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Speaking of new features, today, the company announces that its cloud storage is now officially supported by the wonderful Facebook Messenger. Chung further explains, "videos and images -- including animated GIFs -- will be displayed directly in your chats. Facebook is already a great way to communicate with friends, and now with Dropbox it becomes even better as a legit collaboration tool. Cloud file syncing and sharing company Dropbox today announced a new annotation feature that will let users place comments in specific places within files. The new capability is available in an early access program for Dropbox Business customers, product manager Nikhil Bhargava wrote in a blog post on the news. Fitbit launches ChargeHR, World's Best Fitness Tracker in India Samsung brings its ‘Largest Android Wearable Collection’ to India Moto G gets a price drop of Rs. Dropbox for Android update has been rolled out, although the changelog states ‘Performance improvements and bug fixes’ as a part of the current release, the app adds support for file and folder level link sharing. Udit Malhotra - Udit Malhotra is fond of Technology, Music, Event Management and Social Media.

While there are alternatives that are free, I'd rather spend money on quality, and to support a company that supports Linux.
Users of the chat program can now directly share files from Dropbox on both Android and iOS. With the Dropbox app installed on your phone, you can share any file in your Dropbox without having to leave the Messenger app", says DJ Chung, Product Manager, Mobile Platform, Dropbox. For everything else, tapping Open will bring recipients to the Dropbox mobile app, where they can preview and save files. Not only can I see home users using this Dropbox feature to share photos, but businesses employees could potentially use it to share files remotely with each other or with clients.
Making an annotation is as simple as pointing and clicking in the file preview on the Dropbox website, or dragging a container over a specific place in the file. For users who were already testing or using the beta release for the app would have already noticed the feature in place that allows users to share individual links for any file or folders. He has studied in-depth about Mobile & Desktop Platforms and Software Applications thereof.

Not to mention, Dropbox is secure, available on many platforms, and the company is constantly introducing new features.
You must have both the latest version of the Dropbox and Facebook Messenger apps installed for it to work.
It's a quick, simple way to share vacation snapshots, home movies, and laugh-worthy memes with any of the 900 million people using Messenger -- whether they're Facebook friends or not".
The timing for the update seems to be perfectly in place, while we suspect Big G’s new service i.e.
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Google would have to prove its self again to be the best by bringing a twist for its upcoming file sharing app by either integrating it towards all its verticals and services or by doing something ‘Magical’.

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