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Our Bulk SMS Marketing service let’s you focus on your business not the technical issues of sending out your mass bulk SMS.
Our company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. SMS marketing pricing is certainly of concern when you are considering using this form of marketing at your business.
The increasing competition in business has forced marketers to look at new ways of advertising their businesses. SMS Marketing can be a great asset to any ones arsenal of marketing tools or communications quiver. Most small to medium size business spend less than $150 per month on their service and they’re sending SMS marketing campaigns out to over 700 subscribers per campaign. Text 2 win contests are another excellent way for people to grow their SMS marketing lists. SMS marketing has become an incredibly popular new form of permission based marketing throughout the United States over the past few years and it’s growth shows no signs of stopping yet. SMS marketing is finding itself soaring to the top of the most popular marketing streams in the world today.
A few months ago we released our eBook, SMS Marketing For Small Businesses, exclusively for Kindle. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Ez Texting provides refreshingly simple, surprisingly affordable SMS Marketing services.Try Ez Texting for free - it only takes 60 seconds to get started. Ez Texting neither provides lists of phone numbers nor do we access our clients' contact lists.
Minimize MeetingsMeetings are a necessary evil in any business, but too many meetings run long or cover less-than-relevant areas. Run the NumbersEvery job in your business can be measured on a percentage scale, whether that's percentage completed, percentage growth, or percentage of times a binary task gets done correctly. Step BackIf you follow items 1 through 3 on this list, this step should be easy -- but often isn't.
Follow ThroughOnce you do step back, you have to check in at regular intervals to keep your team productive and avoid mission drift.
What techniques do you use to keep your staff operating at world-beating juggernaut levels? A lot of business owners are in that exact same situation, making a whole lot of money in net expenses but profiting very little.
Uncontrolled Variable ExpenseThe little things -- utilities bills, cleaning supplies, office supplies and the like -- add up to real money by the end of the month. Low Price PointIf you have a 3% profit margin and increase your prices by 3%, you double your profits.
Self-CompetitionIf you offer multiple products, look for low-margin items that fill the same need as your highest-margin offerings.
No Customer RetentionIt's far more expensive to get a new customer than to sell to an existing one.
Infrequent ReviewIf you review your statistics once a quarter, you often find your profits have sagged for weeks or months with no attempts to fix things. Say what you want about Lady Gaga's music, her marketing and branding presence is a force to be reckoned with.
Have an OpinionChoose an issue or two about which you feel passionate and share your opinion with subscribers with relevant posts about local news and events. Differentiate YourselfCelebrate the ways your company is different from others in your posts. Have a PlanLady Gaga is not spontaneous, no matter how carefree and rock-n-roll she might let herself appear.
Find AliesWhen one of her fans committed suicide over bullying, Lady Gaga pushed buttons until she got to meet with President Obama to request stronger legal and official action against bullies everywhere. For many small business owners, the sheer variety of tasks you perform during the day is one of the highlights of the life. Being a jack (or jill) of all trades makes it harder for you to know which tasks to assign to your staff.
Efficiency experts recommend that people work on a handful of specialized tasks, rather than spreading their expertise over a wide variety.
Working on too many tasks will inevitably fatigue you, thus reducing your overall contribution to your business. Taking responsibility for too many tasks can leave your staff feeling untrusted and undervalued.
In a small office, the sense of team can be one of your most valuable and enjoyable assets.
Solve this by creating an org chart with every duty of your company assigned to the most skilled member of your team. Cost to AcquireThis is how much advertising and effort you have to put into acquiring a new client.
Daily InquirieHow many people come in, call or email about your product or service each day? Go For the Gut: Whether the goal is cracking someone up with laughter or choking them up with a touching sentiment, greeting cards play to win.
Know the Audience: Some lines of cards aim for the deeply religious market, while others go after customers who want to make fun of traditional values. Readers, greeting cards aren't the only source of inspiration for making your SMS campaigns awesome.

Seek Feedback on the DetailsYour job as the boss is to choose a destination for the company, and your team's job is to follow you in that direction.
Use Congruent MetricsMetrics are valuable, but make sure you know what they're measuring. Allow for FlexibilityAs long as your team completes their tasks on time, allow for as much flexibility as to how and when the tasks get done. Live The Company ValuesYou must demonstrate personally that you value what you say you want your employees to value.
Share the Big PictureManagers often focus too much on the what and the when without going into the why. Offer Deals for Migrating Post in your social media, print newsletter and email broadcasts about your SMS broadcasts. Talk About Other People An SMS channel that only talks about your business is a boring SMS channel. Put Your Mobile Keywords Everywhere Believe it or not, there are still human beings with cell phones who mostly get their information off dead tree media and other advertising in the real world. The most common piggybacking technique, probably because it's the simplest and easiest to implement.
If you're out of ideas for SMS broadcasts, go through your old ones and use them to create new ideas. If you do this with only two messages, it's a one-two punch, but you can build excitement for an upcoming event with a series of messages that really pump it up. As a small business owner, you've already heard how important business plans are to the long-term success of a company.
List how much your company made this month and the previous quarter, and how much it spent. Make specific numerical goals for income and expenditure for each department you listed in Part One.
For each of your weaknesses, write down a program or policy you can enact to eliminate -- or at least mitigate -- its effect. Identify any major potential problems threatening your business or your industry, such as an impending change in regulations or a highly-funded competitor moving into the neighborhood. Dynamics Marketing is a juggernaut of enhanced capabilities, including SMS Marketing, that will transform your team of marketing professionals into a powerful force that breathes life into your vision. Dynamics Marketing goes mobile, setting the stage for an SMS campaign that’s no longer just a supplemental arm, but a driving force all its own. By utilizing the Microsoft CRM platform, Gravity makes it simple for your business to operate from anywhere without all the startup costs associated with other accounting applications. The process involves preparing one or more text messages offering such things as specials, new products, or new information about a product.
You can request us a free quote for all your web application,software or any other needs, we assure you to deliver quality service and support. Find a company that does exactly what you want from the start, and you’ll never have to switch. These companies are those that are well known as well as those that you may have never heard of before.
This type of marketing has proved to be highly effective in increasing attendance and spreading important messages to followers. New business and organizations are launching new SMS campaigns every day and here’s 4 solid reasons why you should be too. By allowing people to text a keyword to a shortcode for a chance to win a prize not only grows your list but it also build customer morale and engagement as well.
The research and numbers are showing SMS to be one of the most powerful streams of marketing to ever land in the hands of business owners. The shear fact that it gives you the ability to market to all of your customers and have them read your messages with the click of a button is incredibly powerful. Their company has been serving businesses and organizations all over the country for the last 2 years and have quickly positioned themselves as an industry leader.
Since then hundreds of people have read the book and learned the basics (and beyond of SMS Marketing).
Please see our Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use & Anti-Spam Policy to learn about our position on SPAM and the privacy of your data. Keep meetings short, and include only the people directly involved to minimize distractions. No, working every second of the day doesn't motivate your employees to peak performance. Too many managers spend the bulk of their time micromanaging jobs their team is perfectly qualified to do on their own.
A quick daily or weekly check-in, using your job description and metrics, is an effective way to do this.
Then we talked about some years running a business that brought in $250k with $230k in operating costs. By simply removing the lower priced option, you'll steer many customers to the more expensive buy.
Every customer who makes a purchase should have the option of signing up for your customer retention programs like SMS subscriptions, email and social media.
She plans each post, tweet, appearance and message to create a whole her fans find irresistible. You probably don't have the juice to contact the POTUS, but you can ally yourself with local organizations that support causes you endorse.
Often, this leads to a disorganized responsibility structure -- a sense that whoever is most available should take care of whatever comes up.

Set up a handful of times each day, say fifteen minute windows, when you are available to give help and answer questions.
This is why so many small business owners become skilled at home improvement and improvised plumbing. Calculate it by combining your monthly advertising budget with the payroll costs associated with new sales. Total these numbers for the week and the month, and use them to gauge the effects of new advertising campaigns and similar initiatives.
That's why writers say a novelist is a failed short story author, and a short story author is a failed poet. A holiday card uses the terminology of the event, while a personal event card uses shared vocabulary about the graduation, death or other occurrence that prompted the card.
It shows your team you value them enough to invest in their growth, and it lets you hand-pick the skills they improve on.
Employees who understand why they're doing something are more likely to do it willingly. Make it clear that the SMS will have different content than your other channels, and include a coupon for a discount or free gift for everybody who subscribes. If you include mention of other business and people -- especially topical or funny mentions -- others are more likely to share your broadcast with their friends. At the register, online, when people ask for information, every customer contact should include an invitation to join your SMS subscriber list. Of all the coupons or free gifts you offer, this should be one of the most valuable and attractive. You send out a message that teases an upcoming broadcast, then follow up with the teased broadcast. Send out a new message offering a discount for anybody who can bring in and show you that broadcast. These could be thematically linked, or even gear customers might want to accessorize with a new line. A detailed business plan is best if you're seeking investors or a loan, but you can do the most important parts in ten minutes on the back of a napkin.
They want solid answers in real time and they want to know that your marketing vision can and will be executed to perfection. Knowing how well you’re doing is crucial; and with Dynamics Marketing you can measure how many people you’ve reached and who’s engaged (and clicked) those messages. And when it's time for a new accounting system for your company, consider Gravity Software. Gravity's goal is to fill the gap between entry level accounting solutions like QuickBooks and higher end applications like Microsoft Dynamics GP.
You may want to skip the larger companies that offer many services and instead focus your attention on a local marketing company that specializes in SMS marketing. It’s easy, however, for some businesses to fall into a rut of sending SMS campaigns out that provide little to no value for their customers. In the meantime you can grab a free .mobi version at SmashWords and email it to your Kindle.
Take a long look at the work habits and customer flow of your business and make some cutting changes. Synergizing your SMS with social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make this happen.
From a content calendar to a message strategy to sticking to a schedule, the better you organize your SMS campaign the better it will perform. Why pay your team members the wages they deserve to do what a day laborer will for minimum wage? Numbers weren't what got you passionate enough and excited enough to brave the risks and hassles of running your own company.
The best cards have only a few lines, and those lines have been rewritten and re-rewritten to trim every extra word out. What you say you value isn't as important as what the performance reviews say you value. It's worth giving away something major to have access to someone who's already interested in what you sell. In short, Dynamics Marketing provides the ability to create an SMS campaign that’s tailored to your specific needs. Our Products are simple yet powerful, inexpensive yet valuable, they revolutionize business processes with the simplest of IT infrastructure by incorporating innovative technologies & ideas that help our customers realize their potential with minimum efforts and maximum gain. Only the very best get passed around the table for everyone to read, or picked up even one more time for purposes other than being recycle. Small to medium sized businesses have the distinct advantage of having their Financials & CRM fully integrated on one platform. Church goers are also reaping the benefits of this service as they no longer have to visit the church regularly to make inquires.
Another marketing guru, Seth Godin, says this is key to finding the tribe of rabid fans that's waiting out there for every product. The companies that print those cards know this, and spend time on being memorable enough to warrant that second read.
Though there is an infinite variety of ways to make this happen, most fall into four categories with different applications.

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