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I'm a Digital Strategist that uses a practical, no nonsense approach to help companies learn how to leverage the dynamics Web 2.0 to achieve organizational goals and create business value. It is quite common to read that “Social media marketing is the future” on marketing forums.
The truth is, like any other form of marketing, social media is not just something you can try “for a day or two”, and expect to see results. You can also completely replace one of your marketing outlets completely with social media. Once you know your target audience, you can offer them something that they really want, and communicate the benefits of your product in their jargon. Just to illustrate this point: A 23 year-old male interested in gaining weight is more likely to respond to “Pack On Slabs Of Rock-Hard Muscles In 7 Days Or Less!” than “This product will help your body increase your muscle cells’ intracellular fluid” (which might work for a biology student, if that’s who you want to target!).
Give yourself at least 3 solid months of work to see if you can make this work for you or not. To be honest, you can get away with providing content just 2 or 3 times a week in most cases, but be consistent with your timing (for example every Monday and Thursday) so that your followers know when to come back for more of your stuff (and subtly, they will also be coming back for more of your offers).

The rest of the days you can do your research for the content you are going to create and interact with you fan-base by answering their questions or doing surveys. After 90 days, you will have enough data to know if it’s a good idea to keep social marketing as part of your advertising campaigns. If you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing this article, leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Directory Submission - We manually submit your site to search engine friendly directories online & you get permanent one-way links from them. I use a practical approach to teach organizations how to achieve business objectives using the dynamics of Web 2.0 Please drop by with a blog comment or feel free to connect with me on Google+. However, many business owners still believe that it’s just a passing wave (a fad) or an excuse to waste even more time on social networks.
Real people are on the social networks, and it takes time (and some strategic planning) to make this area of marketing work for you. This means that if you want to maximize the reach of your social media marketing campaign, you can include your fan page or handle links in your other ads (and people will relate to them).

For instance if you usually spend $250 on newspaper advertising, you can invest that money in hiring experts in social media marketing – they will take care of the fan page creation, FB advertising, PPC, content creation, managing the entire social account etc. From there, you can decide whether you want to deliver content more often, or try to throw in a couple of offers without any content (by then, you will have enough content out there for them not to see you as a “spammer”). An increase in links will help you improve your search engine rankings & will eventually increase the traffic to your site.
This purpose of this post is to give you a simple and nice layout of a few strategies that you can apply to launch a successful social campaign for your business.
Is your ideal buyer someone who wouldn’t mind paying hundreds of dollars for a solution to his problem?
It could also be to get people to spread the word about your business (offering a free gift in exchange of a “Like”, for example).

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