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The world’s largest social media marketing resource, Social Media Examiner® helps millions of businesses discover how to best use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness and increase sales.
Our media outlets bring you original and comprehensive articles, expert interviews, reviews of the latest industry research and the news you need to improve your social media marketing. Our large events and training opportunities provide you access to the industry’s top experts so you can remain on the leading edge of social media. More than 450,000 email subscribers look forward to our daily original articles from our online magazine. Social Media Examiner hosts two popular podcasts, a weekly live video show and a YouTube show. The Social Media Marketing podcast—a top 10 marketing podcast on iTunes—is a weekly 45-minute interview show hosted by our founder, Michael Stelzner. The Social Media Examiner Show is a daily 10-minute show designed to keep you up-to-date on the latest social media marketing know-how.
The Morning Social Media Marketing TALK show is a weekly live video show where we review the week’s top news in social media and what it means for marketers.
The industry’s leading physical conference, Social Media Marketing World®, is also hosted by Social Media Examiner. Social Media Examiner also hosts the worlds largest online conference Social Media Success Summit®.
The Social Media Marketing Society® is a membership community for thousands of marketers, hosted by Social Media Examiner.
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Here are some words from some our industry peers during our five year birthday in October of 2014. Michael Stelzner, the site’s founder, had a vision to bring together the brightest minds in social media. Copyright notice: Blog posts on our site may not be republished without express written permission of Social Media Examiner.
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To help you stay up to date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught our attention. To discover how to create great social media visuals when you’re not a designer, I interview Donna Moritz.
The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. You’ll discover what to consider before you design images for social media and learn about new tools to help you.
Listen as Donna Moritz shares what marketers need to know about social media visuals and how to create visuals without a designer.
Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below.
If you could only had one social media option to support your business goals which one would you choose?
Roughly half of the respondents named Facebook as the most important social media platform in Social Media Examiner’s 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which surveyed a cross section of businesses using social media in their marketing mix. What’s interesting about Social Media Examiner’s data is how the other social media venues measure up.
The bottom line is that while Facebook draws its power from the number of people who regularly engage on the site and its evolving targeted advertising offering, you still must have a social media home base that you own. Understand that your social media marketing isn’t a desert island where you can only bring one platform. Customer engagement begins the moment a buyer spots a mention of your company on social media or hears about your product from a peer in their industry. How are you making the most of every touchpoint with your customers, not just to increase engagement but also to generate customer advocacy? The B2B Marketer's Field Guide To Customer Engagement contains real-world examples of how customer marketers at fast-growing companies are focusing on customer engagement. I’ve been advocating the blog as the centre of an effective social media strategy for two years. Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass. The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services.
According to research conducted by Constant Contact, over 50% of small businesses need help with social media. While many businesses have a social media presence, many are not engaging on those platforms and thus not meeting their goals. Build your brand by getting people to recognize your name and associate it with your product. Support sales by answering prospects’ questions and showing them how to use your products or services. Engage with your fans by giving customers a reason to talk about your brand and encourage others to purchase from you. To help you understand their characteristics, create a set of marketing personas for the segments you want to reach. The more you know your audience, the easier it will be to engage with them on social media and get the results you’re looking for.
By clearly defining the right hot topics for your company and creating content and conversations around these topics, you’ll find it easier to get the results you want from social media. Use your existing communications such as email and in-store signage to encourage your customers to get onto social media and engage with you. Actionable marketing tip: Ensure you can track your results by using a unique promotion code or targeted landing page.
The bottom line is that your small business can successfully use social media to achieve your business objectives. Customizing Hootsuite lets you view, post, and schedule updates for top social networks from one centralized place. In this article you’ll discover how to monitor and manage multiple social media profiles from a single, customized dashboard. Hootsuite lets you organize information into tabs with up to 10 streams per tab (with unlimited tabs) and use up to three social properties with the free plan. You can add different types of properties from five major networks: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Instagram. If you want to maintain a free account, you can only add three properties to your Hootsuite account.
Here’s what you can do with each social network and property type to help you make your decision. For Twitter profiles, you can monitor the news feed of everyone you follow, your mentions, your direct message inbox, your tweets, the tweets you’ve liked (favorited), and your tweets that have been retweeted by others. In terms of publishing, you can send and schedule tweets, reply to tweets from your streams, and send direct messages. Track posts to your Facebook profile, events you’ve been invited to, and scheduled posts.

In terms of publishing, you can send and schedule posts on your timeline, comment on posts you’ve made on your timeline, and reply to comments made to posts on your timeline.
View posts you’ve made to your Facebook page and posts made by other pages on their own timelines.
For Facebook groups you own, you can monitor posts made to the group timeline, all activity in the group, and posts scheduled to your group through Hootsuite in streams.
In terms of publishing, you can send and schedule posts to your page, comment on posts you’ve made on your page, and reply to comments made to posts on your page. For LinkedIn profiles (personal), you can monitor updates to your profile, your home news feed, and posts scheduled to your profile through Hootsuite in streams.
For LinkedIn pages, you can monitor updates to your page and posts scheduled to your page through Hootsuite in streams. For LinkedIn groups, you can monitor all discussions, popular discussions, and posts scheduled to the group through Hootsuite in streams.
I would choose them because I could do just about anything with Twitter on Hootsuite, such as create a ton of searches and engage with specific people in Twitter lists. The majority of the study’s participants were either small business owners or marketers working for small businesses. Get ideas from their experiences and future plans to help you shape your social marketing strategy when you download the report. Nearly all survey participants use social media and view it as important for their business or company. Ninety-three percent of survey respondents indicated using Facebook for social media marketing.
Twitter is gaining on Facebook, however, and with its new advertising opportunities, will be an interesting property to watch over the next year or so. Those in the B2B space give LinkedIn the majority of their attention, but use Facebook and Twitter too, at respectable rates. Thirty-five percent of marketers have no idea whether their Facebook efforts are effective. Facebook’s domination of social media marketing despite the fact that most marketers are uncertain of its impact should concern small businesses. On the other hand, 44% of survey respondents have been using social media for two years or less.
The Social Media Marketing Industry Report also found that, again, despite the cloudiness surrounding Facebook’s effectiveness, 62% plan to increase activities on it. Sixty-eight percent of survey participants indicated they want to learn more about using Facebook for marketing. Because of the crush of responsibilities they have, small business owners worry about the time it takes to keep an audience engaged on social channels. Thirty-three percent of study respondents report that they devote 1 to 5 hours weekly to social media marketing; however, a robust 25% spend 6 to 10 hours each week. One in three respondents spend 5 hours or less on social media, but 63% spend more than that. As shown in the chart below, solopreneurs and businesses with 2 to 10 people fall mostly in the 1 to 5 or 6 to 10 hours per week category. Most small businesses spend 6 hours per week or more on social media activities, but a significant amount also spend 11 to 20 hours per week. Whether through social channel engagement, referral source data from Google Analytics or customers sharing in person or by phone how they found the business on social media, business owners and marketers believe social media gets them in front of more and wider audiences. Discover how successful businesses employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve your social media marketing. The event attracts thousands of marketers in San Diego, California in the spring of each year. Taking place in the fall, this event empowers thousands of marketers to use social media to gain more exposure, increase traffic, cultivate loyal fans and grow their businesses. Members receive ongoing original training and connect with a vibrant community of social media marketers.
He is also host of the Social Media Marketing podcast, founder of the Social Media Marketing Society and host of the weekly Morning Social Media Marketing TALK show.
He brings over 25 years experience in leading customized events, mission-driven campaigns and creative communication strategies. A consummate networker, she has a track record for architecting strategies that drive business growth. Mari Smith, Chris Garrett, Denise Wakeman, Cindy King, Casey Hibbard and Jason Falls answered the call as founding contributors.  Dozens of social media experts regularly contribute to our site. In our 7th annual social media study (52 pages, 80+ charts) of 3700+ marketers, you'll discover which social networks marketers most plan on using more (hint: it’s not what you think), how much time they spend on social media and much more!
It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. Donna is a visual marketing expert, and her blog Socially Sorted was recognized as one of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs in 2015 and 2016.
LinkedIn is building out its content marketing offering but that’s probably not part of respondents’ consideration. Twitter is useful for building your thought leadership and engaging in the social media conversation. YouTube is often underestimated as a social media platform because it’s often categorized as a video platform. Tumblr is the social media platform that few marketers knew about before yesterday’s announcement of its sale to Yahoo.
As MySpace and earlier incarnations such as Friendster showed being the top dog of social media doesn’t guarantee your presence for the long term. I've just returned from San Diego where I presented a workshop session on Blogging at Social Media Marketing World 2016. While that first interaction with your company is hopefully one of many, customer engagement occurs over the lifetime of your relationship with a buyer. The fact that you have total control over the content of your blog makes it the most direct and effective marketing tool that a business can have. For example, if you currently get five new leads a month, setting a goal to get 100 new leads in the next 12 months is more realistic than setting a goal to get 5,000 new leads.
This helps define your social media metrics and will make effective social media marketing easier for you to do.
Think demographics, psychographics and past purchases, as well as interests and priorities. Most purchase decisions, including consumer purchases, are made with input from more than one person. It provides an owned home base for social media interactions, while supporting building a house file and encouraging social sharing. Understand that this may not be possible, depending on your company name and similarly named organizations.
After you’ve claimed your space, remember to incorporate elements of your brand into your profile.
Depending on your business, assess where you have opportunities to develop content that supports your goals.
To this end, plan ahead to ensure that your time spent on social media reinforces your other business messaging and engagement and yields measureable results.
What are your special tips for making social media engagement effective at driving your business’s success?

You can also track tweets scheduled to your profile through Hootsuite, tweets by new followers, tweets from people on specific Twitter lists, and tweets that match specific search queries in streams. Additionally you can monitor posts made by others to your page, all activity related to your page in streams, and posts made by other pages on their own timeline (wall).
In terms of publishing, you can send and schedule posts to your group, comment on posts in the group, and reply to comments made to posts in the group. You can comment on updates in your home or updates stream only if someone else has already commented on the post. In terms of publishing, you can send and schedule posts to your page and comment on your own updates. You can also monitor posts you’ve scheduled to your Instagram profile through Hootsuite, those from specific users and locations, and with specific hashtags.
Hootsuite can facilitate the process by allowing you to create your update through their platform on your desktop and send you a notification on your mobile device to finish up the rest. I could also monitor my private messages on both Twitter and Facebook and keep tabs on my private group activity and schedule posts, so it never gets too quiet. If you don’t have a Facebook group but you get a lot of leads from Instagram, you would obviously choose that instead. This is the tab of information that, if you only were to check one thing on social media all day, this would be what you’d check.
Twitter and Instagram, in particular, would be the way to go, the latter if people are posting pictures or video of your product. Hence, I monitor blog posts for people who tweet but don’t mention my Twitter handle. It’s much the same story for Instagram and Pinterest, both of which doubled their traffic from 2014 to 2015. Specifically, 71% of businesses with 100+ employees use YouTube, compared to 38% of the self-employed. B2B respondents for this survey report that LinkedIn is their number-one choice for social networking. This makes sense because B2B businesses are looking for the marketing people, facilities managers, buyers and others who rely on LinkedIn for industry connections and news. Without the benefit of a marketing team creating a strategy complete with goals and measurement, small businesses have a harder time evaluating marketing efforts. You’ll see below, too, that 53% plan to increase their ad spend on Facebook this year. Although Facebook has existed since 2006, many small businesses are still figuring out how to use all of its features to grow their customer base, engagement and more. Tools like Hootsuite and Post Planner cut down on time spent, but social media marketing still requires significant time. The result: this daily dose of marketing know-how will equip you to take your social media to an entirely new level. He now leads the popular events Social Media Success Summit and Social Media Marketing World. As the 800 pound gorilla of social media, it should be a no-brainer but is it really the best for your business?
As UMass Dartmouth Inc 500 research revealed and LinkedIn financials support, many businesses use LinkedIn to support their human resources efforts cost effectively.
Businesses like Comcast have leveraged the power of Twitter to respond to customer service inquiries. That said, Orabrush and Blendtec, with limited investments, have built their businesses based on the power of their video series. While Google+ shouldn’t necessarily be your only social media platform, it should be a significant aspect of your social media marketing mix.
A blog is a social media entity that provides ownership and control of your content and interactions without the risk of disappearing. And that means developing a proprietary media entity (hopefully a digital one) that you own and control. The other social media channels are only really useful when they all point to this central profile platform. Develop a framework to minimize content creation time by not needing to think about what you’re going to write before you craft content. For most businesses, the easiest way to accomplish this is to answer your customers’ questions before and after purchase. Attract attention with images, since some social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are image-based.
A social media plan—together with a strategic approach—will help you find the right balance. Don’t forget to get customers’ permission to use their images to ensure you don’t have issues later. If you wanted more, you could upgrade to the $9.99 per month plan to add up to 50 profiles, but you may not need to. If I were to make a decision based on wanting to keep a free account, but also wanting to create a powerful monitoring hub for my social media presence, I would choose my Twitter profile, Facebook page, and Facebook group. For me, that would be mentions, private messages, posts to my page (the place you’d be most likely to find page spam), updates from the Twitter list of people I want to engage with most, and discussions from my group. In the coming year, 62% of respondents plan to increase their use of Facebook for marketing purposes. They may have simply embraced the notion pushed by marketing agencies and media that Facebook is THE place to be, an inexpensive way to market to a targeted audience.
These figures give small business owners and marketers a clear idea of the time competitors are investing.
Many businesses overlook the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.
Actionable Marketing Advice: Build your Google+ presence and following to ensure that you’re prepared for it’s eventual growth. For many businesses, it’s still in the testing phase Actionable Marketing Advice: Offer visually engaging content and make it easy to pin.
The bottom line is that it is unlikely that a business will sell anything on a social site.
As a relatively new marketing platform with plenty of buzz, Facebook’s hype could be clouding its true potential for small business. Further, check out SlideShare, its sister site focused on presentation-sharing, that is gold for generating business leads.
Actionable Marketing Advice: Develop your Twitter following by regularly curating relevant content.
In order to sell your products or services on the web it is necessary to move your customers from the social sites to your own part of cyberspace. Actionable Marketing Advice: Establish your blog and create fresh content at least twice a week.

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