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There seems to be some unsaid rules about 21st century relationships that happen to live on social media. Twitter kindly asks that in 140 characters or less you quote cute things your significant other says in order to remind the world you are in a relationship. It’s hard to imagine Tumblr as part of this social media relationship how-to guide, but lo, it is.
Public confessions of love on your Facebook wall are absolutely necessary (just don’t listen to your exasperated friends. I don't know if I've seen this before or not but I love when my blog is linked to in articles.
Generally when I see these ridiculous memes floating around the internet, they also speak to trust, jealousy and assumptions. I’ve always thought that surveillance was for the FBI, but clearly there’s some stage five social media clinging being researched. Lisa Schmidt is a dating & relationship coach, contributor to The Huffington Post , coffee addict, Periscoper, super mom and universe-denter, based in Detroit, MI. So the idea of this article came to me when I asked you people to tell me how social media and technology has affected your relationship, almost every single answer I got (out of the 2000 something messages) was very sad, everyone had one thing or the other to say about how social media and technology destroyed their relationship.
Social media and technology combined are slowly becoming the number one cause of problems and arguments in relationships. I took part of the message to show you guys, when two people are having a fight or are arguing, their subconscious wants them to think and know that the other person still cares the same about them. Once upon a time, all singles needed to worry about was waiting long enough in between dates to place the next phone call. Besides the obvious — like, not friending your new boyfriend or girlfriend's pals before meeting them — we've spoken to leading relationship experts for the nitty-gritty.
Below are some modern social media guidelines that will propel new, and long-term, romantic relationships. Social media is a daily point of contact for Samuel, the director of the Social + Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr University, and her husband of 12 years Rob Cottingham. Samuel also suggests that couples should not get mad at each other for missing or seeing public tweets. This is the new dating mistake many are making, says Julie Spira, online dating and netiquette guru and author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating. But, it's important to remember, "there's a difference between friending someone on Facebook and just seeing their stuff as it comes up and going through their entire Timeline. Coupled up individuals may prefer to present themselves differently online, so it's always best to talk about what to post and what not to post. When it becomes too frequent or invasive for one person, the couple should take a step back, Ruskin says. Even with social media, it's important to maintain "healthy individuation," experts suggest.
Powerful social-media sales techniques for reaching new customers and generating more referrals. By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. Being permanently logged into your Facebook or Twitter account can stop you working as efficiently, or as effectively, as you would if you knew that you couldn’t log on.
The social networking world is constantly updating and many people feel as though they are missing out if they don’t log on regularly. All companies are aware of how much time and attention they can lose when employees are conducting their personal lives on company time – if you are also doing it on company computers it is possible for them to monitor your online activity and it could result in disciplinary procedures. Almost without exception employers will have a policy governing use of social networks when you are at work – make sure you read it and adhere to it even if it seems overly restrictive. The line between home and work life has become increasingly blurred and it is not just use of social media on work time or company equipment that can land you in hot water – what you post from the comfort of your own home can also have repercussions at work.

Read your company’s social networking guidelines very carefully – there is probably a lot more to it than just not logging on at work. Even though you may spend the majority of your waking hours in your workplace, and probably spend more time with your colleagues than you do with your family, it is important to maintain a very clear distinction between work and home life.
Only use social media for your private life and avoid using it to post photos of colleagues or details of situations at work. One final way that social media sites – and internet use in general – can affect your work performance is through extended use – logging on when you get home and staying online right up until you go to bed. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Social media is transforming all aspects of marketing, from brand building, communications, and advertising to customization and customer engagement. Posting your first kiss and details of your romantic life on social media sites is no longer considered exploitative. In recent Zoosk surveys, over 6000 singles and those in committed relationships were asked how they felt about sharing juicy details on Facebook and Twitter about their love lives. I'm a believer that you should share good news such as an engagement announcement on Facebook and think there's nothing more powerful than the Facebook Relationship status change. Having a discussion with your partner about how you will be using social media is imperative so you can be on the same digital page. Still, technology can enhance your relationship through Skype dates, texting and digital flirting. It wants to know when you’re having issues in your relationships, and it wants to know how much you miss your significant other. Post often, and reblog from your significant others regularly to show how much you love and care about them.
She can be found with her nose in a book, pressing "next" on Netflix, or marathoning YouTube videos. While those are all necessary pieces in a long term and stable relationship, so is basic human goodness.
If you determine any worth that you may possess by associating it to followers, likes or favorites -you’re insecure. Research has found that Facebook does indeed impact relationships, relationship patterns, and even how people break up.  According to Tara C. People are quick to blame social media for their problems but fail to understand it’s not Facebook that post or read the posts but them. That’s what reminded me of my own past and what I had to go through and how insecure I became because of technology and the amazing wonders we have in the palm of our hands today.
Now, daters must think about the "right" time to send a Facebook request or start Twitter following the person you're dating — in addition to refraining from Internet stalking a new crush. The Twitter couple won a Shorty Award for the website that pulls all their tweets to each other into a stream. Being able to Google someone and read their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter profiles in full, takes all the initial mystery and intrigue out of getting to know someone. Karen Ruskin, a licensed marriage and family therapist, believes social media is a great way to propel the relationship. Share with us in the comments whether or not protecting your partner's privacy and autonomy is a priority.
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As it is a New Year make a fresh start and follow these simple rules to help maintain healthy boundaries between your work and personal life. For some people this has become such a continuous distraction that they have bought software to install on their computer which blocks them from logging onto these sites during certain hours – mainly when they should be working but with increasing use of smart phones and mobile devices we can log an anytime and anywhere.
Instead, limit it to lunchtimes and after work if you don’t want your habit to jeopardise your career – you will also be able to concentrate better if your phone isn’t constantly blinking at you with new messages and status updates.

Even though we all like to grumble about work to our friends, the internet is not the place to do it.
Employers are keen to protect their reputation and will scour social networking sites for any mention of them or their products – this is a public, not a private forum. Many people even decline ‘friend’ invitations from work colleagues because they want their social media sites to be private – accepting someone as a ‘friend’ or ‘following’ them is a bit like inviting them into your home and letting them have access to your private thoughts, actions and all your family photographs – do you want your work colleagues to be that close? Research is beginning to find a correlation between the use of smart phones & laptops and insomnia, and it is suggested that you log off at least 60 minutes before you go to bed.
Not at all according to the Zoosk surveys, as 81% of the couples are using technology to stay in touch with loved ones throughout the day.
However Zoosk's surveys showed that over 50% of women enjoy seeing details of their friends' date nights on their social media feeds, while their male partners keep their digital lips buttoned; with only 37% enjoy sneaking a peek at their friends' romantic adventures. If you think your boss or neighbor would be offended with your lovey-dovey updates, then it's probably best to keep it private.
Remember, social media shouldn't be a complete substitute for old-fashioned courtship or you might just find yourself with a digital pen-pal.
Do you think posting photos and detailed updates about your love life should be off-limits on social media?
I mean, you could take the anonymous route as you chronicle the ups and downs of your relationship in a top secret Tumblr, while at the same time, taking some unsolicited advice from the blogging community. Somehow Facebook always seems to land on them right between lying and lack of communication. An asshole or a cheater is still the same person with or without the added benefit of social media. Marshall , a psychologist that has studied Facebook break-up behavior, “Analysis of the data provided by 464 participants revealed that Facebook surveillance was associated with greater current distress over the breakup, more negative feelings, sexual desire, and longing for the ex-partner, and lower personal growth. If social media preferences are off balance, then couples will need to have a talk to lay out guidelines. Even if your privacy settings mean only your friends see your postings there is still a chance things could come to the attention of your employers.
This will help to ensure you need less REM (dreaming and information processing) sleep and have deeper sleep which helps you feel fully refreshed, and ready for work the next day.
The truth is, that a social media platform cannot take the blame for the poor choices that people make in relationships.
His version, her version, what each of you puts on social media and the gossip it generates.  The internet is like the old game of Telephone, but on steroids.
Participants who remained Facebook friends with the ex-partner, relative to those who did not remain Facebook friends, reported less negative feelings, sexual desire, and longing for the former partner, but lower personal growth”. For obvious reasons, I’m not going to use names of the people who wanted to stay anonymous, some were fine with it. Some people intentionally use the power of social media to make others jealous, because they now have the resources that they didn’t before, now whatever they say gets seen by hundreds or thousands of people, now they feel more empowered. Sending a flirty text to that special girl or guy in the morning to let them know you're thinking of them or a good night text saying "sweet dreams" can really enhance a relationship, especially if you're involved in a long-distance relationship.
So knock the blame game off already and take responsibility for your actions.  For someone like me there is no escape from social media.
Do you really need to see the hot girl’s breakfast or hear about the player’s latest conquest? The fourteen relationship status changes this year sends the message that you are unstable.

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