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Tackling social media activity for your business can be time-consuming.  You’re doing exactly as you were advised when you set up your company – you established a presence on social media and got to work with your tweeting and posting.
A loyal community can help to extend interest in your company, increase your visibility and reinforce that all important reputation.  Check that your efforts are focused on building a community that can support and promote your business.
Loyal followers can do more to promote and protect your reputation than any amount of money spent on advertising.  So be constructive with your social media activity and get building. While the effective use of social media continues to elude many small business owners, there are proven benefits to establishing a solid online presence. Sure you know that social media can create relationships, establish trust and earn a client for life. If you want to build authority in your industry, social media can establish a name and reputation. Pay attention to what your fans, followers and clients are saying about you or your company.
DAVIDsTEA has built a reputation through their social channels as lively, engaging, and always entertaining.
One look at Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter and see why a consistent presence matters.
This fun and festive kit has everything you need to make the richest and creamiest Hot Chocolate ever!
Make use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram to share your company story. Connecting with other business professionals might be counter-intuitive to how you’ve done business offline. Social media is an excellent way to connect with like-minded business professionals and build a mutually beneficial relationship. Join LinkedIn Groups, Google Plus Communities and Blog Tribes to connect with others talking about and sharing similar content to your own. Networking with professionals within your industry and then sharing their content creates goodwill and reciprocity. It also stretches your reach beyond your network, tapping into their established following. By mixing social media with online advertising and PR efforts, you will be able to expand your business further than you ever imagined. Keep your content fresh and your social networks alive and interactive through a variety of media types. With almost 21,000 social shares, it’s one of my top traffic drivers and a perfect candidate for repurposing.
Creating a solid social media strategy can streamline your efforts and simplify your daily to-do’s. Stop wasting time and money on one-off tactics and get clear on why you’re using social media. As a small business owner, your website and the content on your blog are the backbone of your online presence. So beyond the benefits mentioned above, what else can a blog do for your business and personal brand? If you want to build a successful blog, you need to know who you’re talking with, what problems you solve, and the opportunity within each of those.
Social media is extremely useful when it comes to keeping in touch with your past and current clients.
By connecting with them on Facebook and other social networks, you can build a bridge that can prove extremely beneficial in the future.
With consumers attention spans hovering around 8 seconds, the more brain cells you can earn, the better off you will be once they’re ready to make a purchase or connect with your business. Sharing an experience is important, but crafting it and having a purpose is even more important. The goal is to help your audience and potential clients relate – whether it’s to you and your business or to a past client through a positive testimonial. Answer those questions and unlock the benefits and power of social media in your small business.
If you’re eager to expand your use of social media and truly tap into all that it has to offer, join me and Ian Cleary of Razor Social, with host Post Planner for a FREE webinar.
Learn how you can gain followers, prospects and connections to grow your business through targeted a targeted Twitter strategy.
The post A Social Media Approach Every Small Business Should Be Using appeared first on Rebekah Radice, Social Media Strategy. Social media today offers innumerable opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow small business and boost profits.
LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are among the brands already widely recognised, but there are thousands of communities out there in cyberspace that have evolved into ideal platforms for small business. A further function closely related to that of customer care is crisis management, especially true if email and website servers are non-operational.

Another area where business has shown to be effective using social media is public relations, advertising and marketing.
The benefit of higher conversion rates is of great significance to businesses using social media. Finally, ensure that you manage and conduct your social media presence in a professional manner, connect with your prospects keeping them up to date with company news, events and any latest offers. Social media can be a truly effective tool to encourage more sales for many new and existing small businesses.
Customers expect to find a business or brand on social media sites, so if there is a lack of presence, or you have a particularly poor one, your business is certainly going to miss out on a lot of potential sales. If you own a small business, or you are a sole trader, you need to focus on your target market.
Understanding your customer profile, and knowing where they will be hanging out will help you develop an effective social media strategy to capture your target audience.
Knowing what to do with social media to make it successful is the key to making it work for your business. Unfortunately, there are still new business owners who are coming into the world of social media for the first time with the belief that it should be treated in the same way as traditional advertising.
When you buy advertising space in a magazine for example, you will only be concerned with creating your advert to get the right message across to sell your product or service. A magazine reader will buy the magazine because of the information that it contains, and will never buy a copy simply because it carries one of your adverts.
Freelance article writer, ghost writer, ebook author, lifestyle blogger, affiliate marketer, book cover digital artist, home educator, always learning student of the world.
Social media can help a small business gain the exposure and knowledge they need to compete and be seen in a new arena. Hampstead Heath is North Londona€™s premium outdoor park, with amazing views and a offering residents an opportunity for sport, health and relaxation. BX Merchandise needed a social media strategy for their business, without taking more time away from their staff. Morph Research provide bespoke qualitative and quantitative research and customer insights. The Fashion & Design Club is a networking club for those working in the luxury fashion and design industry.
Spell out  each step you’ll take, which social channels will support your goals and what objectives you look to achieve.
This is a quick and easy way to find out what matters most to those connecting with you online. Once you ask the question, it’s time to solve it like Tiny Buddha does in this tweet. Mine would be finding enough time to manage social media, juggling a business online and offline, budget, conversion, results.
You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to draw in a client when you allow them to understand who you are and connect with you on a much deeper level. Most social networks are designed to enhance the online community, exploiting inter-connectivity for better communication, relevance and user experience. Whether it’s to provide customer care and support, forge new connections or just to get a corporate message circulated, social media and networking can help business gain exposure, achieving increased overall understanding of their audience, and vice versa, through direct engagement.
No longer are companies forced to advertise through print and broadcast media, or even gain exposure on search engine results. Since 2004 we have been supporting businesses to grow and thrive and now count clients in a number of countries. In a study conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, it was found that close to 80% of consumers will be happy to return for repeat orders based on the brand’s positive social media presence.
You do this by going where your customers are hanging out on social media platforms, and speaking directly to them. Once you know how to engage with your audience, then you need to work out how you are going to use all this positive activity. Before you can do anything with the buzz you are creating on social media, you first need to create buzz and engage your customers before you try to sell them anything. It takes time to build social relationships, so the last thing you want to do is blow it by openly selling your product or service too soon. Having their opinions heard and appreciated will make them feel valued, and they will love you for that. Sharing common quandaries with others in your network, asking for opinions, personal experiences, recommendation and sharing advice will all lead to loyalty and returning custom. Putting an obvious advert into a newspaper or magazine is a very different thing to having a social media profile. The rest of the magazine is not your concern, and you don’t get involved in the production. You place your advert within that magazine because the reader will be the sort of person that may like what you have to offer.

Your followers will come to your page or profile for the same reason they will pick up a magazine to read. Between March and June 2012 we’ll be hosting Social Media Marketing for Small Business in London (x 2), Chelmsford, Manchester, Edinburgh and Birmingham. Businesses who use social media as a communication tool can help to increase their opportunities with clients, increase traffic to their website, and talk on a global scale. The company operations and marketing team needed to create their basic marketing strategy, complete with strapline and customer pitch.
Their social media strategy involved opening a Facebook page to create a public forum, and the need to train non-Facebook savvy team members on how to recognise good content, a€?tone of voicea€? and managing time. LinkedIn and Twitter strategy was developed to include setting up the profiles of staff and the company on LI, and sorting out their Twitter account, with a strategy including a balance of scheduled and real time information, as well as following trends. The company behind Nutmeg are still in start up mode, and consultation was around their networking and social media strategy. Specialising in such a niche market, it was essential that Morph raise their profile in the market, and specifically target decision makers in businesses who need access to quality data.
High level executives, designers and major players in the industry are offered a monthly opportunity to network and keep informed about industry information through expert speakers. You want to offer insight and give away your knowledge freely to begin earning trust and building rapport. A rapidly increasing number of businesses are choosing to deploy connection-based communications mechanisms to progress corporate business objectives. People who like your page and follow your Tweets are already interested in your company, products or services. You have to understand your customers – you need to know everything about them, where they live, their preferred lifestyles, their interests and hobbies.
The questions you ask them can be business related or general – even discussing the breaking headline news of the day can lead to engaging conversations and and a good foundation of trust between you and your followers.
They will come for the information, the answers to their questions, the social engagement, and the latest news. The potential is endless, and it is said that ROI for social media activity now will still exist in 5 years. We deconstructed the approach which can be used for a direct market environment or an industry expo sales event. We prepared in advance of the animated conference in Las Vegas, where key contacts would be met. Our work focused on developing a networking and social media strategy to achieve this reach.
Today, you can communicate your message directly with your audience as Facebook fans, Twitter followers, or YouTube views. The key point is that if you are already connected, your conversion ratio should be higher when converting a social connection.
Knowing what sort of person makes up your average customer will help you understand which social networks they are most likely to use. You have to build up trust in your social media followers and earn their loyalty before selling to them. If you can provide them with this, then they will be more willing to accept the occasional sales-specific post, especially if it offers some value to them.
But too many businesses aren’t seeing results from their Facebook marketing efforts because they are posting content without a plan for turning “fans” into customers and advocates. Plus, if people are talking about your brand, dona€™t you want to be leading and monitoringA  the conversation? Are you selling a product or service on your website that can be purchased cheaper through social media via a code or voucher? To start the hard-sell from day one will come across as quite distasteful, and can switch off your potential customers interest in your business with a single post.
In this session Tammy Kahn Fennell, CEO of social media dashboard MarketMeSuite, explains how to use Twitter to drive customer engagement and generate new leads. Learn about Facebook’s “hidden” in-box, discover how to target local customers on Twitter, find out new ways of connecting with influencers on LinkedIn and much more. If you’re interested in participating, either as a speaker, media partner, sponsor or exhibitor, we still have a few opportunities, so please contact us.
Luke Brynley-JonesLuke is the Founder & CEO of Our Social Times, one of the UK’s best known social media agencies, whose clients include The Telegraph Media Group, Orange Business Services, Blue Square and BAT. Having worked with global brands, celebrities, start-ups and SMEs, Luke writes about how social media is changing the world of business.

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