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This June I was honored to receive the Phillip Kotler Social Marketing Distinguished Service Award, “The Kotler Glass,” at the Social Marketing Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL. After receiving The Kotler Glass I took the opportunity to talk about happiness and well-being. I started with where I left off in my book, Social Marketing and Social Change, suggesting several opportunities for the future of social marketing. How the deliberate use of social marketing could lead to positive change in personal subjective well being and national happiness indicators through increasing perceived and actual freedoms and tolerance is an area ripe for exploration; it could invite the discipline into global policy discussions and debates—and one could rightfully inquire, Are we back to asking, “can we sell brotherhood like soap?” (Wiebe, 1951). And the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has issued guidelines for the measurement of well-being.
Also noteworthy is that the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed and validated a well-being index. In a review of the research on the topic from around the world, the authors conclude that six key variables explain three-quarters of the variation in annual national happiness or well-being average scores over time and among over 150 countries.
At the end of the video I called for social marketing to take a lead role in taking International Day of Happiness to a new level. Stay tuned for more… and let me know how you can help make this happen in your corner of the universe.
The 1st World Marketing Summit held in Bangladesh this past week provided a platform for sharing ideas among representatives from corporate, government and development agencies about how marketing can create a better world. The World Marketing Summit will continue to have an annual meeting over the next 4 years in which the conversations that were started in Dhaka will be expanded and informed by the work of these incubators.
The White House Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative Report (pdf; July 2011) summarizes the knowledge and experience base for building neighborhoods of opportunity. You may also recognize the call for integrated collaborations across multiple sectors of the community. Of the five strategies in the report, the issue of capacity building is one many social marketers totally overlook in their programs. If you want to use social marketing to expand your scope of impact from individual behaviors to community or social indicators, this report may help you rethink your models of change and practice.
I aspire to create hope that their lives can be better (however each of us defines it), our institutions can improve and the world can be a better place too - and that we can find ways to do just that. The glow of the Obama campaign and its ability to mobilize people has certainly dimmed in the past few months. At TED Global 2007, I witnessed one small skirmish in a larger ideological conflict between those who believe that Africa needs more and better international aid, and those who think entrepreneurialism and technology will lift the continent out of poverty and thus reduce its miseries. Ethan Zuckerman has been posting on the TED conference and the Global Economic Forum in Capetown.
The similarities between great social marketing and great advocacy programs are more numerous than the differences. One behavior that advocates and upstream social marketers tend to be very interested in is moving certain groups or people, or specific individuals (an elected official or policymaker), to action.
Ask the decision makers how many is enough to get their attention and change their behavior.
Show strong public support by picking audiences that are willing to show (not just voice) their support. The report is filled with more research-based insights that you can immediately apply to your social marketing, advocacy and WOM programs (for the commercial folks who check in here).
What stage of persuasion is the audience in currently (build knowledge, build will or reinforce action)?
Discovering the Activation Point presents a systematic and strategic approach to citizen engagement for social change that anyone in the world-changing business should have in their toolbox.
Changing the Present is a site where you can do more than select a nonprofit to support; you can choose exactly what you want to accomplish. The idea goes beyond a ‘share of your wallet’ fund-raising site and takes the position that your family and friends don't really want another fruitcake, picture frame, or pen & pencil set. For a more personal giving experience, Nabuur is a platform where communities in developing countries that need assistance can engage committed people who live elsewhere and wish to help. Passion and the desire to help are the requisites for Neighbours, not necessarily expertise (though I think most you qualify in that category as well). Start here to find out how your interests and expertise match up with their current projects.
The Japanese government is embarking on one of the most interesting social experiments yet: can students be taught love of country and common good? Regulatory interventions such as mandated singing of the national anthem while facing the flag in some school districts are just the beginning. Can't resist noting the irony of a command and control approach (and lack of honesty and transparency) to cultivating national values of collaboration and community. Note that public health groups such as the American Public Health Association or the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers who promote themselves as advocates for public health do not support or promote this voter education and engagement effort. In the meanwhile, ASTHO is silent on the elections all together, despite a set of proclaimed public health advocacy priorities. Well, these and other organizations can continue to complain about their relatively meager slice of the Federal budget pie, but these types of behaviors (or lack of) need very little interpretation or insight to figure out why the public health patient remains in critical condition.
I sent emails to the public policy staff for both organizations over two weeks ago asking about the availability of voter information. What will it take to unite constituents, elected officials, the professional community, and others in the larger public health system in insisting on a viable sustainable effective local public health infrastructure? Develop a clear vision of what needs to happen to ensure that all US communities have the public health infrastructure that they require. Assure that this emerging system is current, competent and connected with the rest of the preparedness infrastructure. Create and maintain a high quality public health workforce through  credentialing and certification programs. Create a single or substantial source of funding for research into understanding and improving the public health system. While understandable to (some) public health policy wonks, these types of analysis are hardly the material that is necessary to engage the public and policy makers in any relevant or meaningful ways. This election cycle is another missed opportunity for public health to engage and set some of the public and policy agenda, and not simply sit and talk to each other in Boston.  Well, maybe we can at least start planning for the 2008 election cycle and commit to making people's everyday lives, and our common good, part of the conversation next time? Wednesday AM update: Guess there was more oxygen, or people looking for anything to change the subject, than expected gauging from the reactions to the Michael Fox ad.
Tuesday marks (A) the beginning of the 2008 Presidential campaign, (B) the taking over of the Democratic Party by liberal bloggers, (C) the ascendancy of the anti-war movement as the major driver in election politics this year, (D) 91 days to the mid-term elections, or (E) whatever. When asked 'how do I create a WOM campaign about my issue using social media,' I'll be suggesting looking at this one for ideas. Some readers may know Larry Wallack as one of the pioneers and popularizers of media advocacy. Turns out that packaging together movies and social activism was a larger and more organized enterprise than I ever knew. Both home health and physical therapy have DOUBLED referrals from doctors in a matter of months by using a core marketing strategy. One service to provide content for and automation of social media posting, email newsletters, blogging, and more.
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The Secrets to Facebook Success manual is too valuable to be in the hands of our clients' competition. More info on All Points Bulletin social media, email newsletter, SEO, website, and print marketing. Subscribe to Marketing Matters - Monthly Articles on Home Health Marketing and Physical Therapy Marketing. We will be represented by our Managing Director Luke van der Beeke, who from 2008 to 2011 was a member of the Europe-based International Collaboration on the Social Determinants of Health (ICSDH). The video of the talk was just completed (thanks to Eric Weaver!) and is embedded below [or use that last link].
Happiness and well-being are becoming mainstream topics in public policy, economic and, yes, public health circles.
It is an international observance brought into being by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly. These six factors include: real GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, having someone to count on, perceived freedom to make life choices, freedom from corruption, and generosity. One of my favorites is from Paris (over 2.6 million views when I posted this), though it was a little long for the conference. It’s time we showed the world that marketing can, indeed, be used to improve people’s well-being (or happiness) and make the world a better place. Though I never received an official count, I estimate there were upwards of 3,000 marketing experts and students representing a variety of countries in Asia, the Middle East and the West. If we can harness the intellectual and social capital that was developed at this first summit, and continue to feed it with the commitment, energy and enthusiasm of its participants, we will have a global community and platform from which to argue that we can, indeed, create a better world through marketing.
These neighborhoods are described as ones in which improved educational and developmental, commercial, recreational, physical and social assets are sustained by local leadership and lead to improved well-being and community quality-of-life. Yet, the challenge is to identify a common way to frame the problem, the hopes of the community and a strategy to achieve them (the theories of change and of action). Yes, there are many gaps in their analysis and many steps between recommendations and implementations. This image has a direct effect on how I think about my social marketing and health communication efforts: do I inform? When it comes to whether the internet is stimulating an increase in social action and making it more accessible to all, however, a new report by the Pew Internet and American Life Project on The Internet and Civic Engagement concludes:Contrary to the hopes of some advocates, the internet is not changing the socioeconomic character of civic engagement in America. Once you get past the determinants and outcomes issue (is it behavioral determinants and change we are seeking to influence or social ones?), which is like arguing chicken and eggs or nature and nurture for my money, the approaches the best ones take are remarkably similar in targeting an audience for specific actions, uncovering the benefits and costs for action, delivering the program at the most appropriate time and place, and crafting a persuasive communications and promotion approach.
Even if you have social goals in mind, achieving them is pretty much impossible without changing the behavior of (at least) a few people. You can also search for volunteer opportunities that match your interests and geographic location, or by selected organizations. For just a few dollars, you can protect an acre of the rainforest or fund an hour of a cancer researcher's time.
After all, there comes a point where most of us prefer more meaning in our lives, rather than more stuff.
Some of the projects that are looking for help include a music and dance campaign to raise awareness around physical disabilities and build a vocational training center in Ghana, a health awareness campaign in India, setting up computer literacy and training programs in Uganda and Tanzania, setting up internet cafes in Tanzania and Senegal, and creating a women’s trauma and care center for victims of domestic violence in DR of the Congo.
As described in the LA Times (free subscription required), the initiative seeks to roll back 60 years of American imposed education standards that proscribed teaching of any sort that could be construed as reigniting the fervent nationalism of pre-WW II Japan. As education curriculum are introduced into the classroom, I wonder how long it will take the government and supportive (or oppositional) organizations to reach into the social marketing tool box. I have been looking for evidence that public health and medical research groups have devoted any resources to producing voters' guides or have been conducting any type of advocacy campaigns to bring their issues into the debate.
Fox who is garnering a lot of free media today with his ads for several Senate candidates who support stem cell research. In fact, the best the APHA seems to be doing at this time of year is reminding attendees to their annual conference, which meets on Election Day, to cast their absentee ballot and launching (yet another) campaign on preparing for the flu pandemic. I have yet to receive any acknowledgment or response - must be getting ready for the conference: Evaluating the Intersection of Public Health and Human Rights. Transforming these types of issues into mainstream thought and action are the overarching challenges for the field of public health.
Check out the site for information on how to register to vote, viral marketing ideas (including tee shirt transfers), fact sheets and backgrounders about the campaign.
Others may link him with stinging critiques of social marketing, foremost of which was the condemnation of many social marketers as practitioners who 'blamed the victim' rather than looking upstream to address the larger social, political and economic forces that lie at the heart of many public and social problems. But I also liked watching the faces of our colleagues who were ready to see a media advocate and social marketer 'go at it' only to find that our shared vision of changing social determinants, through whatever means it takes, transcends a concern over narrowly defined advocacy and marketing tactics. On Friday, Rohit posted on the marketing of the film An Inconvenient Truth at Influential Interactive Marketing.
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Kotler noted that “[Craig] is known for many things; a prolific writer, a creative architect of programs, an innovator and risk taker, and an outspoken and long-time guiding force in our field…In fact, if one word could be used to describe him, catalyst is the perfect one.
One of the overarching targets of the European Health 2020 policy is how to set targets for well-being. The idea of using social marketing to change neighborhoods and communities may seem absurd to people who believe that social marketing is ONLY about behavior change (or worse yet, using social media).
More of us need to be using marketing to improve services in our communities, not just designing messages and products, to initiate and sustain positive individual, community and social change.
If you work in nonprofit and other settings where audience activation and advocacy are part of your strategic quiver, you will do well to check out Discovering the Activation Point. You can provide a child with a first book, an AIDS patient with life-saving drugs or a hungry family with a nourishing meal. What better way to honor the people we care for than doing something to make the world a better place, in their names.
Visitors to the site are recruited to become an online volunteer ('Neighbour') for these projects. In addition to the sense that legislated pacifism has undermined Japan being 'a normal country' in world affairs, classrooms are seen as spinning out of control, academic standards are falling and the rising of egotism of Japanese youth are seen as a threat to a social order known for its cooperative and community values. Maybe the calculation is that the war in Iraq so dominates the discourse that there is no oxygen left for anything else. Their information on the past voting records of members of Congress on issues of importance to public health are only available to members!
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Yet, the five strategies outlined in this report reflect many of the core ideas in our discipline. Revitalization efforts involving, and in some cases led by, community members create a sense of ownership of the challenges, and help ensure the path forward is relevant, accountable, and sustainable.” (p. This requires the development of strategic partnerships to achieve identified goals, as well as share accountability for the intended outcomes. Developing these capabilities should be a key strategy of organizations pursuing comprehensive neighborhood revitalization, rather than afterthought.” (p. They also find that about 1 in 5 adult internet users have posted content about a political or social issue or in some other way used a social network site [pdf] for other forms of civic engagement. The site is designed (along with other materials) to increase voter behaviors among 18-24 year-olds and includes information on how to organize a voter registration drive. The graphics will be optimized to work well on your Facebook page, in the timelines of your fans, and as Facebook advertising graphics. The average Facebook user has 300 friends, and they often share your message with their hundreds of friends with the simple click of a button. For maximum impact, all your Facebook posts look exactly like your business logged in and made them directly.
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The version that appears in the video is produced by students at the University of South Florida. In this context marketing has performed very well in raising living standards (leaving aside its role in promoting consumerism). In what may signal changes to come in online civic engagement, these latter internet users are less likely to be characterized by higher SES levels.
The site also has the results of a national opinion poll that shows 79% of Americans favor increased funding for state and local health departments and 63% oppose funding cuts for the CDC. Now I'm looking forward to The World According to Sesame Street and the campaign on childhood education and tolerance. Since they labored to edit and put the video together, and I am on the faculty there, why not? However, he argued that many of the assumptions that underlie marketing in developed countries are not present in the 140 countries (over 80% of the world's population) that constitute the emerging markets (for example, having stable economic and financial systems, well-developed logistical systems, and identifiable competitors who are operating legally). Or some combination of them?When I think about people, I construct a sense of groups that are striving to accomplish things (if just to survive the day), aspiring to better lives, seeking solutions to their problems and constructively interacting with others.
These online adults are also more likely than people not engaging in political and social actions to be active offline as well. So the supply chain approach in which value is created by the manufacturer, baked into products, priced and distributed by sellers, extracted by buyers, evaluated by them using the value: price ratio, and then repurchased if needed does not fit the emerging market context.
My social marketing program might them revolve around: How can I be relevant in their lives? And over half (56%) of these active online adults use digital tools such as email and group websites to communicate with each other. The most exciting part is the Change One Thing truck will be bringing healthy recipes, snacks and prizes to teens across NYC! He called for an integrated marketing approach for emerging markets in which customer needs are superordinate over shareholder value.
And despite this sobering news, a new set of free tools for grassroots movements is being launched. The truck will be hitting the road July 14th and traveling throughout the 5 boroughs until the end of Summer so don’t miss your opportunity to bring a fun and healthy experience to your teens this summer! He used several illustrations of corporate marketing practices that are harmful to people and societies, especially those of tobacco and alcohol companies. I just like to move beyond the vague].The details of the answers to these questions lie in our ability to communicate and empathize (NOT sympathize) with people formerly known as the audience.
Kazi Anis Ahmed of the Gemcom Group in Bangladesh and the President of Teatulia Organic Teas that are grown in Bangladesh and are now available in Whole Foods in the US and Harrods in England [store locator]. The other half was about their social programs including a cooperative in which members receive a milking cow and must pay back to Teatulia with milk and cow dung - the latter to use as the organic fertilizer in the tea garden. Members pay off the cows and own them in 2-3 years as well as any calves the cow has during that time.
I am off to buy some now.Robert Hutchinson of the Rocky Mountain Institute used his time with us to pose 3 questions he would like to have social marketers address: (1) How to market energy efficiency? Judging from the ovations and cheering by the end of his talk, there were a lot of students who want to be among those 1%ers.Marc Mathieu, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Unilever, talked about inspiring and freeing the good within (a topic we have been with Marc before and posted about from a Transformative Consumer Research conference a few years ago). He talked about marketing as a “noble craft” in which brands can be used to help us imagine what could be, drive prosperity and progress and help consumers shift their behaviors to healthier ones.
The new marketing mix includes empathy, serving people, instilling brands with a POV, using brand power to change behaviors for the better and improve lives, and unleashing the magic of marketing by blending marketing science with the craft.At the closing session, a WMS Declaration was presented that will later be posted at the website (I will get a link up to that once it is in final form).

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