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Keep checking back for more of my favourite quotes and if you would like to see any included please leave a comment below. Social Media Consultant Essex and London based who strives to deliver maximum exposure for clients through social media marketing services.
1.  “How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? 3.  “Businesses used to have a small suggestion box near the door that mostly housed dust bunnies and an occasional piece of gum. 8.  “You as a brand have to be completely confident about your position, because you will get criticism. Share your favorite social media quotes with me below and let me know that you think.  Also feel free to share this with your friends via Facebook, Twitter  and others with the social sharing buttons below.
You are my inhalation , I have few web logs and occasionally run out from to post : (. The paradox of popularity is that it can create a paralysis that inhibits you from creating the work that made you popular in the first place!
The fear of how people will respond to you can start to creep into your work until it becomes so watered down that you become part of the echo chamber.

As your blog grows in popularity, it’s not uncommon to become addicted to the glow of audience response.
If you create something they hate, and it upsets a few of your readers, you start to hold back and quit taking risks. Every single time I’ve written something with the intention of making it as good as a post that went viral or was a big hit with my readers, it falls flat!
I have tried to avoid exactly what Seth Grodin & Srinivas Rao write about it in this article by selecting carefully who I follow and why.
Having a huge budget doesn’t mean anything in social media…The old paradigm was pay to play. It’s a delicate balance between doing what feels right for you and pleasing your audience, and it takes a lot of experience to master it. I remember having one blog post become somewhat popular after being picked up by a larger blog. It’s something I struggle with every time my deadlines for Mark are around the corner. Scott Stratten told me that for people to love your stuff, other people have to really hate it.

It’s the common-sense fundamentals that are often the first to go with great success. If you didn’t get a negative reaction, that means you’re standing neutral and you have no point of view.
However the end result is much more rewarding than simply writing how to articles and lists.
I should have written another post soon after to capitalize on my momentum, but instead, I waited longer than normal to post again because I was paranoid I would write something that wouldn’t be received the same way. Despite some negative reaction to his unabashed criticism, O’Leary has used this forthrightness to become successful in business and develop an enthusiastic following.
People hate Snookie (I’ve never seen the Jersey shore and I have nothing good to say), but millions of people watch the show.
It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way.

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