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Whether it’s adding a Santa hat to your logo or adding snowflakes to the background of your email, a sprinkling of seasonal imagery can bring lots of festive charm to your emails. Targeted marketing is more effective than scattergun campaigns that take a catch-all approach. Clever creative and gorgeous email design is all well and good, but you can’t beat doing the simple things well. Get hands-on help with Constant Contact, tailored specifically for your organization's needs. In 2014, email marketing was cited as the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the U.S. Small to medium-sized businesses, those with 50 employees or less, receive an open rate of around 22% for email campaigns (click rate is around 2-3%). Create a consistent set of images and messages, so that when your customers see you on and off the web they instantly recognize your brand. The University of Colorado School of Journalism (my alma mater) includes a list of books written by the J-School’s graduates in every issue. The National Institute for Trial Advocacy uses a double column design for its monthly newsletter. With the holiday season upon us, small business owners should make plans to send their email newsletters before the year is up. If you’re a small business owner and looking for some easy new ways to promote your company– media marketing is the way to go! Creating social media business accounts on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn showcases your company brand and culture while allowing fans to connect with you.
Now that you’ve set up your social media profiles, the next step is to fill them with content!
Once you have created, shared and promoted your content, you should take the time to analyze your results. When you know what works with your audience, don’t be afraid to reuse or repurpose popular content and strategies.
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If you market a small business (which you probably do if you’re reading this blog)A you should make sure that today of all days you view your inbox not as a consumer, but as a marketer.
One of the best ways to get clicks on your email is to reinforce the idea that this is a limited-time offer.A This is a marketing tactic as old as time, but new technology allows for things like real-time countdowns that can really motivate the viewer to act. Often, half the battle is simply getting your audience to engage with your message in some small way.
With all the other brands screaming for your viewer’s attention, creating a bright, shouting email of your own actually increases the chances of your message getting lost in the din. If you have a saleA planned for the entire month, Cyber Monday can still be a good day to kick off the promotion. Okay, okay, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put in a plug for our social media suite.
We hope this Cyber Monday offer roundup has inspired you to take a fresh look at your own email marketing and consider how you might incorporate some of the things you’ve seen today into your strategy going forward. You could definitely be forgiven if you currently feel like you are spread as thinly as bread sauce on Boxing Day. It’s the single biggest factor in determining whether or not your readers open your email or hurl it towards the trash can.

The average person’s inbox is as cluttered as Santa’s toyshop and regularly pelted with new emails.
Try to get into the habit of building a mental image of your model reader and crafting a message that speaks to them directly. You need to be prepared to produce different content for different list members at different times. If you are rushing to get a campaign into the digital ether, there’s no substitute for checking your content with a fresh pair of eyes. Remember the basics of email marketing and you will be on your way to festive outreach that gets results. You'll also have access to personal coaching and resources to get you real business results.
Shiny, new marketing techniques like social media marketing, content marketing, and paid online advertising have taken over. However, it should be one of many tools in your marketing toolkit, along with the other important methods like those mentioned above. For more great tips on writing subject lines for your emails, check out this post by Olivia Allen of HubSpot. When putting together your campaign, ask yourself the following questions: What is the point of this email? After you have crafted your pithy, CTA-filled, personalized email campaign, send yourself and an unsuspecting friend or colleague a test email.
To maximize effectiveness and reach, consider split testing using two different subject lines to see which one resonates more with your audience. According to research done by HubSpot, Saturday delivery generally gets the best click-through rate at 9%, while Sunday follows closely behind with a CTR of just under 9%. Below you will find several email newsletter examples and email tips to help you get the ideas flowing. In other words, make your website, Twitter page, newsletters, invoices, and business cards, etc., look similar. This allows them to include long, informative articles alongside shorter, promotional articles. Consumers have their eyes and ears open for gift and entertainment ideas, and businesses are taking the time to review 2010 and makes plans for 2011. Before I became one of those marketers myself, I sawA the inundation of emails as a bit of a nuisance.
Even if you rationally know that the discount probably the same as usual, the possibility of missing out is just too tantalizing to resist. People are primed to be checking for offers, so this can be a good time to through a longer sale into the mix.
Spell out your offerA as plainly as possible so they can get the idea and move on to making a purchase. Think about how you can cyber-ize your brand for the day and reinforce the connection between your brand and the day itself.
In keeping with Pagemodo’s spirit of social media marketing, the Cyber Monday sale features a viral aspect that allows viewers to earn even greater savings by sharing the offer with their networks. Get helpful small business advice and tips to help you get the most out of your business and your website. A Christmas-themed pun on your business name can be fun, but if in doubt consistency is the best policy.

That means if you fail to cater for mobile users, you might be alienating more than half of your email list.
Brevity is a skill you’d do well to master – and your reader will respect your efforts. Crude example: “Hope you have a merry Christmas” is more engaging than “Hope you all have a merry Christmas”.
Example: let’s say you have an online shop and you notice that a customer’s first interaction with your business was last Christmas. Many email marketing software programs, like Constant Contact, allow you to automatically include recipient names in your email greetings and other areas of the email.
Keep your copy short and to the point to give it a good shot at actually getting read all the way through. Avoid sending email campaigns at the beginning of the week unless they are time-sensitive, as they fare the worst. Maybe you are new to email marketing or don’t have the time to utilize this valuable marketing opportunity. 2 Pen blog where I share examples of sharp website content and other online marketing information. This is our newsletter that contains marketing resources, company news, and special offers that you won’t find on our blog or the No.
Here are ten, easy-to-integrate tips that will keep your email campaigns sparkling this festive season. It’s also a good idea to use split testing to find out which of your send titles is most effective at driving open rates. Then cast an eye over your email design to make sure your hyperlinks and CTA buttons have all the zing they need to stand out. Segmentation allows you to send an email to last year’s festive purchasers with vouchers that can be put against another purchase this year.
By tailoring your message to a specific audience and segmenting that audience within your subscriber list, you greatly increase your chances of leading readers further into your sales funnel. Do I have links and buttons throughout my copy that will guide those reading it in the right direction, including a CTA towards the beginning of the email? The best way to check how your email is performing mobile-wise is to send a test to yourself and open it on your own device. If it takes longer than a minute or two to absorb your message, it might be time for rethink. This is always a good option since it takes one step out out of the way, whether you wish to promote a special offer, present a new product, or share a funny photo, Promo Republic has an array of options to help deliver content to your audience.
Tools such as Google Analytics can help show where your marketing has been the most effective. It is amazing what we can overlook when we stare at a project for too long, so it is always nice to have a second opinion.

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