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The most common question that we get asked in the hospitality industry is why I should be concerned about social media and how will I benefit from the social media elements. A quick follow-up to these questions is of course, how should I go about optimizing for social media and measure the ROI. Here are the top reasons why every business interested in internet marketing should be looking at Social Media.
Social Media is the fastest growing category of Internet Marketing in terms of attracting new users.
Social Media allows you to establish a relationship with your customer like no other media has previously allowed. Social Media offers an opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert in your market. Consumer reviews and user generated content still dominates hotelier’s view of social media. Last but not the least, social media optimization is the next generation of Internet Marketing. Now, that we have made a strong case of why you should be investing in Social Media, the obvious question that pops up is how I should go about doing social media optimization. This section of the white paper discusses various social media strategies that can be adopted by hotels.
These strategies would work well for hotels who currently do not have a social media strategy and want to dabble in social media without a significant investment. Hotel can set up each of these channels on their own without any external help or alternatively, they can use an outside agency or a consultant.
Interlink the channels so that the hotel gains from cross-fertilization between the channels. The most commonly asked question is that I have all these channels established – what should I do next?
User generated Content – monitor the reviews being posted once a week and respond to any reviews that you think need a response.
Social Media Channels – For simplicity, we will include Facebook, myspace, and twitter all as part of the social media channels although, technically, Twitter is a micro-blogging channel. Join any groups or friends on the channels that share a common interest with your hotel – destination, Green, pets, etc.
Discuss things to do in your destination – use each week to discuss one attraction or thing to do.

Discuss any key initiatives at your property – green, conserving energy, pet-friendly, etc.
For hotels that have already dabbled in the starter strategies for Social Media and have seen reasonable success through those strategies, you can take the more aggressive strategies and delve deeper into the social media world.
Use this link below to check out how to conduct advanced social media optimization across multiple social media channels. Tracking Your Returns We have experimented with all of the strategies described in this article and have found good increase in the hotel’s search engine rankings as well as online revenue. Although both the items above are related, there are different mechanisms for measuring the 2 goals. Milestone recently launched a Social Media monitoring tool eBuzz Connect which tracks how much buzz you have in the social media channels. A secondary measure of the ROI and effectiveness of your social media strategies is to look at the impact of social media optimization on your search engine results. Several, Social Media naysayers will argue that until the actual return can be determined, the channel may not be effective. Can you expand on how you can determine how many visitors from the sm channels go into the booking engine?
How to Change your Facebook Profile Page to a Business Page Top 10 Things You Can do to Market Your Hotel in Today’s Economy SEOmoz Webinar - All About Google Places Are You Blogging Yet?
About Isra GarciaMarketer, Social Media and Digital Transformation Advisor for international brands and agencies, Speaker and Educator. Isra is principal at IG, a disruptive firm focused on digital business transformation, working in the last years with brands such as EMI Music (Spain – Portugal), BlackBerry (UK – Ireland), MTV (UK), Pioneer (UK), Ad digital (USA) and blur Group (UK – USA), Amnesia Ibiza (Spain) and Music On (Spain – Italy) or Ushuaia. A beautiful graphic highlighting the most important aspects of a well-thought-out Social Media Marketing plan by one of the referents in the business in Spain. It has not only become one of the critical tool to interact with customer but is also considered one of the key elements impacting organic search and ranking for the hotel. This is done by measuring the leads to your website using simple analytics tools, and evaluating what sites spawned the inbound leads to the booking engine.
It really happened, I was able to design a social media strategy based on the experience that these projects have brought to me. Rethink step A and B, shake it and see what happens, have some time to mature the ideas and concepts. Optimize the profiles: use tools, APPs, resources and tips for giving the profiles a competitive advantage.

Link profiles: You post and it goes to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn…You know what it means right?
Recently selected as one of the members of the ‘Best Thinkers’ program for Social Media Today, the platform used around the world as a reference in Social Media.
Thanks a lot for your compliment, I don’t deserve it for sure!I sis my best for simplifying and drawing a social media strategy process. You may want first determine your goals, so you can measure which ones you accomplish, in what time and doing what. Hotels that take advantage of this trend are seeing significant benefits in terms of online placement and revenue.
In order to do this effectively, you will have to create some type of tracking code and embed it into your website, either through proprietary means or from one of the many free products available online. Define your goals, have a clear vision where you want to go and how you’ll get there. Know your limits, take into account what can help and what can hurt your company, have a plan B, even a plan C.
That is to say, find key facts that can help you to create a consistent social media structure. Do whatever it takes: guerrilla, offline, beta for your customers, offers, discounts, events, website, publicity, PR.
Isra writes for international publications such as Social Media Today, Social Media Examiner, SmartBrief, Social Trends and has collaborated indirectly with FastCompany. Best thing to do is setting up a timeline with milestones-deadlines for each goal, allocating resources as budget, team and time for each one.
Ensure that all fit in, your community is growing, therefore interactions happening around. He has also been named one of the top 20 social media bloggers by Solomon McCown, a well-known Boston-based PR agency.
As well as cofounder of Mapmakers, the most visited Spanish-speaking collaborative platform about change.

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