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For those of you who follow the major online trends, it should come as no shock that video is taking over the world! That is an insane amount of engagement centered around videos alone, and if you know how to crack the viral video algorithm by making, and sharing, fun, engaging, creative videos, you could have billions of views at your disposal. To get a bit more scientific, most of the information transmitted to the brain is, in fact, visual, and visuals are processed exponentially faster in the brain than text. Another interesting, and relevant, statistic centered around video was discovered in a study done by the 3M Corporation, and they found that 40% of people respond better to visual information over textual information.
Though YouTube is probably the most popular platform for sharing your videos, don’t let it overshadow various social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Instagram, which are all wonderful places to share your videos and generate a decent number of views. In conclusion, on demand media, such as video sharing, is one of the most popular new social media movements. Two weeks ago Daniel Bakir from the German magazine Stern published an article about money-grubbing businessmen that actually destroy our dream of a better world.
The city of New York recently found out that 72% of all Airbnb offers in the last four years have actually been illegally on that platform. Even though it might be an extreme, the magazine Capital found out that also in cities such as Berlin there are thousands of apartments, which can be rented out by tourists throughout the whole year.
Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. We’ve all heard of the big players in the online video sharing space – YouTube, Metacafe, Google, Dailymotion, Yahoo, Vimeo and how fast they are growing. Video and media sharing is a global phenomenon because we all love the internet to watch our favourite videos and images, listen to the latest music and of course play the latest online games.

Every month there are new entrants into this internet space with a new offering for us to try. Well there are rumours within the video sharing community of the imminent entry of a big new player in their space!
Other sources who claim to to know more, are saying that the format of the site will be fully multimedia. It is also being speculated that the new site will be employing heavy media promotions and incentives to encourage user uploads of all formats. Whether you are interested in marketing, advertising, brand enhancement, becoming a viral sensation,or more, video is where you need to be.
Videos are engaging, people enjoy watching them, you can get amazing exposure, and increase the credibility of whatever brand you are trying to promote. Commercial landlords use the sharing platform although they should pay taxes for renting out their apartments.
Especially in those big cities where there is a housing shortage, people can get out the most. Over the past few years many of these video sharing sites have been growing at staggering rates of between 100% – 200% annually. It’s expected that fantastic competitions will be included to attract high quality media. Certainly, the combination of all four media formats in one site will be a formidable achievement for the site owners. Still, if you hear that someone else gets even more money you will for sure raise the price as well.

YouTube alone has reported that in April 2011 it had 142 million unique visitors, 3 billion views per day and uploaded 48 hrs of video every minute compared to 8 hrs every minute in 2007.
That should help the media to go viral with all the publicity the site is likely to receive. Thankfully, in large part due to the world wide web, video creation and sharing has never been easier!
An artist who was relatively unknown on a worldwide scale, made a music video to one of his singles, posted that video on YouTube, got over 1 billion views, and became and instant, worldwide sensation! If you want to travel around you can make use of platforms such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb.
If you need your car only twice a week you can give it to someone else for a couple of days. That is why in San Francisco (where the HQ of Airbnb is located) it is not allowed anymore to rent out an apartment for more than 90 days a year. They are trying to misuse the platforms, because they want to make as much money as possible.

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