory.
In my view the differences is defined by the fact that inventory and systems management are a technical or service function, SAM is a business function. Total desktops under management across all the vendors (full details of which are in the report) is a drop in the ocean in terms of market penetration. Our Market Share Analysis PowerPoint template is designed by our professional graphic designers, which makes your presentation unique and attractive. It differs in that the Product Growth takes into account the performance over two years and computes a dynamic figure, while the Relative Market Share is a static frequency computation based on one lag of time only.
I have extensive marketing and strategy research to overtake and your product seem relevant to this endeavour. In an interview at Panacea Magazine we talked about [MM4XL software] and concluded that it is one of the best that we have known.
This becomes even more clear when compared to some of the SAM functionality and innovation being delivered by the vendors in this report. Como les decia me he valido de estas herramientas para realizar analisis y me resultan muy interesantes y provechosa.
With a number of B-schools and most of them who cannot afford a SPSS this [MM4XL] would also become a useful tool. I WILL certainly RECOMMEND it to our other marketing directors and managers for them to purchase. Fascinate your audience with this Market Share Analysis PowerPoint background to enhance their presentation experience.

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