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What if that same Social Media agency had in-depth experience and a proven track record with the unique challenges associated with small and medium sized business marketing and operations? If you haven’t embraced social media as a significant source of leads or have failed to see fruit for your previous social media marketing initiatives we should talk.
Every month we will publish and send the best digital marketing news, tips & tools on the planet right to your inbox. 4 Simple Steps to Boost Business Success by 40% from our Small Business Digital Marketing Consultant Team. While small businesses use social media personally and believe it affects their businesses, the majority of don’t know how to use the new networks to build their companies. Nearly three quarters (73%) of our member community of small business owners said they access social networks on smartphones or other mobile devices, yet 67% are holding back investing in social media because they don’t know where to begin. This week, two team members from Social Strategy1 were able to attend a business marketing event hosted by Facebook. I can’t imagine that people still cant see the importance of having an online presence via social media. Yes, small business owners are having a difficult time using Social Media effectively due to not knowing how to use the network and not creating a clear strategy for marketing.
I work with many business owners who just don’t have the budget to hire a Social Media company to create and implement a clear and concise strategy. Small businesses owners can attest to the struggles and limitations that come with the territory: few financial resources, a lack of exposure, and not enough time in the day to get everything done.
I think for full disclosure you should add this recent fact:"TechCrunch found that in late 2012 Facebook made changes to the newsfeed that caused the reach for brands to drop as much as 40% compared to what it was earlier in the year. Facebook contests and campaigns are powerful ways for brands to engage with customers in social. For those that have a three day weekend, you are the lucky ones, and this means that you have the opportunity to spend some time on your favorite social netowrks!

The Infographic this week shows the average time that is spent on social media networks by small business, and those that are a bit bigger.
Additionally, most don’t plan on investing online until they understand the practices and payoffs. What’s holding them back is a sense of overload, in particular fear of the resources required to meet the expectations of social media users. There’s a world beyond Facebook and Twitter online, where people bare their feelings instantaneously. Through them, a company can garner a very wide outreach at a minimal cost, which can increase both exposure and sales. We were able to get an inside look at what facebook recommends to make your page shine and to meet customers where they are. I created the Easy Social Media Learning specifically to help business owners who want to manage their own Social Media but have no idea how. We work with over 100,000 small businesses in B2B social (which should be the worst adoption rates) and we don’t see these numbers for lack of investment.
That’s the headline finding in a new study we just released with small business community – OfficeArrow. Preparing them to capitalize on the business opportunities social media should be a top priority.
However, 60% say they do want to use social media as an information source; they just don’t know how. Everything tells you something about what really matters to the people a business intends to serve. Catalog what people like, trust, dislike, and distrust, about your company, competitors and category. However, a lot of work goes into a successful social campaign and there are many elements that can be easily overlooked.

Those that are members are able to easily understand exactly how they can use whatever network they want to fulfill their marketing expectation. Our clients have discovered that mobile marketing brings customers back in with their friends while social media works best for listening to customers and learning from them, as you have said. 90% of our clients are increasing their social media marketing budgets by over 30% in 2012. One possible explanation is that our customers are invariably tied to a larger entity that provides significant resources for knowledge and training. While of course there are peak usage times, you can spend time on your networks when it’s convenient for you. While these numbers may be influenced by the fact that many small businesses are web based, the benefits of having a social media presence isn’t limited to web based businesses.Social Media by the NumbersFacebook alone has the potential to induce a 185% increase in website traffic.
With this potential, small business owners can’t afford to leave money on the table by neglecting to have a social media presence.The Social Media Pay OffRosalind Henshell, the Director of Big Thinking Online, makes the case that social media is a good investmentfor small businesses. Anything you create and share has the ability to go viral. You get and stay connected to customers and potential customers. They expect you to have a social media presence and when you don’t, it can be viewed as a red flag.Your business can develop a competitive edge.
Gain insight into your audience and their interests by reading what they broadcast.How Do I Start? With a little guidance, you’ll have a social media strategy to execute in no time.Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business.

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