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Knowing these two truths, golf course owners looking for more traffic at the tee boxes use text message advertising to stay engaged with golfers all summer long. Text message advertising for golf courses separates itself from other forms of advertising because it allows course owners and managers the chance to speak to an audience of people who are rare in two regards: they all play golf, and they all want to receive your text messages. Opt-in text message campaigns are driven by a database of cell phone numbers of people who choose to participate.
A golf course presents numerous opportunities to capture the attention of golfers with info about your text message campaign.
Golf course managers have a number of goodies at their disposal to encourage golfers to opt-in to their mobile marketing campaign. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged mobile coupons, mobile marketing for golf courses, mobile marketing promotions, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 9, 2013 by admin.
One of the long-time challenges facing real estate agents is connecting with potential buyers. Mobile marketing for realtors can eliminate that problem by putting valuable contact information into an agent’s hands. Agents can be notified immediately whenever a potential buyer has texted a particular keyword.
The cell phone numbers of all respondents are entered into the agency’s main database of numbers and can be used during future promotions of new listings.
This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged mobile marketing for realtors, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 4, 2013 by admin. But what about the restaurant owner who has spent the past 20 years focused on making a good burger?
As advertising vehicles, both SMS and MMS utilize text messaging capabilities to enable advertisers to get their messages to customers. Ads can include colorful displays and other graphics, such as bar codes used on traditional print coupons. Ads are sent to consumers via the Internet, so consumers must have an Internet-enabled cell phone in order to receive them.
InVenue Mobile offers a state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform that provides business owners with numerous SMS and MMS advertising options. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged MMS marketing, mobile coupons, mobile marketing stats, SMS marketing, text message advertising on April 3, 2013 by admin. But in the end, many business owners discover that a no-frills approach is most effective, passing on rich media options in favor of a campaign centered on straight forward SMS text messaging. Text message advertising has proven to be a powerful mobile marketing strategy because it isn’t exclusionary.
If you are a small-business owner developing your mobile marketing strategy, run through this checklist of variables as you decide whether to implement elements such as a mobile app, a mobile website and a text message advertising campaign. The marketing professionals at InVenue Mobile can you quickly and cost-effectively launch a text message-based mobile marketing campaign. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged mobile coupons, mobile marketing stats, SMS marketing, text message advertising, text message marketing on April 1, 2013 by admin. Twice yearly teeth cleanings sometimes slip the minds of patients who aren’t experiencing pain or discomfort. Students of yoga, dance and exercise classes often need the encouraging voice of their instructor to stay on track of their health and wellness goals.
Consumers who purchase products such as medication and vitamin supplements that are sold in monthly allotments need occasional reminders that their supply is about to run out. InVenue Mobile’s state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform makes setting up customized appointment reminders a breeze. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged InV Text Reminders, SMS marketing, text alerts & notifications, text message advertising, text message appointment reminders, text message marketing on March 21, 2013 by admin.
Need more evidence that text message advertising is no longer reserved for major players like Starbucks, Best Buy and other Fortune 500 companies? Digital media revenues are expected to grow at a rate of 12.3 percent annually over the next five years. Learn more about how text message advertising should be an important part of your small-business mobile marketing strategy. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing News and tagged InV Messenger, mobile marketing stats, SMS marketing, text alerts & notifications, text message advertising on March 18, 2013 by admin. You’ve launched your mobile marketing campaign, posted promotions in your store and on your website, and watched anxiously as the database of respondents grew.
Make sure customers know instantly who is sending them a text by putting your company name up front. Consumers love exclusivity, so show them there’s value in receiving your text messages by asking them to show the actual message to one of your employees. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged InV Messenger, SMS marketing, text alerts & notifications, text message advertising on March 16, 2013 by admin. As a means of everyday communication, text messaging has grown to become as accepted as phone calls and emails.
Some erroneously view it only as a way for friends to stay in touch, a technology not geared for business.
If you’re of the belief that a mobile marketing campaign would run you thousands of dollars per month, think again. Mobile marketing companies offer contracts of varying lengths, but business owners new to the mobile game should tread safely and find a short-term contract. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged InV Messenger, InV Text Reminders, SMS advertising costs, SMS marketing, text message advertising on March 13, 2013 by admin.
Small-business entrepreneurs who are considering text message advertising for a small business face a challenge when building their audience database. Owners of restaurants, golf courses and retail outlets share in the dilemma, but evidence surfaces daily showing that building a mobile marketing database is not only achievable, it’s easier than you might think.
Often the prospect of receiving future special offers in the form of mobile coupons is enough to encourage consumers to opt-in. Because of the nature of their product, golf course managers nationwide have launched successful text message advertising campaigns. Upgrade driving range services, such as a large bucket of balls for the cost of a small bucket. InVenue Mobile provides customized marketing solutions to ensure the success of text message advertising for a small business. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged InV Messenger, mobile coupons, mobile marketing promotions, SMS marketing, text alerts & notifications, text message advertising on March 12, 2013 by admin.
As evidenced by the explosion of social media websites, consumers today prefer to get off the sidelines and take a more active role in the events around them. The technology can be applied to marketers in a wide range of environments, including sporting events, rock concerts, community festivals, graduation ceremonies, receptions, awards ceremonies, and virtually any occasion that brings large groups of people together.

A sports bar owner dedicates one of his big-screen TVs to a text-to-screen campaign that lets customers text to predict which player will score the first goal during that evening’s televised hockey game. A minor league sports team uses an in-arena text-to-screen campaign to let fans proclaim their favorite player on the team. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged InV Messenger, SMS marketing, text message advertising, Text to Screen on March 11, 2013 by admin.
With SMS marketing, results are instant, easily tracked, cost efficient in delivery and have huge ROI’s.
With an SMS campaign, you can have immediate access to statistics that help you determine the return on your investment.
SMS advertising consists of text ads that are written by advertisers and sent directly to your customer’s mobile phones. Managing an SMS campaign, even a small one, can be complex and require very specialized knowledge and experience, this is where Arrow Marketing can assist you, managing your whole campaign from start to finish. Ad Testing – the copy in your ads is crucial for both attracting and qualifying your customers.
Conversion Tracking – we closely monitor how much you are spending against how many sales you are getting to ensure the profitability of your campaign.
Arrow Marketing is proud to help small business owners, charities and non-profits reach their online goals.
Every day there are more and more users that access the internet on their mobile devices in places related to the use of traditional desktop computers (84% of them access the internet on their smartphones at home, 71% in bars and other establishments, 62% at their workplace, etc.).
The last thing users see before going to bed is their smartphone and the first thing they check in the morning is also their smartphone, so why don’t you take advantage and use these smart devices to advertise your company? Although I truly believe in the power of SMS as a marketing tool, I never heard it has the potential to go viral. But even without going viral, I still think sms is one of the most effective marketing tools we have today. Kaamil provides a simple to use Web interface to communicate instantly with individuals or groups via your Internet connected computer and browser. SMS advertising is timely - deliver at the exact time your advertisement will have most impact. Location based targeting (send promotional offer only to people in and around a major shopping mall that signed up for a promotion). Several studies found that using SMS, advertisers are getting recall rates of 58% and click-through rates of 10%. Use your mobile application address book to, create a valued users to developer personal relationship. Smart eWorks introduce sms services as our New Social Media Service SMS Try our SMS Service FREE Trial!!! Rigi Publication strategy is to provide a high quality messaging service that allows the clients to quickly market their ideas, products and companies.
The founders of Rigi Publication first began using SMS in 2009 to send latest updates of news  and events. The Wall Street Journal came out with a new infograph focusing on mobile marketing compared to other forms of marketing and how under-rated mobile ads are.
I find this surprising considering the fact that it is equally as effective and cheaper than all other forms of advertising. Why do you think Mobile Marketing is being underutilized?
Subscribe by EmailSubscribe to Tatango's SMS Marketing Blog to receive great SMS marketing content delivered right to your inbox. Text message advertising for golf courses is a proven way for course managers to fill empty tee times, increase traffic at the driving range, and boost sales in the pro shop and clubhouse.
So unlike your newspaper, radio or other traditional advertisements, your text messages go out to people who are likely to respond.
A simple text message campaign driven by an opt-in keyword provides multiple benefits, to real estate agents and homebuyers alike. Or the golf course manager who’s concerned more about pin placement than he is text message advertising? Many companies such as Starbucks and Best Buy have enjoyed enormous success with their MMS campaigns. Campaigns featuring graphics, apps and mobile sites, while very powerful for retailers in certain segments, only engage with consumers who own a smartphone.
If not, make sure you take into consideration the expense of such equipment before you initiate a campaign that features high-graphics mobile coupons.
For instance, if you’re a local bar who relies primarily on loyal customers, is there a benefit to capturing more online traffic? Visit InVenue Mobile online or call Todd Carter 734-945-3300 for help with your mobile marketing strategy. SMS marketing makes it possible for business owners to retain clients by sending out customized appointment reminders that speak directly to existing and former customers on a personal level never before available.
And because customers opt-in to receive text alerts, business owners are assured that the messages will be received and read. Appointment reminders sent by text message can be personalized to each patient’s dental care schedule. What better way to offer personalized encouragement than with occasional reminders sent directly to a student’s cell phone. SMS marketing allows pharmacists to issue a personal reminder that serves as a friendly customer service feature. But not everybody returns to the same accountant each year for help with completing their tax returns.
That’s a sure sign that retailers are gradually acclimating to using new technology in their advertising efforts, following in the footsteps of the international corporations who have made mobile the cornerstone of their marketing efforts. It only took a couple of weeks to get your Mobile Club’s numbers where you needed them to be. Strong writing will drive your success, and with a text message ad there are a handful of tips to keep in mind as you craft a clear, concise message. Although most cell phones can handle messages of any length, don’t ask your customers to scroll through a long, rambling ad. In your mobile marketing campaign, stick to communication standards you’ve employed in other forms of advertising. For as little as $500 a month, InVenue gives business owners the opportunity to test the mobile marketing waters while getting their campaign off the ground. InVenue’s program is based on a six-month agreement, designed to give business owners ample time to experience the true benefits of a mobile campaign without making a long-term commitment. One thing is clear: Text message advertising for a small business is not a one-size-fits-all effort. Website message boards and Facebook status updates are two tangible extensions of the public’s desire to do more than simply consume the news.

The technology is no longer reserved for deep-pocket organizations like professional sports teams. To build a database of cell phone numbers, he uses a text-to-screen campaign to ask fans of his house band to help choose that night’s playlist. With your customers phone never far away from them, you have the opportunity to send your customers offers at any time, where ever they are and they can take action right away. When you think about other forms of advertising, like the Yellow pages or newspaper, it’s the exact opposite…you never know if anyone even sees your ad! That is why we continually test and monitor different headlines, key messages and call to actions to ensure you have the most effective ads for greater return on investment.
We also monitor the behaviour of your customers to where they are going online to identify opportunities for greater impact.
There are probably many different types of potential customers for your products and services and with targeted landing pages we help you to provide relevant information to each of them.
Mobile marketing refers to marketing actions addressed to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets.
Mobile internet is used for all types of inquiries: checking e-mail accounts, chatting on instant messaging or social media apps, information search, reading news, playing games, downloading all kinds of files, etc. It can help you reach all types of mobile users: the ones that own a feature phone and the ones that own a smartphone. You can send text messages that contain sender’s personal data, which can contribute to the fact that your users identify themselves with the text message they receive. Mobile technology give companies the opportunity to communicate with their users in a quick and comfortable way, so the companies are more competitive with every day that passes.
The receiver can be classified according to specific criteria (gender, age, education, location, date of birth, etc.). Through SMS you can predict the actions that will take mobile users in the face of a specific stimulus. The use of mobile allows you to assess the efficiency and control how your SMS mobile marketing campaign is going in real time. In most cases SMSs are automatically saved on users’ mobile phones, which is great news since they can send them to other users creating brand awareness. To compare with email marketing, which has only a 20% chance of being read, you jump to a 85% likelihood with SMS. Each API has a full range of features enabling the clients to derive the optimum benefits of convergent messaging from any devise to or from land , CDMA and mobile phones.
For agents, one of the primary benefits is the ease with which a mobile marketing campaign can be employed. To some, it might even seem as rudimentary as factors like competitive pricing and customer service. Or the auto shop technician who has been too busy changing oil to change advertising habits?
Others, including small businesses around the world, find that the simplicity of SMS advertising is better-suited for their clientele.
Instead, SMS marketing relies only on the words that make up a text message, words that retailers can be assured will be read by potential customers.
If not, does it make sense to put money and resources into developing a mobile website or mobile app?
There is no simpler way to dabble in mobile marketing than with a text message marketing campaign.
Air filters, antifreeze and even wiper blades have predictable lifelines, and auto service shop technicians can use this to their advantage with an SMS marketing campaign.
Text reminders are less expensive than the printed postcards that dental offices often send, and doctors can take comfort in knowing that appointment reminders sent via text message reach their target. By adding clients to an SMS marketing database, accountants can reach out to last year’s customers with a reminder and special offer for tax return preparation. To this point, crafting an effective text message ad is no different than creating a print ad that gets response or a radio spot to which people respond. With a no-cost start-up, InVenue specialists will customize a program specifically for a particular business, as well as offer a one-hour training session to school business owners on the system’s easy-to-navigate platform.
The rate includes assigned campaign keywords and an allotment of out-going text messages per month, more than enough to stay connected with customers while you build your cell phone number database. One of the beautiful things about text message advertising is that costs can directly correlate to your campaign’s impact.
Even small non-profit groups are finding text-to-screen to be an affordable marketing option. Compared to email marketing where, 90% of emails are not opened by the recipients, no other form of marketing can provide the same success rate of getting your message read. Nowadays mobile use has extended in such a way, that mobile marketing has turned into a great opportunity for all types of businesses. They give you the opportunity to create mixed mobile marketing campaigns (you can include an address in your SMS that will lead to a mobile optimized landing page that contains a specific promotion). The cost of an SMS mobile marketing campaign is a lot lower than the cost of advertising on traditional media (radio or newspaper advertisement, TV commercial, etc.). This will help you create different text messages and implement strategies according to every group’s needs. According to several marketing and consumer behavior studies, you can establish dialogues with your users so you can receive feedback in a bidirectional way. Here is a quick look at how mobile marketing for realtors can easily be added to an agent’s current marketing efforts. By assigning a unique keyword to each property, agents can identify the type of home in which a particular homebuyer is interested. By pre-programming a customer’s service dates, automated appointment reminders can be sent out via text message to remind customers of regularly scheduled maintenance intervals. If you’ve already assembled a database, InVenue will upload that list onto the platform while guiding you through the promotional channels to help add new members to your database. In other words, as your database in InVenue’s system grows, you have the option to upgrade to a package that offers more out-going text messages and more keywords. InVenue Mobile helps you get started by offering these ideas to promote a mobile campaign for a golf course.
It’s a great way to ensure that a previous oil change customer returns for future service calls. But if your campaign reaches its potential with a limited number of respondents, you have the option to remain at that pricing level indefinitely.

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