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The Social Media Marketing Podcast actually is a mix between interviews and a tactical podcast.
The Social Media Examiner Show is the little ‘sister’ of the Social Media Marketing Podcast.
I stumbled on this podcast by accident a few years ago and have now listened to almost every episode.
This show could be in the Interview section as well because host Tyler Anderson tends to get the tactics in the show by interviewing experts like Mari Smith, Jay Baer, Chris Brogan and other social media marketing professionals. The next two podcasts come from the same network and have been very popular in the industry for years. The Social Pros Podcast is hosted by Social Media Guru Jay Baer and Salesforce’s Adam Brown who has replaced Jeffrey Rohrs (author of ‘Audience’) this year. I am personally a big fan of this podcast because it has a specific focus: marketing books. Sometimes you hear trends, you read books and you listen to talks and you think “what now”.
Entrepreneurs ON FIRE is a podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas and is regarded as one of the best podcasts currently available. Marcus Sheridan has a background you might not expect with a marketing podcast host: he sells pools. If you have read the book “The 4-Hour Workweek” (and I presume many of you have), you will know the author of that book, Tim Ferriss. We have interviewed Nathalie Nahai, the host of “The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty: The Secret Psychology of Persuasion” who goes under the name of The Web Psychologist before on State of Digital. Keep up with the latest digital marketing developments, views and how-tos through State of Digital’s digest newsletters. I was recently interviewed by Jeff Sauer for his podcast where he finds out the stories behind the background of how people in the digital industry got started.
Audible works great for me with audiobooks, but never really had much luck with it for podcasts. I’ve tried a few others, but most have seemed quite clunky or just allow streaming rather than downloading for listening. To discover how to accomplish goals, and to hear about the Kickstarter campaign for his new book, I interview John Lee Dumas. The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner.
In this episode I interview John Lee Dumas, the host of Entrepreneur on Fire, a daily podcast where he interviews entrepreneurs. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below. He says he wanted The Freedom Journal to have a significant impact beyond the people who purchase the book and shares how he decided to partner with Adam Braun of Pencils of Promise, which is a great organization that builds schools in developing countries. Each time the project hits one of four different funding goals, John will personally donate $25,000 to Pencils of Promise on behalf of Fire Nation. He recognizes that not everyone can donate $25,000 to help build a school, but says they can buy a journal, knowing part of those proceeds will go toward building a school in a developing country. John talks about why he’s going to keep his publishing in house and shares other plans for the rest of his 33-day launch campaign. Listen to the show to learn about some of the Kickstarter rewards for people who purchase The Freedom Journal. After polling his audience, John discovered his listeners struggle with setting and accomplishing goals. He knew this was something he could solve and explains why he chose to create a leather bound journal instead of a PDF or an online app. John defines a goal as SMART, an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time Bound.
The Freedom Journal starts by teaching you exactly how to set a SMART goal. Once you set the SMART goal, you can go forward to accomplish it.
Listen to the show to discover what John thinks keeps people from succeeding when they set a goal. John talks about his military service and shares how his military training helped with his goal setting. He says he quickly learned the value of Parkinson’s law (tasks will expand to the time allotted) and the Pareto Principle (80% of the stuff you do is not resulting in the 20% success that you want, so get rid of the excess stuff, and focus on your core 20%).
When he left the military and entered the entrepreneurial world, John says he had a completely different perspective from a lot of people. John set the time period for achieving goals in The Freedom Journal as 100 days and shares why that timeline makes sense. At the end of each ten-day sprint, you do a ten-day sprint review to see if you accomplished your micro goal, analyze why or why not and decide what you need to do to go forward. If you fall behind, you need to figure out what you need to do to get yourself back on track.
John explains how everything in The Freedom Journal continues to point, re-correct, pivot and adjust you toward achieving your 100-day goal.
He says that when you’re working toward a goal, you need to make minor adjustments every single day and night. John talks about how his Podcaster’s Paradise community started doing accountability matchmaking 6 months ago. When you present your content in new, engaging and interactive ways, it stands out in a constant stream of competing information.
In this article you’ll discover five free tools to help you avoid the same tired ways of sharing content.
You can add text or multimedia overlays to any of your photos or images, but what makes this tool more interesting than others is that the results are interactive. Viewers hover over icons to watch a video, listen to an audio file, link externally, complete a poll and more. Home Depot uses ThingLink images to share room and home decor DIY suggestions and tutorials.
If you’re a B2B provider, consider enhancing an infographic with ThingLink to highlight your services or your client successes with links to case studies, live web examples and other assets to showcase the breadth of your work. The beauty of Storify is that you can pull in content from social feeds based on hashtags, keywords, URLs, user IDs and more—pretty much anything searchable. You can drag and drop social media posts, YouTube videos, images from Instagram and more to build stories to embed on your site as a column, slideshow or grid. While you can easily build a Storify using just your content, the tool is strongest when you integrate your content with your audience’s.
For example, try crowdsourcing ideas and opinions from your most loyal supporters with a Twitter chat linked to a hashtag.
The magazine shared the responses and conversations in this Storify, creating both a sense of community and a source of information for those planning to exercise as part of their New Year’s resolutions. For added interaction and reach, Qzzr‘s clean image-oriented design includes social sharing icons so visitors can easily share their quiz results with their friends.
Whether participants triumphed or failed miserably, the quiz is a fun, subtle way to reinforce KISSmetrics’ expertise as partners in web marketing or mentors for newbies. Infographics are in high demand because they’re an easy way to present data or help you persuade customers they absolutely need your product.
The best infographics share a lot of data in a digestible format, but creating one can be daunting.
Creating this kind of visual content is less painful when you can adjust text size, font and color to create a professional, visually appealing infographic. The low-hanging fruit here is blog posts, speech transcriptions, important news articles, etc. Take advantage of these free tools to satisfy your audience’s appetite when you share content on social media.
In this episode I interview conversion expert Doug Karr, the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies and founder of the Marketing Technology blog. You’ll discover how to identify and reach out to influencers, as well as develop relationships and campaigns that lead to sales. After Doug got out of the Navy in 1992, he started a newspaper and did direct and database marketing.
From a database marketing standpoint, Doug shares he’s always been intrigued by the pockets or the gaps, and not the averages. Doug says he tells people who are transitioning from traditional to online media that he doesn’t think a lot has changed. Blogging and social media are great for that, because customers can now talk to people at different companies and get insight into their business through these channels. Doug believes influencers are people within our industry who already have established trust with an audience. Listen to the show to hear examples of good influencers to reach out to in the marketing and social media space. Doug says half of the time, a company fails because they focus on reach and popularity, but not necessarily on influence. Doug also cautions that before entering into a relationship with an influencer, you want to make sure you have an out if it’s not a good fit.
Listen to the show to learn how Doug responds to people who want him to write about their product or service.
When Doug got the invite, he wrote back and offered to come talk to them before they invited more influencers, to make sure it was worthwhile. Although Doug didn’t attend the Brickyard event, about 30 other local influencers did. Listen to the show to hear how Doug thinks they could have turned the event into a success.

Doug says some partners want infographics, webinars or case studies, while others prefer a blog post or even networking. Facebook is a great way to promote the launch of a product or service and generate excitement. To be successful, you need to plan your content, write your posts and make good use of the tools Facebook has to offer. You’ll want to map out your launch strategy at least two months ahead, and most likely even earlier than that. If you have an online product, you can use some great freebies to help get people onto your list. Free ebooks, reports or white papers: These freebies could be part of your final product or something valuable that will promote the final product.
When launching a course, for example, you might plan all of the content and decide when you’ll communicate about it to people on your email list and in your social media posts. Plan when each piece of content will be released to your email list and what posts will go out to Facebook. If affiliates or promotion partners will be helping you get the word out about your product or service, start assembling that team and putting together resources for the team to use. Be sure to make it easy for affiliates to build buzz on Facebook and other social media channels. Social Media Examiner provided a variety of images to their affiliates to help promote Social Media Marketing World. They also provided a variety of tweets and Facebook updates that were ready to use, and people just had to add their affiliate link. To start building buzz and generating excitement around your product or service, post teasers about it.
If you have affiliates or promotional partners, consider co-creating material to launch the product, such as a webinar or live Q&A session. Your launch phase may vary in length and never be truly over in terms of promotion, but you likely will have an end date for the biggest promotional push. After the launch is over, make sure you thank your audience and your affiliate and promotional partners, and tell people what’s next. You also want look at your analytics and do a little research on which techniques worked the best for you. In this episode I’ll interview Seth Godin, author of 17 books, including Purple Cow, Permission Marketing and Tribes. Seth and I explore his latest book along with his thoughts on publishing and marketing books. The book exists because when his son was heading off to college, he asked Seth to write down his advice.
Seth’s background is in publishing and he was a book packager for 12 years, during which time he and his team wrote 120 books.
He starts a new book every few days, and some of them only last a paragraph or two, which is why it’s great to have a blog.
For those who want to write a book to become a paid, professional author, Seth says, don’t. Since ideas are now spreading person to person and not top down, Seth wanted this book to be his experiment with horizontal publishing. Listen to the show to discover how building a following, 10 people at a time, is the key to success.
Seth started his Typepad blog about 10 years ago, and says that even if no one read his blog, he would still write it every day.
Seth’s other ebooks include one on the placebo effect, called Placebos, and a series on Flipping the Funnel. Seth explains how his book is about tension, and how he used tension to get people to buy it.
In this episode I interview Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute, author of the book Epic Content Marketing and the founder of Content Marketing World, the leading conference for content marketers. Joe will explore how you can build a sustainable small business with smart content marketing. Listen as Joe Pulizzi shares what marketers need to know about using content marketing for business. Whether you’re working on blog post or creating social media updates, the more people involved, the richer the results can be.
In this article I’ll share the eight ways to grow your Facebook audience, both organically and with advertising. With a few simple techniques, you can optimize your LinkedIn and SlideShare assets to achieve higher search rankings organically. In this article you’ll discover four ways to optimize LinkedIn and SlideShare for search engines. Pinterest promoted pins (beta version recently opened to everyone) can help you reach more people and drive results.
In this article I’ll share five ways businesses can get the most out of Pinterest promoted pins.
The key to effectively using social media for customer service is to listen, take action and make the most of what your community tells you. In this article you’ll find out how to provide great customer service with social media. This chart shows the level at which the respondents found each social networking benefit useful. Although more businesses are beginning to adopt social media strategies into their overall marketing plans, this report suggests businesses still have a long way to go before social media is fully integrated into marketing efforts. For marketers who are looking to connect with the key influencers in their niche, the findings suggest that online forums are a smart place to start; however, marketers should proceed with caution. Here's a snapshot of the behaviors and habits of people who contribute to forums versus the non-contributors.
The report reveals that when companies do get people to join their communities, their lack of engagement is extremely obvious to the sophisticated user.
24% are community ghost towns, meaning there is no engagement and very few members with no return visitors.
20% show a cohesive strategy and typically had robust engagement tools and multiple activities with an active participation from their community.
9% show community overload with multiple messages to the same audience, most likely causing confusion and diluting the message.
Bas van den Beld gives you an overview of 25 podcasts in the categories tactical, trends, interviews, strategical and topical specialized. But host Michael Stelzner makes sure that he asks the questions that help the listeners forward.
In this podcast John Wall and Christopher Penn discuss (‘over coffee’) what is new and what we should keep our eyes on.
People like Chris Brogan, Marcus Sheridan, Mark Schaefer and Gini Dietrich have shared how they became successful. Price interviews entrepreneurs and experts to give the listener direct strategies, tips, and tactics.
Now many guests come on other shows to promote their books, but this one is made just for that. In a short period of time the host, Jeff Sauer managed to get big names in the SEO and Content Marketing industry to hop on board and discuss the strategies they use. As the title suggests, Dumas talks to entrepreneurs, touching on their journeys, lessons learned and how to go from idea to strategy to action. This show is hosted by the author of the book “Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing”, Roger Dooley. He is the founder of State of Digital and helps companies develop solid marketing strategies.
I have since listened to a lot of the stories and they are really inspirational for people who want to get started in the industry. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. He’s using Kickstarter as a platform for marketing and exposure, while allowing people to contribute to a cause.
He had to adjust to the fact that the code of conduct in the military was not the same as the code of conduct in the rest of the world.
You identify your two major struggles and two major wins, as well as what worked over the past 25 days (25% of your entire goal) and what you need to do to pivot moving forward.
For example, they overlaid this photo of a DIY Sawhorse Table with the prices of all the pieces you’d need to make it and links to a blog detailing the process. SELF magazine asked their Twitter followers how they planned to get active in the new year and used the hashtag #UpnOut.
Whether to learn, reaffirm knowledge or as a distraction from the daily grind, virtual quizzes are on the rise. Piktochart simplifies the process by offering free and premium templates and graphics and icons you can drag and drop into your infographic. Using hard data, their infographic clearly demonstrates the need for businesses to offer a mobile payment option. If you’re a B2C business, you can use Piktochart to take advantage of the void and be among the first to showcase your products and how to use them. Word clouds aren’t just a great way to present content in a new light, they offer new insights into that content with a quick visual analysis.

Depending on the relevance of the content to your audience, this 5-minute process makes a pretty strong statement. If you have a Facebook post that’s getting a lot of interaction, create a word cloud out of the comments and share it as a new update that links to the original post. The demands of a market that’s evolving by the minute heighten expectations for fresh, quality content on a nearly impossible scale.
They spend a lot of money without seeing results, because they make significant errors as they select and research influencers. The best way to get to that person’s audience is to create an influencer marketing campaign and work with that influencer to help you promote your products and services. Determine if the influencer’s reach is wide enough to make your campaign sensible from a time and money standpoint. He shares how the racetrack reached out to social influencers and invited them to the Brickyard in hopes that they’d talk about the race online. And those influencers told Doug that the drivers came into the suite, but no one knew who the drivers were and nobody took pictures of them.
All of those things have different value, but it’s important to meet on common ground and figure out the most compelling way to convert that audience. Plan what types of launch material you’ll have available to share on social media to get the buzz going. Also, if you’ll be using them in a Facebook ad, make sure the images are 1200 x 628 pixels and comply with the 20% text rule. Write a variety of Facebook posts and tweets so they can either cut and paste them or have a great starting place to add their own wording. Some of the images were appropriate for Facebook ads, while others were useful for tweets or blog posts. If appropriate, use both your Facebook page and profile to let your Facebook fans and personal friends know that something is coming. Bathers Beach House in Australia started posting about their restaurant months before it opened.
Gena Shingle Jaffe launched a legal course for entrepreneurs, and Natalie MacNeil had a perfect audience for the course. Goorin Brothers, a boutique hat designer, launched a new hat and decided to involve their audience by naming the hat after one lucky winner. Consider focusing much of your ad budget on the pre-launch phase where you give away valuable content. He explains that he usually comes up with the title early in the process, and then writes the book to go with it. While he is very strategic in most elements of his life, his best writing is not strategic at all. The book business is an organized hobby, and a fabulous way to bring ideas into the world and a great thing to leave behind. Justin Choi, founder and president of PostRelease, writes, “Online forums are great places to find enthusiastic consumers and influential brand advocates. Consumers today are sophisticated users of social tools and seek out communities to learn, share and interact.
This practice allows community members to connect with each other and find shared interests, thus promoting further connection. This best practice gives community members a tool to personalize and aggregate their online experience at the brand’s destination site. Very much focused on Social Media of course, but extremely useful on a broader topic like Digital Marketing in general.
Those types of questions you will be able to answer if you follow (some) of these podcasts. In recent podcasts, he has also been giving away parts of the audiobook with the same name. Dooley looks at trends in neuromarketing and interviews guests that have specific expertise on the topic, giving you instant tactics and strategies you can use. The Business of Story podcast’s goal is “to help you craft and tell compelling stories that sell”. In “The Good, the Bad, and the Dirty: The Secret Psychology of Persuasion” she interviews other experts on the topic and with that adds her own knowledge. Then look back over them to make sure you had the right ten-day sprint and determine how to improve the next one. If someone makes a purchase based on a person’s advice, that person is an influencer. The influencers just ate, drank, talked to each other, didn’t watch the race and then left. They shared the building process, gained the interest of potential diners and grew to over 4,000 fans before they even opened their doors. They co-created a webinar to give the audience some good tips and promote the online course. But if you have a coupon or something special to offer, you can promote that with an ad campaign as well. To do your launch right on Facebook and help your affiliates sell, keep the key points in this article in mind. By shipping extra books to the people who already understand his message, he has turned them into his distributors. Blogging pushes you to notice things, it gives you a schedule and puts you on the hook to publish something daily. For Unleashing the Ideavirus, a book about how ideas spread, he made the book free to share as an ebook.
They look like regular pins, but have additional capabilities to increase visibility, so you get to the right audience at the right time. Have you had similar results that support the data above or does your social media experience contradict the findings? This site has most of the (marketing) podcasts in one place, with reviews and audience approval ratings. Every episode has its own topic so you can easily see if an episode would interest you or not. Like the Social Media Marketing Podcast Clark focuses a lot on the tactics, which is why it’s in this category. Pulizzi and Rose offer funny dialogues combined with really practical insights and trend analysis.
This Week in Tech is the original podcast from Leo Laporte where he discusses what is happening in Tech. The reason is that it is diverse, touching on trends, debunking myths and discussing insights.
Douglas Burdett interviews best-selling authors for the smartest thinking on social media, digital marketing, sales, B2B marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing and more. The podcasts in this category are aimed at just that: making you think about strategical directions and decisions. I specifically like his podcast, not just for tactics, but because he makes you think about things. This means they share stories from businesses that made storytelling part of their strategies. This led to a successful opening of their restaurant, and they continue to have high engagement and interaction.
This podcast is fast, to the point and gives insights into businesses as well as strategies. In the past few months, they’ve done more strategical as well as marketing tactical episodes that are about more than just tools. In the past few months, she’s also been doing interviews with people in the content marketing industry. Now this isn’t directly marketing (nor is TWiG), it still touches on trends you need to pay attention to. Not for that reason, but for 99 other reasons (it now has 100 episodes when writing this) it’s worth a listen! The contest got 8,404 email entries and built up a lot of awareness around their hats and their brand.
They talk about their views, have rants and raves and my personal favorite part: they give an actually “Old Marketing” example from the past. TWIG, This Week in Google, is one of the shows in the TWiT network that has the same format (a round table discussion) and often touches on marketing a bit more. Leave a comment here or on Twitter and we’ll add them to the suggestions list in this article (and we’ll add ‘suggested by’ to it!). But I’ve made subtopics: tactical, trends, interviews, strategical and topical specialized podcasts.
Of course, at the end, I am curious which podcasts you feel I should listen to, next to these.
The landscape of podcasts is huge, as this overview from Muffinworks shows us (click to enlarge).

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