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As with so many aspects of SharePoint, branding has been substantially reworked and improved with the release of SharePoint 2013. Extending the power of branding to the mobile landscape, companies can now be assured of master page rendering that is specific to (and compatible with) each individual mobileĀ device. Build portability into SharePoint 2013’s branding capabilities, helping to ensure branding continuity across multiple sites. Designers can now create and edit designs using only HTML and CSS, working within the Web-design tool or HTML editor of their choice, and then upload that design into SharePoint. SharePoint 2013 introduces a new type of navigation that uses Managed Metadata and term sets to create custom navigation. Within the context of the businessā€™ unique needs and goals, plan for policies, roles, responsibilities and processes that will ensure best practices governance of groups, teams, sites, projects and other SharePoint elements.

When designers and developers use Managed Navigation and Category Pages, SharePoint 2013 automatically simplifies URLs (Web addresses). So you just migrated to SharePoint 2013 and you notice that certain pages takes longer than 5 seconds to load: 1. One key way in which branding activities have been streamlined is that development in Visual Studio is no longer required.
Flexibility is built into the function, enabling designers to modify font and color schemes easily.
Pages and their branding can be packaged and exported to a file that designers can then port to a new site using any supported design tool (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc.). Design Manager becomes the central hub and interface for managing aspects of the custom design, including packaging it as described in Design Packages, above.

Managed Navigation requires less maintenance than the former SharePoint solution, Structured Navigation.
The end result for users is easy to use and copy links rather than long, query-filled links that frequently become broken when copied between documents.

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