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Read and write high quality audio, including broadcast quality 24 & 32 bit WAV files up to 192 kHz. Track marker wizard - split your LP and cassette recordings automatically into separate tracks! Render to Realaudio, MP3, WMA, OGG and WAV, including broadcast WAV files at high sample rates and bit depths. Quick to set up, easy to use and fully integrated VOIP call recording software?for your contact center. Monet Record automatically captures and securely stores call transactions to protect data and comply with legal, security & company regulations and policies.

StarDot NVR turns StarDot network cameras and video servers into a security system, all from your desktop PC. Comprehensive search allows users to easily and quickly retrieve calls based on phone number, agent, tags, date, time and other user defined parameters.
All cameras recorded with the StarDot NVR software are saved to a video database on your PC's hard drive. A comprehensive security model ensures that only authorized users get access and are able to export calls using standard audio formats. Ardour’s complete list of features, audio formats, plugins, window layouts, and mix automation options all make Ardour a much more powerful recording and mixing tool.

Easily identify patterns and analyze metrics at various levels for training and quality assurance purpose and establish quality standards and best practices.

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