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The Jacarina Finch is actually classified as a Tanager (Family Thraupidae) and is more closely related to the brilliant Brazilian Tanager (please see photo) than to any of the common pet trade finches.  It is, however, finch-like in its behavior and captive needs, and gets along well with most species.
The basis of their diet can consist of a finch seed mix, into which has been added a bit of Softbill Select and Egg Food.  Sprouts and greens should be offered regularly.
Insects and other invertebrates are essential if you want to keep your birds in peak color, and indispensible for pairs with chicks.  The Zoo Med Bug Napper and canned invertebrates are of great value in this regard.
Some ornithologists believe that this may be the bird that crossed to the Galapagos Islands and gave rise to the many species that spurred Darwin’s thoughts on evolution; read more here.
Escapees are always possible, but this bird is not common in US collections or known to have been sighted in your area. There’s always a chance of an escaped pet, but could you have possibly seen a blue grosbeak? Last year 2013, I spotted this little blue-black bird at my feeders, it didn’t stay long and I thought it was a blue bird, but again this year May 2014 it once again has shown up, I have studied it thoroughly and believe it really is a Jacarina Finch, a real blue black beauty. It could be, but they are not commonly kept in Michigan, as far as I know, (if that is where you are) and an escapee would not survive the winter there (not sure I would!)…might it have been an especially dark indigo bunting? I have viewed every image possible and read every article possible and I have several pictures but none as beautiful as the bird in my feeder seen with own eyes.
It could very well be, although they would not survive Wisconsin’s winter and so would be new escapees. Dear Frank: There have been so many sittings of these beautiful birds, that I still cannot believe that you will not resort to the fact that the world is changing and these are the jacarina finches that are coming around. To those that have witness this beauty in their backyard – keep on spectating their wonder!!! Just wanted to let you know my wife and I observed a Jacarina Finch at our feeder on July 31, 2014, at about 4 p.m.

Hey Frank i bought one of those in central america 10 years ago, i kept him at an outdoors aviary with other finches mostly zebra finches, he was a male and was very agressive with the zebras, anywas the years passed by and the other finches died, but he didnt, until a couple of days ago i noticed he wasnt singing or being active at all and he died at 10 years of age. I believe that I was born with an intense interest in animals, as neither I nor any of my family can recall a time when I was not fascinated by creatures large and small.
The Chinese Painted Quail (Button Quail, Blue-breasted Quail), Conturnix chinensis, and the Japanese Quail, C. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. I too thought they might be blue grosbeaks but much too small definitely same size as finches.
Only slightly larger than hummingbird, but blue-black color and finchness (beak) for certain. When i bought it i noticed that he was wild caught and thats the reason why i bought him i felt sorry for him because his little head was bleeding i assume he hurt himself trying to escape.
One might imagine this to be an unfortunate set of circumstances for a person born and raised in the Bronx, but, in actuality, quite the opposite was true. I first told her they looked like someone threw some finches in an ink well, until I saw this site and found this post.
I 100% believe it is a Jacarina and I do not have just one I have had 3 in my feeder at the same time. It so amazed us and without ever seeing such a bird before we looked it up and found on this site. During those 10 years i kept him he ate only commercial seed mixes for canaries and finches.
Most importantly, my family encouraged both my interest and the extensive menagerie that sprung from it.

I took three pictures through my dining room window, which I’m afraid was rather dirty.
I have looked into the indigo bunty also after reading other comments and this bird only fits Jacarina description.
Im trully devastated by his death because he had such a strong personality even though he was about 3.5-4 inches. My mother and grandmother somehow found ways to cope with the skunks, flying squirrels, octopus, caimans and countless other odd creatures that routinely arrived un-announced at our front door. Whenever i went near his cage to put some seed mix on his bowl he would look me in the eyes, yes they are very shy birds like most birds, but this is the firt bird ever that has made eye contact with me. Assisting in hand-feeding hatchling praying mantises and in eradicating hoards of mosquitoes (I once thought I had discovered “fresh-water brine shrimp” and stocked my tanks with thousands of mosquito larvae!) became second nature to them. Anyways im writing this because im wondering if theres any information about their lifespan in captivity or in the wild, as i havent been able to find any info online.
My mother went on to become a serious naturalist, and has helped thousands learn about wildlife in her 16 years as a volunteer at the Bronx Zoo.
My grandfather actively conspired in my zoo-buildings efforts, regularly appearing with chipmunks, boa constrictors, turtles rescued from the Fulton Fish Market and, especially, unusual marine creatures.

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