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In the August issue of PA Times online, I introduced the definition of social marketing and the benefit for public agencies to adopt this strategic approach that uses marketing principles and techniques to influence citizen behaviors that benefit individuals, as well as society. This quarter’s column outlines the 10-step model used to develop a strategic social marketing plan and concludes with a brief illustration of each step with a hypothetical case to decrease firearm injuries and death. Step 2: Conduct a brief situation analysis that identifies, relative to purpose and focus, organizational strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats (SWOT).
Step 5: Identify audience perceived barriers to this behavior, desired benefits and potential motivators.
Step 6: Craft a positioning statement, describing how you want your target audience to see performing this desired behavior.
Step 7: Develop a strategic marketing mix, considering all four tools in the toolbox (product, price, place and promotion) to decrease barriers and provide benefits. According to the Youth Suicide Prevention Program, each week in Washington State an average of 2 youth die by suicide and another 17 youth attempt suicide that results in hospitalization. Ask a friend who seems depressed if they are considering suicide, and if they are get help from a counselor or crisis line.
Impact measure:  Reduction in number of youth suicides in a one year period after launch, compared with average prior five years. About The American Society for Public Administration is the largest and most prominent professional association for public administration.

It was described as a proven method for influencing behaviors that improve public health, prevent injuries, protect the environment and engage communities. Organizational strengths and weaknesses include factors such as available resources, expertise, management support, current alliances and partners, delivery system capabilities, the agency’s reputation and priority of issues. A target audience is a homogeneous segment of a larger population that an organization decides to serve. Social marketing plans always include a behavior objective – something we want to influence the target audience to do. This statement is inspired by your description of your target audience and its list of barriers, benefits and motivators to action. Products are tangible goods or services that will help the target audience perform the behavior. This includes costs related to product, price, place and promotional strategies, as well as costs for evaluation.
The plan is summarized in a document that specifies who will do what, when and for how much.
External opportunities and threats are forces typically not witin the marketer’s control but must be taken into account with major categories including cultural, technological, natural, demographic, economic, political and legal forces. Determining these targets is a three-step process involving segmentation, evaluation and selection.

Often our research indicates that there may also be something the audience needs to know or believe in order to be motivated to act, but this does not often ensure behavior change. You then develop a rich profile of their distinguishing characteristics that will inspire strategies to uniquely and effectively appeal to them.
Place strategies make performing the behavior as convenient as possible, as well as making it easy to acquire goods and receive any related services. Promotions are persuasive communications that promote the desired behavior and highlight the benefits of the offer (product, price and place). We take time to understand audience perceived barriers and desired benefits related to the behavior.
We consider all 4Ps in the marketer’s toolbox to influence these behaviors: Product, Price, Place and Promotion. Then, from the vast number of factors that might contribute to this purpose, select one that this plan will focus on.

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