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Perfect your people pictures and flatter your subjects with these simple portrait editing tricks.
All portrait subjects want to look their best, and now that we are bombarded by masses of images of models and actresses with flawless skin, perfect teeth and captivating eyes on a daily basis, the yardstick by which we measure ourselves has been radically altered. Traditional photographers had to spend many hours retouching with inks and brushes, and although some professional digital retouchers can spend almost as long, Photoshop has a few tools that can help the average photographer produce a great portrait in much less time. We’re not talking about dramatic transformations, but losing the odd pimple, a little skin smoothing and maybe touching up dark hair roots can give your sitter a ‘fresh from a health farm’ appearance that they will thank you for. You don’t want people to look artificially smooth or plastic, but you can add a healthy glow and sparkle here and there. Get it right and you’ll have people queuing up to be photographed; get it wrong and you might have to pull your Christmas cracker alone.
The Healing Brush and Clone tools are central to retouching, and enable pimples, blemishes and dark circles to be concealed. To ensure all the work you do is reversible, do it on an empty layer (select Layer>New Layer) rather than directly on the image. It does a good job of automatically sampling and matching colour and texture to the surrounding area as it covers the mark – use a brush that’s slightly larger than the blemish being tackled.
Meanwhile, the Clone tool allows you to specify the area you want to sample from, and when its Opacity is set to about 30% and its Effects Mode to Lighten, it’s really useful for removing dark circles under the eyes. To conceal dark roots, simply select the desired hair colour by sampling from the image, and then paint over the offending area using a new layer with the Blend Mode set to Soft Light. To cover greys in dark hair, set the Burn tool to Midtones with an exposure of 20% or less, then paint over the affected areas. As some of you may know from reading my recent Tweets, I’ve been busy editing our television series, The House Healers (web site is close to being done). I’ve been producing television shows and working in video for the better part of about 20 years now. When I started in this business, and for about the first 10 years, I was editing tape to tape, using an edit controller console like this. As a result, the way I approached putting together a show was critical to a successful outcome. Sure, anyone can grab a bunch of shots and throw them in a timeline, slap a voice over and some music on and call it a day. To be successful, really successful in what you are trying to accomplish, you must first know what you are trying to accomplish. Knowing your audience and understanding that the content is more important than showing your prowess with all the extraneous toys, will put you ahead of the pack.

For me, focus involves clearly outlining a purpose for using any technology and how these tools will help you connect with other people.
Expanding on this idea, if those in Social Media don't focus on their target audience, they may be legendary in the virtual world; but will crash and burn when dealing in reality. Umbraco has integrated with familiar tools such as Microsoft WordTM, to allow you to write content or edit your website pages directly from within Word.
Nothing is more frustrating for a developer than a CMS that restricts you from getting down and dirty in the code. Say you have content that needs to be made live tomorrow and only appear for 1 day, but you're not going to be in the office. Umbraco's media library lets you upload your documents (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Flash files and videos) into a neatly categorised and editbale folder filing structure. With built-in content caching and a dynamic cache for macros, your website is given a huge performance boost! Umbraco has a fantastic search facility using either XSLT search or Umbraco Examine which is an extensible indexer and search engine. As well as looking amateurish, obvious signs of heavy retouching are pretty insulting to the sitter. So you could have a layer for the teeth, a layer for the lips, a layer for the hair, and so on.
Back in the old days when I worked at said cable station, I had at any given time 5 to 7 series I was responsible for.
This type of linear editing had its limitations, to be sure, but I could control up to four Video Tape Recorder (VTR) machines, and run it through an effects switcher so I could do transitions, titles, etc. In the years I’ve been working in video, editing, from a technology standpoint, is the one thing that has changed the most. My actual editing time has been reduced probably by half, and the ability for me to apply complex animations, effects, and transitions in an instant still astounds me every day.
Unfortunately, this happens all too often, and ultimately all too often we see shoddy production, poor writing and unwatchable video.
Before you even consider shooting a second of tape, or editing a minute of footage, you need to have the end in mind. When Im not working with journalists, Im working for producers and directors who produce shows for major networks and corporations. Only want the intern to be able to edit content but not to be able to publish? Don't want your freelance contractors to be able to access the Media Library and sensitive documents? If you need to know something and can't find it there in the FAQ's, then ask the question and the community will respond.

The interface uses a navigational flow and editing tools that anybody using Windows Explorer and Microsoft Word will immediately recognise.
Well with Umbraco you can schedule your content ahead of time, to publish and then unpublish on certain dates leaving you free to carry on with your day. Link to documents in your content and then when you need to change something, do it in the media library and it will update across the site. This ensures a great experience for your site's visitors and website pages will load quicker.
Both methods are lightning quick and allow your website visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Now, assembling a video piece of any kind is simply a matter of dragging and dropping stuff into a timeline, moving things around at will and tweaking until you’re satisfied.
But the end result of all this thinking and writing is that you will know what you are trying to do.
Keep these things in mind as you go through the process of shooting, logging, scripting, then editing. Umbraco ships with more than 15 pre-defined languages that provide a localised user interface and it also allows you to easliy setup multi-lingual sites for your website within one CMS.
Your site structure sits in a tree view - just like Windows Explorer. Anybody with experience using Microsoft Word, can use Umbraco's simple rich text editing (RTE) interface.
Now that the time it takes to edit a piece is so much less, and the ability to slide things around in a project is so much simpler, it’s really easy to run out, capture everything in sight with your camera, then just sit down with hours and hours of footage and then proceed to hunt and peck out a story, right? There is an extensive user manual which explains everything and you can also download a copy here.
Sure, you could go back and insert a shot or overlay some music, but it was no easy feat to remove or add entire sections of the show without costing yourself literally hours and hours of time.
Of course there are things that you don’t want to control, that you want to just let flow naturally when you get to your shoot. It’s about making sure that you capture all of the moments you need to capture and leave the irrelevant stuff behind.

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