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It doesn’t help that video apps like Vine encourage you to shoot video while holding your phone in portrait mode. It features a built-in wide-angled HD 720p video camera with night vision capability, motion sensing activation that can be adjusted, built-in speakers and microphone for two-way talks, dual power allowing you to either recharge once a year or connect to your existing doorbell wiring which also chimes an inside doorbell too, multiple device notification, and optional cloud recording so you don't miss anyone.
This is not only a great way to avoid going to see who's there if you're home, it also provides great peace-of-mind safety and security when you're away.
Trey Songz has given fans the chance to break into his phone with a slick marketing app, that can be viewed on mobile devices here. The 7-minute video, directed by Gil Green, opens with Trey in some very intimate and provocative scenes with multiple women. Finding her in the pool as she attempts to commit suicide, Trey pulls her out of the water and tries to console her while she hits and pushes him around until they both collapse in each others arms.
Feminist Frequency's "Women as Background Decoration" is an important examination of a problematic issue in games. One of the earliest memories video game-loving children of the '80s share is playing Super Mario Brothers on Nintendo.
While the first entry in the series focused on the objectification aspect, and had plenty to work with, this time the scope extends to women's roles as the recipients of male violence. Of course, some of the lesser enlightened souls who grew up on these tropes don't take kindly to being told that some of their beloved games are inherently misogynist. Every time you see a video shot in portrait mode on YouTube or Facebook, you should weep for humanity and its inability to teach individuals how to shoot video so it fits properly into the same shape as the TV they watch in their homes. You just stopped your film school friends from having an aneurism, and you made your video about 80 percent better.

The cool new Ring is a state-of-the-art wi-fi connected smart doorbell that lets you see and speak with visitors from anywhere in the world using an app on your smartphone or tablet.
Even better, according to the company's FAQ, there will be an update in the near future allowing remote live video feed access anytime you just want to take a peek outside.
It was an opportunity for kids to step into the skin of a very tiny Italian plumber as he plunged into a series of adventures. Sarkeesian had to flee her house earlier this week, in response to some particularly specific threats. How much more brainwashing can society be expected to bestow on humans than non-stop video in the form of television, movies, and commercials shoved into their faces since birth? So the next time you feel compelled to capture video on your smartphone, imagine what it will look like on your HDTV. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. When someone pushes the doorbell button or it detects motion in an area you specify, the app alerts you with a notification and then you can pull up a live HD video feed of the visitor and actually speak with them.
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But, he’s not a single man, and without realizing it he pocket dialed his main girl and she heard everything.
Indeed, some of the clips that follow should be unbelievable to anyone who hasn't been exposed to the darker recesses of the video game universe in recent years.
Noire feature dead or mutilated, but still sexualized, female bodies as world-building props to emphasis each game's darkness factor, sometimes even in the marketing.

So when you shoot a video on your smartphone in portrait mode, you’re violating not only the set video standard, but also the laws of nature as they pertain to human sight. If you see it in your mind’s eye as a video with enormous black bars to the left and right of the action, turn your phone sideways. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Knowing that he messed up big time, the singer rushes out of the house to drive over to his girls and hopefully convince her that nothing happened. It would prove to be a prescient model for women's place in video games in the future.
It's an important lesson for those who are steeped in these games, and for those who had no idea what was in them. Unfortunately, the plight of these damsels in distress has since became even more distressing. Grandmaster of all things nerdy and cool, Joss Whedon, has tweeted about the video, urging followers to watch it.

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