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PHE Alcohol Learning Resources aims to share resources on local alcohol improvement interventions nationally. The US coffee and coffeehouse chain Starbucks, counting over 1,100,000 followers on twitter and even over 17,300,000 fans on Facebook, does a magnificent job in one-to-one marketing, especially contemplating its important field of social media strategy. Firstly, the in Seattle founded coffee corporation exemplary exerts twitter to intensively stay in touch with its customers and to communicate with each of them individually.
Secondly, more than 8,100 people have already subscribed to Starbucks’s own YouTube channel – another web instrument, which Starbucks uses like no second.
Finally, the result should be a rich engagement in discussions as well as multifaceted reactions to blogs, posts and comments.
In conclusion, Starbucks’ social marketing approach is one of the main instruments of its whole one-to-one marketing strategy. The diagram below summarises these in the National Social Marketing Centre's 'total process planning model'.
The appropriateness of initiatives will vary from one local area to another and inclusion of local initiatives, or actions, on this site does not represent endorsement by the PHE Alcohol Learning Resources or Department of Health. In this way, Starbucks talks to their customers directly, answers their questions and re-tweets people’s opinions about the brand. On YouTube, the company uploads videos of funny commercials as well as informational videos, sharing new business actions.
Due to its great international performance on 26 Facebook country homepages so far, the corporation counts a total of over 17,300,000 fans worldwide. For that reason, the corporation employs links from external homepage to Facebook as well as “engagement ads”.

This integrates many different elements, which - combined to one unit - amazingly inspire millions of fans for the brand and keep them closely involved in the corporation’s business activities. This success, however, is not only confirmed by the big number of fans, but also by countless exciting campaigns, which Starbucks regularly launches within Facebook.
On the other hand, the fans themselves have the chance to comment discussions as well as open new topics, which is a marvelous manner of handling one-to-one marketing.
In order to give one popular example from October 2010, I would like to refer to its “Pumpkin Spice” Halloween Campaign.
In this way, Starbucks proves that they really care about the customers’ and potential customers’ personal needs and for what the individual thinks.
The primary concern is with establishing clear, actionable and measurable behaviour goals to ensure focused development across the rest of the process.
This service-orientated aspect is also well reflected in another of Starbucks’ major approaches for one-to-one marketing - its individualization of each coffee and the personal fashion of how each customer is served. Social marketing programmes are ultimately measured against behaviour change.Social marketing uses audience insight.
Overall, Starbucks is a role model in carrying out one-to-one marketing and demonstrates that this manner is most efficient to promote business. It is critical to understand the importance attached to understanding where the audience is starting from, their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs, along with the social context in which they live and work in order to determine what levers can influence their behaviour. Some of this work has already been undertaken by the Department of Health and this insight and segmentation can be used to support local activity. How can social marketing tackle higher risk alcohol use?Social marketing can be an effective tool in tackling and changing the behaviour of higher risk drinkers.

By identifying different types of higher risk drinkers, we can get a deep understanding of the kind of people they are.
This means looking at not only why they drink, but other factors in their lives - for example, where they live, what media they consume, how they spend their money and what motivates them to think about their own health. By identifying different kinds of drinkers, we can target those who are risking their health the most. By getting an insight into their lives, we can try and engage them in a way that they can relate to and encourage them to change their behaviour so that they can reduce their drinking to lower risk. For example, Lincolnshire PCT found that although dependent drinkers might contact alcohol services, higher risk drinkers would be more likely to access information online. This knowledge helped them to develop a website that helped higher risk drinkers to evaluate how much they drank and to get help with cutting down. This model recognises that audiences fit into different 'stages of change' or likelihood to respond or change behaviour. Social networks: applications, fan pages, groups, and personalities (British Airways, Saturn) 19. They may have attended an appointment with their GP or an alcohol service Maintenance: these people are no longer higher risk drinkers.

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