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VideoThang is a free and easy-to-use video editing software that lets you edit videoswith ease.You can cut, trim, add captions, give transitions and effects in your videos. Over the past few years all of the major video editing software companies have been battling each other in a game of who can come up with the shiniest new features to attract the attention of the public. The end result has been that the average consumer level video editing software has become incredibly feature rich but in the process, has become quite complicated as well.
You can’t keep adding features without having to add access to those features through the user interface and this inevitably results in complexity. They all carry the claim of being “easy video editing software” or “simple video editors” when being described by the their respective marketing departments but the truth is they have become progressively more difficult to use.
I have been asked on a number of forums and through this site to recommend some truly simple video editing programs or an easy video editor that anyone can use. Something that has all the basic features that a user would need without the shiny “bells and whistles” and complicated interface that come with it.
I have listed what I think to be the best of this class below but keep in mind that just because they are classified as simple video editing software programs they are not crippled in any way.
If you are just a beginner or really don’t see yourself spending hours alone in a darkened room editing your footage, or you just want to get your video masterpieces out as soon as possible with a minimum of fuss then you would be well served by the ones listed below. They all cover the basic actions of cutting, slicing and dicing with transitions, audio control and a wide range of output formats. Wondershare Filmora is a recent re-branding of the company’s simple video editing software which comes in versions for both PC and Mac. Previously it was just called Wondershare Video Editor and although not really an inspired naming you have to admire the efficiency of it!
In terms of ease of use and simplicity without sacrificing functionality I think you would be hard pressed to go past this one.
Everything is available through an icon that sits in the little menu bar smack dab in the middle of your screen. Take a look at this intro video they created using the software itself to get an idea of what you can do with it and how easy it is. The key to how they made it so good is in the time Wondershare put into the backend of the software rather than the interface. The same goes for every step of the editing process and even then the software has a wizard based semi-automatic interface that you can use to make it even more simple. On the Wondershare website there are 5 videos you can watch and really, if you just watch those you will have already seen just about everything you need to see to get up and running.
Filmora handles all the basic editing functions as far as cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing goes. There is a range of filters for color correction and effects as well as simple yet effective audio controls. It can deliver picture-in picture effects and even some still and motion graphics and on top of that can do green screen and capture still images from any frame in your video. As far as sharing goes it comes with perfectly configured pre-set parameters for output to a wide range of mobile devices, online services like YouTube and FaceBook as well as burning DVDs. All in all Wondershare Filmora is my new best friend when it comes to an easy video editing software program anyone can use.
Hard to believe I know but the fact is that muvee can achieve some pretty remarkable results given that the process is almost completely automated.
By using some very specialized scanning technology it can quite accurately identify various components of your videos and stills and at the same time analyze the speed of your chosen music. Although it may sound a little too good to be true there is a very large community of Muvee users who absolutely swear by the product. Outside of the automated features it still offers a good set of manual editing tools that you can use to make final adjustments. Reveal Express is about as easy as video editing software is going to get while you still actually do it yourself! This is the chopped down version of muvee Reveal specifically designed for those who want to automatically create their videos and only upload to the internet or to mobile devices.
It comes with a bunch of preset styles that you can use to make the video or control the transitions, music, audio and panning and zooming on still images yourself. Alternatively you can just load everything up in order and let muvee Reveal Express do it automatically. It outputs to formats for all the current mobile devices and can directly upload to YouTube and Facebook. PowerDirector is my top choice at the moment for a fully fledged consumer level editing program and you can read the full review here.
Of the available choices I would easily rate the CyberLink offering as superior to the rest and part of the reason for this may be that the simple mode was developed as a stand alone concept instead of a hack of an existing program. Of course any time you want to get out of the simple mode you can instantly switch over to the full editor. This one is worth taking a look at if you suspect you may at some point get bitten by the editing bug and may want to take your productions up a notch. Some readers may be surprised that I have not included a number of well known products on this page. They all offer an image organization feature plus reasonably good image manipulation capabilities. My only reservation with all of them is that most likely a dedicated video editor will have these features anyway while offering the full editing experience. My pick of the bunch would be the Cyberlink offering because of a superior editing feature set, image manipulation and audio control. Although this is the bottom of the range in the Vegas line up from Sony it could never be confused with a simple video editor!
There are literally hundreds of video editing software programs out there and many that claim ease of use as their selling point.

What I do know is that the software on this page is reliable, fits the criteria of easy or simple and will work very well for the majority of people. Sorry you had to wait but it was the weekend and my copy of the software is on my work computer. If you want to go straight to burning a DVD then go to the Share Tab, Click the Disc symbol and VS will work out which is best. If you are just saving some files or a project to be later burned to DVD then do the same as above only instead of burning just note down the parameters that the software selects for the burn then go back to the file creation Tab and select to create an MPEG2 file at those parameters.
Absolutely the one you should start off with (after checking out the free trial!) is Filmora. That feature is called green screen (technically it’s chromakey) which allows you to shoot in front of a green background, automatically remove that green area and replace it with another background of your choice. Make sure you check the tutorial videos on the Filmora site as they explain how to use the software very wqell and very clearly. My intention is to make short videos of me lecturing, while I am sitting in front of my computer, using a Logitech webcam, then I will upload them to YouTube and my website. I am an absolute beginner with video-making, and I seek your advice as to what would be the best video editor for me.
For recording your lectures using the webcam using the Logitech product you will be able to just hook it up to the computer and then run Filmora and it will detect it and from that point you are good to go.
There are about 8 (I think) basic videos on the Filmora site that visually run you through the steps you will need to master. Can you please advise me which software packages, hopefully at a reasonable price, will enable me to do this job? Filmora supports three dedicated audio tracks in the timeline on top of any audio that is part of any video you have as well. Everything else you have described is also covered by Filmora so on what you have said I would still think this is the best value editor around for what you want. Of all the current video editing software around I would say that Filmora is probably the smallest as far as the actual space it needs to install because it doesn’t come weighted down with a bunch of other modules for other functions.
As far as resources go on your laptop this is more a question of the size and type of files you will be using. It is important here to understand that the stress being placed on any computer processing video files does NOT come from the software.
It comes from the way modern high definition files are compressed and what has to occur for them to be edited. My advice to you and to anyone that visits this site is to PLEASE download the free trial of the software, install it and then play with it using the type of files you will be using on a day to day basis.
I have very little personal experience with capturing analogue to digital so keep that in mind! A few years ago this topic was all the rage because everyone was converting their old stuff like you are now. Because of that there was a lot of discussion on many of the forums I moderate on about this device or that device. From memory I believe that the Dazzle product was both popular and quite effective at getting the job done. As far as what you want to do with the files after I think they would all probably come with a straightforward editing to DVD solution and I really don’t think you need worry too much about that. I have no knowledge of the Video Conversion suite product but I think both the Dazzle and the Roxio product would be OK. The problem you are having can generally be put down to a problem in resources, not the software itself. When you are previewing HD video on a computer it takes a lot of computer power to do that.
This is the most common area of trouble for people editing no matter what software they are using. As a test, add a couple of HD clips to the timeline and add a transition that gives you the click, pop, echo or whatever when you are previewing it. I have been trying out the unregistered version of Filmora this week with only partial success. Well possibly you are doing something wrong but characterizing it as stupid seems a bit harsh!
Because Filmora attempts to keep things very simple unless you get things set up right it is pretty easy to go astray sometimes given the wide variety of video formats around these days.
First of all I need to know that the video files you are using all came from the same source. Then, in Windows just navigate to one of the video files (assuming they are all the same) and right click on one. If all of that is unfamiliar to you then at least let me know the model and make of the device that you used to get the files in the first place. I only join identical formats, and have been using Real Player Trimmer for years until recently when they appear to have removed support for it (I’m using windows 7 64bit).
I’ve been testing it on a clip from ‘This Morning’ of ITV (UK) which usually videos in HD mpeg-2 TS Video in wide screen and the picture is fine.
OK, I am guessing that the MPEG-2 TS video files are being captured by some kind of set top TV recorder. The problem you are having is because that box (or whatever it is) is capturing the video at a resolution of 704×576. FYI this was recorded on an integrated USB port using a memory stick in a HD TV, hence I just assumed it would automatically record in HD format. Have a great Christmas or if you are reading this after the holidays, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. To trim a clip you just move the cursor to the end of the clip on the timeline, click and drag it.

The counter on the right hand side under the preview window shows hours, minutes, seconds and even frames so I had no trouble trimming clips by only one frame. The kind of thing you are looking for is quite simple these days and stuff like the title cards are just basic parts of the titling module and the old film effects are just filters you apply. The reality is that all the big software players like Cyberlink, Corel and Adobe have been developing their products over the years to encompass more and more features. This is mainly driven by market demand but in the meantime if you want to keep things simple you end up in your situation.
My current favorite in the category of something simple is Filmora which is at the top of this page. I think you will find it does everything you want but isn’t loaded with a bunch of extra stuff you probably will never use. Could you give me the best step by step process on editing videos from a gopro with filmora?
Every time you convert any digital video file from one set of parameters to another or from one file type to another you will suffer degradation.
So in editing any kind of digital footage you are seeking to maintain the original parameters of that footage all the way through to the end. I can only guess here at why you are suffering from a loss of quality but I’ll shoot my mouth off anyway! Pull the files directly off the cam making sure there is no processing of those files going on. The results of doing it like that may surprise you and before you finish you can step in to make final adjustments. They are all good products and if you have a use for ALL the features offered by these full program suites then yes, they are great and have good, easy to use video editing capabilities. Audio editing, video editing and disc creation along with some kind of file distribution feature such as uploading to YouTube etc.
The learning curve is steep and although Sony include great tutorials it kind of defeats the purpose of recommending something easy. Installs slowly runs slowly and although it is easy, it’s just not very good in my experience. It’s a mature format now so no need to intervene really, the software is pretty well set up to create the ideal DVD. Generally around 8000 kps data rate is perfect and the software will sort out the frame rate from your existing files as well as the resolution. I seek something very simple, that will allow me to add a title or two, a word banner, and the ability to tweak my effort so that it looks acceptable.
I add HD video from the same camera using the drop and drag import , go to story board view and add a transition. All I need is to simply crop and join my bits and pieces without changing the original ratio or format in any way.
Just started out this week with a little funny video for my friend’s birthday, and found it quite funny.
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The best thing about Videothang are the file types that it can handle (AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, FLV, 3gp, 3g2, mp4, m4v, DV, JPG, PNG).
I have a few dozen old 8mm analog tapes, and want to transfer them to my hard drive, and later make DVDs. My problem is when I come to finish (export) I always get extremely distorted excessively wide short squashed people.
Is there some spendthrift syllabize which exogenous battlement the indirection to the staleness, so that to inhabit wrongfully it is sardonically to pester to porcelainize? You can import Photos and Videos, mix them up, Add titles, music and transitions, and export to an mpg file that is optimized for sites like Youtube, Facebook, and Myspace.
Also I need at least 3 audio tracks that can be synched to the still image transitions which will mostly be fades and wipes. I have not yet bought a capture device, but am looking at Dazzle, Roxio Easy, and Vidbox Video Conversion Suite because they are all available at my local Best Buy. If you’ve been looking for a way to use those crappy videos you record on your cell phone, try this program out.
Right now, all I want to do is transfer the video, edit out what I don’t need, and piece together the remainder for DVD.
You can email me directly if you have any questions or comments about the program, or visit the videothang website.
I’m hoping it’s something stupid that I’m not doing as I love how easy this is to use, but I do need the end product to look normal.
I know that with gopro studio it converts the compressed footage from an MP4 to an AVI cineform for editing.
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