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In the last few years, Social Media has grown from being a mere digital channel for “socializing” with other media, into one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for brands and businesses. Many businesses are jumping into the Social Media Marketing (SMM) bandwagon, many of which are not even properly planning or assessing the effectiveness and the impact of SMM for their companies and brands. So, Digital Marketing Philippines attempts to provide you with this definitive guide that will highlight the Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing, so you can make intelligent decisions that will be instrumental in setting the fate of your overall digital marketing efforts. One of the main advantages of SMM over traditional media advertising and other digital marketing channels is the considerably lower cost that makes it very appealing for businesses. However, to get more marketing mileage for your Social Media Marketing efforts, businesses are investing on a full SMM campaign strategy. One of the main advantages SMM has over traditional media marketing is that traditional marketing only caters to a fixed audience (eg. Social media marketing also caters to wide demographics regardless of sex, age, and social status. If you have something to promote or have some news or fresh information that you would like to share or inform to your target markets, you can rely on Social Media Marketing for fast action and fast results.
One of the problems many business have with traditional means of sales and marketing is maintaining a good, long-term relationship with their existing customers.
The more you have healthy interactions with your targeted audiences on social media that definitely boost your online reputation, and in the process develop brand loyalty.
Many customers spend time on social media channels and if they have something to say to a brand or a company, they would go through their social media page. Industry reports say that up to 64% of digital marketers spend at least 6 hours on Social Media Marketing.
One of the problem with Social Media is that it attracts all sorts of people, even the negative and malicious ones.
What you publish online, especially through social media channels, can really go viral and spread like wildfire in the online sphere.
A recent study highlighted that up to 89% of digital marketers really would want to know the ROI of their social media efforts. Based on what has just been presented to you, Social Media Marketing does deliver some tangible, favorable results for your business. Introducing A Revolutionary Do-It-Yourself Guide To A Successful Digital Marketing Campaign - And How YOU Can Take Advantage Of It Before Anyone Else! Discover a simple step-by-step guide on what you can do to promote your business on the Internet staring right now! Efficient communication – amongst a company’s staff, or between staff and clients, or again between sales and customers, or even between upper and lower management – is simply crucial.
Investing in sales people is one way through which companies can develop effective and targeted communication. While all this is good, social media provides excellent tools to create both internal and external communication where and when it is hard to do it face-to-face, or when budgets for expensive communication campaigns are not available. As we saw in the article Social Media Applications Guide, social media provides major opportunities for communication in business in four main ways: Meetings and conferencing, Sharing media, Location services and Broadcasting. Social media allows meetings to take place in a virtual environment; from your desk you can attend a meeting or conference with other people whether or not you are all in the same country. Skype: this conferencing tool is a very good way to communicate with clients, customers, suppliers or employees.
Example: HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) has recently launched a set of webinars to explain tax obligation and payment processes for the businesses and the self-employed  (HMRC webinars). This aspect of social media makes it possible and easy to share different kinds of content like documents, videos, audios, pictures and presentations slides among others. Flickr: this is a photo management tool that allows the sharing of pictures across the web. Example: Starbucks used Foursquare to allow mayors – those Foursquare users who ‘check in’ the most frequently at a certain location, in this case, at a Starbucks coffee shop – to get a discounted price on a Frappuccino. Example: Wells Fargo is an international financial services company, operating in many different parts of the world. And can you afford to pay for promoted posts and adverts to help the growth and visibility of your posts? If you don’t have, or are unwilling to spend money on your social media marketing efforts, steer clear Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook’s organic reach is capped due to their complicated algorithm – so without paying to ‘boost’ the visibility of your post, you can be guaranteed that not all of your followers will see it. Instagram allows you to be a bit more creative than other social media sites, but you’re limited to the type of content you can share: photos or short, capped videos. Brands have been using Instagram cleverly, by showing ‘behind the scenes’ photos the people behind the brand. If your business is in the fashion, food or crafty industry – then you can go really far with Pinterest.
Plus, creating and using videos is another form of original content that will give you an advantage. If you’re lucky enough to have a decent budget set aside for your social media marketing, it’s worth investing it in Facebook. After editing the text on the card, you can then choose to upload the custom card design to your business card maker of your choice. Roughly nine out of ten US businesses with at least 100 employees are using social media for marketing objectives in 2012, according to eMarketer, and many plan to increase their social media spend for the coming year.
Despite this, many of these firms still have trouble making the case for social media investment, because they’re not able to track ROI success. Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass.
The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. It has proven a very cost-effective way for promotion and advertising in a new, subtle and very personal way that businesses are doubling their Social Media Marketing budgets during the next five years.
You can’t blame them for Social Media Marketing does have its perks, and the following will tell you why. The most popular social media networks are practically free to join and all tools for interacting with other people are all available for free.

Right now, a big 89% of Internet users that are aged between 18 to 29 years old are actively participating in social media activities. People’s friends, relatives and networks go beyond their own demographic, paving for you new channels for generating leads or sales – if people share your content to these networks. You can even synchronize your website with your social network channels, so automatic or fresh updates are immediately disseminated once you have something new available. The beauty of Social Media Marketing is that it is based and is powered by social interaction, which in the long run develops trust you and your audience. A person-to-person and more interactive relationship with your targeted audiences means that you care for them, which in turns generates trusts – which in turn breeds loyalty.
They would voice out their praises, suggestions and complaints through these channels, providing you with a highly interactive and very personal means of providing good customer services by listening and responding to what they have to say. While there are considerable benefits with the use of SMM, there are also dangers to its use that can result in detrimental impacts to your business. These negative elements include spammers, scammers, trolls and all other sorts of malicious individuals all out to do harm to your online reputation. Only 37% can measure the results of their SMM, while another 35% say they are really not sure if they are measuring ROI properly – and 28% say they really don’t know how to measure ROI at all. In this FREE e-book you will learn the basics as well as advance aspects of Digital Marketing.
It is a truth that Social Media marketing has both effects negative and positive, but in my opinion, if every single step is done properly then it will definitely give good results even if anyone wants to create negative users or bad reviews as because of the fact that if services or goods are good and also SMM done in the right way than a few negative users can’t beat good reviews and reputation of the company.
A business without successful internal and external communication is a business that will gradually degrade. Monthly meetings amongst staff are another way to allow some interaction between all employees and catch up on a month’s business. On top of that, social media provides the opportunity to enhance communication with additional features such as images and videos, as well as heavily increase the number of people the message is communicated to.
This means that business can carry on without the need to be geographically in the same place. HMRC offers both live and pre-recorded webinar presentations on several different tax-related issues. So again here, what social media adds to simple face-to-face communication is that it diversifies communication types, but also that it can transmit all these different kinds of contents to a very wide audience, at any time.
The site is visited by millions of people every single day and has about 2 million views per day, according to the site. Flickr not only makes it very easy to share large files like pictures or thread of pictures, but makes your pictures visible to a very wide audience and in turn, gives access to others’ pictures from around the word.
But the point here is that Ford has 290 pages and each page has more than 12 pictures on it. Location services detect the location of users through their smartphones, and then transmit different kinds of information related to that particular location to the users’ smartphones. Users can ‘check in’ at venues through their mobiles and share their location with other users using the service. This strategy boosted competition for the mayor rewards, and as a result, it made more people go to their local Starbucks store.
Webcasting is a very useful tool for companies dealing with time-sensitive issues, or with those who want to communicate with customers or clients live in order to engage with them in a more interactive way.
What is useful is to create regular series of these shows in order to attract and maintain subscribers on a steady basis. There’s no point getting excited and joining Pinterest when the majority of your target audience are actually using Instagram. So you can update your social media channels in the evenings and weekends (when they’re most active)? What if I told you that you can still be successful without paying for your social media marketing? It may not be as popular as some of the other social networks, but it’s steadily growing year after year, and SEOs are excited about the possibilities of social signals impacting Google search ranking in the future. This promotes engagement and allows brands and businesses to show a more human and relatable side. Pinterest is more like a scrapbook; a collection of pictures, recipes and tutorials that can be shared. Remember though, that the majority of Pinterest users are female – this can either be good or bad depending on who your target customers are.
Some people might not refer to YouTube as a social media channel, but it does have a huge community who use the platform every single day, and you have the potential to get your video seen by hundreds of influencers and potential clients. Targeting ads and promoting posts is going to get you noticed, and if you can develop a large community on Facebook, you’re laughing.
It was designed for working professionals, and is a great way to network with other people in your industry. Stephen just graduated high school, and already has launched several other successful online apps. In part this is attributable to social media’s evolution from being a small project outside of the budget process to being an integral part of the marketing plan. By being present and engaged on social media networks, companies cost-effectively increase brand awareness especially through the use of 360° branding.
By supplying the information that prospects actively seek at every step of the purchase process, social media helps close sales.
Retailers and other forms of business can re-post ratings and reviews on their own website or let customers search for them on other sites such as Google, Amazon and TripAdvisor.
Social media helps generate leads through shared content that attracts prospects such as blogs, Tumblrs, Pinboards and Slideshare. When consumers find engaging and useful information along their purchase journey, they share this content more broadly. Social media networks provide the space for brand advocates to engage with each other over their desire to show their brand support. Firms become known for being the expert in their space by creating and sharing their content, especially via a blog. By monitoring what’s happening in the social media ecosystem, you can distinguish your competitors and better understand their behavior.

By having a social media presence, an organization is able to respond more quickly and effectively to a potential PR crisis once they’ve built a base of followers. This enables businesses to discern what’s happening in the evolving marketplace as well as how their business is perceived. It’s important to get your content out to multiple social media locations such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This big audience is the main reason why 92% of digital marketers highlighted generating more exposure for their brands or business with their use of SMM. This can be good for your business as two-thirds of adults online that use social media channels like blogs can have their purchasing decisions influenced by what they read in these blogs.
The more you nurture a regular interaction with your audiences, the more you’ll generate a better and longer term of relationship – that would spell profitable results for your business. This is relatively time consuming for many business owners who want to get results from their SMM efforts. These includes negative comments which, while most are truly valid feedbacks, some are just intended to spread negativities against your brand. On the other hand, you really have no control over what you publish online and everything is available for anyone – including negative and malicious elements online. Otherwise, you’ll end up with opposite results for your SMM efforts that may do more harm for your business that what your intended SMM goals were. Conferences are yet another method through which a company can communicate its vision to potential clients. Therefore, using social media for your business to create and enhance communication might take you many steps ahead of your competitors. This of course does not mean that face-to-face communication is not useful, but what it does mean is that something that is usually impossible simply becomes possible, and that business can actually take place when it could not without social media.
These HMRC webinars can reach anyone who has a query on tax processes, while at the same time avoiding possible mistakes that HMRC employees could make when explaining tax matters. Now just imagine what kind of impact a popular video you post there can have on your business. Instead of putting some pictures on its website, the company decided to put thousands of them on Flickr, which already has a huge pool of users. In order to find out whether these blenders had a potential to sell within the consumer market, the company created YouTube videos to show how the blender works. Businesses which participate in location services get the chance to connect with local customers and increase traffic towards their website. This mega service allows users to share their whereabouts, making it possible to see where friends are ‘checked in’ at any given time. The live factor of this social media application makes it very close to direct face-to-face communication, except (1) that what can be communicated can be anything from a simple conversation to a large-scale musical performance, and (2) that it can reach many more people across geographical boundaries, and (3) perhaps obvious but crucial, that it is a very affordable way to communicate live. This allows a feasible, cost-effective solution to circulate information quickly – creating competitive advantage for the company in the time-sensitive industry . You can also tweet and directly message any other twitter user, so it’s great for networking as well.
If you’re one of those people, then you might be interested in the social media-themed business card generators by Stephen Ou. Just choose which one you want, link your actual social media account using the site’s app, and your card will be generated right after, using your digital profile as a starting point.
This information can be found on blogs, videos, Tumblrs, Pinterest and other forms of social media. Additionally, social sharing and other content forms like videos and images aid findability. While it can be challenging to close deals on social media, it’s critical to have a call-to-action, trackable promotion code and a streamlined landing page. These social shares, referred to as earned media have the added benefit of an unspoken endorsement from the sharer.
It’s critical for organizations to continually create great content or they risk alienating their existing fans.
Also don’t underestimate the importance of having your content re-distributed via RSS and other forms of syndication. On the other side, SMM may prove detrimental to your brand, bringing in results that maybe opposite from what you expected. If you’re targeting the 65 and older market, you can reach up to 43% of them through social media marketing. The problem however is if not done correctly, all your SMM efforts and the time spent on these will deliver totally useless results or traffic that will not convert into leads or sales. They can use your materials to criticize you or spread erroneous information that will damage your online reputation.
Check out our Digital Marketing Services today and let us help you in achieving positive and profitable results for your business. Also, this will reduce the general hassle of getting hold of the right person and help make the whole understanding process much easier.
So by doing so, the company exposed its cars to many more people, increased brand awareness and increased traffic towards their own website. The entertaining way in which these blenders are presented to the public created a sensational reaction amongst the online community, with millions of views and a dramatic increase in sales. On top of this, they get the crucial opportunity to create a pool of locals who can come back to a venue if they liked it. Take advantage of that, and remember to share your videos on your website and across your other social media channels as well! For example, a low hotel review due to the noise of the area’s hot new bar can cinch the deal for a traveler seeking nightlife.
More than that is the great advantage of pre-corded webinars: they are accessible at anytime, which means that you do not have to wait in telephone queues for someone to answer your query, reducing the load on customer service as well.
Loyalty programs can be devised to reward customers who indeed come back, attracting increasingly more regulars by doing so.

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