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PaloAlto Software’s Sales and Marketing Pro helps businesses design their marketing plan and sales strategy from beginning to end. If you have several ideas for your marketing plan and don’t really know where to start, it may be helpful to make use of a mind-mapping software like FreeMind.
Marketing MO is an intelligent marketing planning and management app, plus a virtual marketing team for support. Mplans offers practical ideas and helpful models to get you started with your own successful marketing plan. Made available by the Australian Government, MarketMyBiz is an app that helps you develop marketing plans tailored to your businesses. SmartTools: Fast Marketing Plan is a fast and easy online service that is a best-in-class, step-by-step blueprint for creating the marketing plan you need. Sales Benchmark Index (SBI) recognizes that marketing leaders need a proven framework to help marketing teams reach their full potential. Written by a PhD professor with more than twenty years of professional and academic experience, Marketing Plan Premier guides users through the process of creating a highly effective marketing campaign. MN CORE is a nonprofit committed to the entrepreneurs of Minnesota that connects the resources and support needed for successful business. DWS Associates, a developer of marketing solutions and applications, offers more than 150 planning and analysis tools on their website.
Your organization can create powerful marketing plans with Plan Lab’s online marketing plan software. Marketing Builder is a software solution that includes templates to help you develop a comprehensive marketing strategy.
Plan Write for Marketing is marketing plan software that serves as an interactive tool to help you complete a professional, high-quality marketing plan for a new or existing business. Marketing Plan Pro helps you create a high-return marketing plan so you can grow your business.
Teradata Marketing Applications delivers business, marketing, and analytical applications for companies around the globe. Marketing Planning with Marktinc gives you clear insight in your marketing campaigns, workload, and expenses. PlanMagic Marketing makes it easy for you to write your marketing plan because it offers a prewritten marketing plan template in Microsoft Word. BlueVizia’s Marketing Manager, created by marketing experts for developing long-term strategic marketing planning, is an effective marketing strategy software solution for marketing management. Successful marketing plans require money and a consideration of several different facets of the budget, and HubSpot offers eight marketing budget templates to help companies manage their marketing spend. An app designed for iPhone and iPad, Marketing Plan Writer by Sheila Cosey makes professional marketing plans in a few easy steps. The Cocktail Napkin Plan is a marketing plan app for startups and business owners who need a marketing roadmap. Knowlium offers strategic planning and management software so you can get started with the right marketing and business plan.

MediaPlanHQ is a comprehensive online media planning software that gives you all of the tools you need to efficiently manage, track, and organize your marketing advertisement campaigns. A self-completion template-based system, Marketing Plan Builder provides users with the information, tools, structure, and framework to write a comprehensive professional marketing plan.
Hive9’s marketing performance and planning software is known for helping B2B marketers increase their measurable impact on revenue.
The Marketing Plan App, available for both iOS and Android devices, is designed to help organizations develop better marketing strategies.
SecurePlan is a marketing plan tool that is part of Business Plan Pro and Sales and Marketing Pro that enables users to publish their marketing plan for easy online collaboration.
Today, there are dozens of marketing planning software tools and apps available that simplify and streamline the process, whether you have a marketing team of one or many. When it comes to marketing plans, they offer blog posts, articles, case studies, checklists, and FAQs to help businesses create their best marketing plans. With this type of marketing plan tool, you can organize your ideas and thoughts in a visual way before putting them into a static document.
MindManager’s industry-leading mind mapping features help marketing teams and organizations create marketing plans and accomplish your goals more efficiently. The tool uses Forrester top performer B2B budget allocation benchmarks as presented by Lori Wizdo at Elevate2012. But, we really like the resources and information they provide in helping businesses prepare to complete their marketing plan, including a fact sheet, introduction video, and step-by-step instructions. Each business needs to create a marketing plan specific to its needs, and SME Toolkit provides sample plans from various businesses so that you can get an idea of what marketing plans from various industries look like. With Marketing MO’s comprehensive online marketing and planning management system, businesses can take advantage of a complete set of step-by-step plans and guided, interactive marketing templates. Whether you work from scratch or create your plan from an existing one, SmartTools: Fast Marketing Plan includes eight steps that are broken down into tasks to help you establish how best to reach your target, set your budget, and identify reasonable results. Their Marketing Plan Assessment Tool helps businesses create and implement their marketing plans with ease. Their interactive marketing plan is a simple tool that helps businesses establish their mixed marketing strategies and determine the scope of the challenges they will face.
Stay on top of deadlines and measure results while working in a collaborative way with Marketing.AI.
Developing a Marketing Plan is their online resource for marketing plans and includes key questions, a link to a helpful video series, information, and their marketing plan outline tool.
Their strategic marketing tools are organized under their five-step planning process and may be used in whole or in part, depending on what your organization needs. Their Marketers Toolkit, an app for Android devices, includes more than 31 tools to help small business owners and marketing executives plan and analyze marketing programs and activities. Plan Lab guides you through the six stages of writing a marketing plan, asking dozens of questions and allowing you to save your answers are you go. With Marketing Builder, you can prioritize your promotional opportunities and build sales with optimal marketing ROI. A fully customizable solution, Plan Write for Marketing includes the ability to export to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as to PDF and the internet.

Create a practical action plan for your marketing that focuses on action, rather than words with Marketing Plan Pro. Their Planning & Spend Manager helps you determine when, where, and how to alter your marketing spend to achieve the highest returns.
Stay current with your marketing planning as you get access to your most recent plan any time, anywhere when you use Marketing Planning with Marktinc. PlanMagic Marketing guides you through an in-depth analysis of the organization’s marketing goals and strategies, thereby simplifying the comprehensive marketing plan writing process.
With a step-by-step guide through analyzing your business and developing your marketing strategy, BlueVizia’s Marketing Manager is a perfect fit for a small business. These templates serve as important marketing plan tools to help determine where your marketing budget has gone and where it should go in the future.
Designed with startups in mind, Knowlium seeks to simplify the process of collaborating on developing the right plan for your startup.
Centralize all of your media planning activities in one centralized place so that your marketing team can plan marketing campaigns without spreadsheets. MAUS MasterPlan helps organizations prepare business and marketing plans in a fraction of the time because it is simple to use and designed for professionals who need an insightful marking plan to stay competitive and gain revenue. Currently available in beta version, PlanSprout helps you keep track of your marketing strategy and increase profits and is based on the book Web Marketing On All Cylinders: Kickstart Your Online Presence by John McDougall.
The templates focus on specific content that you should consider for the plan and avoids the need to write extraneous information. Their Marketing Plan Template Builder guides users through marketing strategy and tactics options for building an annual marketing plan template. The Marketing Plan App also is a tool to help businesses increase sales and expand their customer base.
Most marketing plans include a statement of the marketing situation, a discussion of target markets and company position, and a description of the intended marketing mix to reach marketing goals. We have scoured the internet for the most popular and useful marketing plan tools and apps available. For even more specific help, The Marketing Donut makes its marketing plan template available online, at no cost. Both are intelligent marketing plan tools that help you write an actionable marketing plan, but Plan Write for Hi-Tech Marketing includes a detailed marketing guide for the hi-tech industry. Levin Marketing Group, the Cocktail Napkin Plan includes a step-by-step process for easily creating your marketing plan. Most include expert advice and step-by-step processes to make the process of planning your marketing agenda more productive and efficient. Browse the apps and tools, see which best fits your budget, team and goals, and you’ll be developing a successful marketing plan in no time.

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