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Between big competition and smaller budgets, small businesses face unique challenges on a daily basis.
Consumers understand the huge impact of independent businesses on local economies and are willing to go out of their way to support them. As social media continues to grow, along with it grow opportunities to market your small business. There is truth in the old saying, a€?strength in numbers,a€? and joining a buy local organization is no exception. Small business owners are the first to step up when their community needs them and the last to take credit for their goodwill.
Maybe youa€™re a co-op bike shop whose employees are the owners; maybe youa€™re an indie coffee shop that found a way to use recycled coffee grounds to grow produce.
Encourage members of your community to take action in support of the a€?buy locala€™ movement by participating in small business events like National Small Business Week and Small Business Saturday.
Afridi Smashes Sixes All Over The Park – WorldCup 2015, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Football. If you are a small business owner or small business employee, inbound marketing can help you manage expenses, increase your marketing reach and make sure your customers can find your products and services. You are using an outdated browser, we recommend you upgrade your browser for a better experience. Not only can you reach new customers via social media, but you can do so for free.A  The only cost to your business is the time you spend posting. This is because these mom and pop businesses are not looking for bragging rights or credit for taking the moral high road.

Find what it is that makes your business unique and different from any other business out there. It's nice to know what the big kids are doing, but small businesses have different challenges than large companies. If you dona€™t have the time or resources to create a website, be sure to list your business in online directories, so that customers can easily find and support your business. Download free marketing materials to display in your store front and let shoppers know that your business is locally owned.
Independent We Stand offers members the opportunity to engage with customers on social media by sharing posts and links about the benefits of supporting local businesses.
They are doing what comes natural, and offering their assistance whenever and wherever possible.
Consumers want to try new things and thata€™s part of what sets your business apart from the big boxes and national chains. To find other local businesses in your area, use Independent We Standa€™s local business search engine. Most have been hit hard by the recession, and those that have managed to succeed have done so through a combination of good business practices: supporting their customer base, effectively managing expenses, offering products and services that continue to have value. Yet, you are still competing with companies that have larger budgets and greater resources than you.
Small Business’s contribute to tax revenue and employmentIn June of 2010, around 4.5 million people in Australia were employed by small businesses. Qualifying small businesses can sign up for free to be included in the Independent We Stand Local Business Search Engine.

If you are a member of Independent We Stand, your business is automatically included in the mobile app.
These posts reach thousands of people every day, but by a€?likinga€? our page and sharing our posts with your fans, we can spread the word about small business even further.
The videos, case studies, ebooks, kits, how-to articles and webinars available here will demonstrate how inbound marketing can help you compete and succeed. Small Business’s contribute to exportsExporting is the sale of goods and services to other countries and in the period of 2008-9 small businesses exported goods worth approximately $1 Billion. Wea€™ve even created a series of a€?Real Indie Storiesa€? to recognize those indie businesses that do exceptional things for the community. A simple Definiton Business Ownership and Business Structure Commerce Classified Interviews Parkhound Our LocationCommerce Classified operates out of Melbourne, Australia. We would love to meet with our readers and grow the Commerce Classified family.Start A ProjectWe'd enjoy hearing about your upcoming projects, and we would love to collaborate with our readers.
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