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Software Testing is the set of activities that involves Planning and preparing on how to test & what to test the software for and Executing software with the intent of finding defects and validating the software against requirements.
Testing involves operation of a system or application under controlled conditions and evaluating the results. Faults in software are can be due to various reasons, from a simple typo to incorrect implementation of requirement or functionality that is not working fully or partially. 1.  A bug in the code radiation therapy machine caused loss of lives of 5 patients in 1980s as the device administered excessive quantities of X-rays than the quantity it was supposed to deliver. The classes of errors detected by Black box and white box testing methods are different, however these 2 types of software testing methods complement one another.
Below are the list of Software Testing Artifacts created during various stages of Software Testing Life Cycle.
Software testing validates software against requirements, Software Quality assurance verifies if the defined Software testing processes are followed and Software Testing deliverables are created, reviewed as per the defined processes.  Software Quality assurance and software testing teams have different responsibilities but motto of both the teams is Quality. There have been many myths and misconceptions about Software Testing.  Below are some of the most common myths. There are many certification bodies like QAI, ASQ, ISEB and ISTQB which offer Software Testing Certifications and Quality Assurance Certifications.  Exams are oriented to assess understanding of testing concepts but do not provide proficiency in Testing itself. About The Ministry of TestingThe Ministry of Testing aims to change and lead within the software testing world. Subscribe To Get Our Best Content.We send out regular email newsletters with our very best software testing content, usually about twice a month. Thanks to the boom in the IT industry and the discovery and newer and better software products, the job of a tester has moved up a notch or two, especially with the outsourcing of major test projects to India. Unlike programmers who need to be skilled in writing a code, testers need to be good at breaking code and have a user’s perspective on every software that is to be tested.“What is needed are generalists with a broad understanding of several development areas,” says one expert. All said and done, software testing is no longer a launchpad to move into other lucrative fields.
You also missed out two companies to watch out for testing services and education: Edista Testing Institute and PureTesting. In this competitive environment, it is necessary to provide quality products to your clients. Due to the limited understanding of the principle software, testing remains an art limited to expert programmers and testers.
The need for enterprises to deploy software tools to maintain a competitive edge has led to a growth in the development of software. Software testing also becomes imperative for clients project, where the margin of error is zero. For successful software testing here are some of the basic, but most effective steps leading to a bug free deployment of the developed software.
You need to execute the testing method; this involves the testing of code in a dynamic state. To conclude, I would say software testing is an art, which is backed by creativity and experience. With the advent of technology, testing may not be the most effective method to improve software quality. IndiaNIC BLOG IndiaNIC Blog consists of interesting posts and news about mobile and web technologies.

Role of Software Testing is to detect these faults on time, report and get them fixed on time.
Y2K (year 2000 problem) is a well known problem which induced fear of worldwide economic collapse.  Billions of dollars were spent in fixing the issue. In 1999 a major gaming company recalled copies of the game due to critical bug and had to apologize to its users. Unit Testing : Type of testing carried out by Software developers to test individual units of code or components or modules. Functional Testing : Testing carried out by Software testing team to validate software functionality against requirements. Integration Testing : Type of Testing carried out by Software Testing team focusing on integration of modules and flow of data between applications. Sanity Testing : Type of testing carried out by Software Testing team to verify if the software is stable enough to carry our major testing.
Smoke Testing : Type of testing carried out by Software Testing team to verify majority of the existing features are working fine in new build or version of the software given for testing.
Regression Testing : Type of testing carried out by Software Testing team to check if any of the existing functionality is broken due to code change or new code or defect fixes. Performance Testing : Type of testing carried out by Performance testing team to check performance, response time of the software. Load Testing : Type of testing carried out by Performance testing team to check software behavior under load. Usability Testing : Type of testing carried out by end users and Software Testing team to check how user friendly and easy is the software to use. Compatibility Testing : Type of testing carried out by Software Testing team to find out if software is compatible on different environments or operating systems and with different web browsers for web based applications.
Security Testing : Type of testing carried out by Software testing team to expose software’s vulnerability to hacks, brute force and unauthorized access. Stress Testing : Type of testing carried out by Performance testing team to check robustness and availability under heavy load.
User Acceptance Testing : Type of testing carried out by client users to validate software against requirements.
Recovery Testing : Type of testing carried out by Software testing team to test how software can recover from crash and hardware failures.
Software Testing is an Art, so hence some of the software test engineers are better than others. Domain knowledge is required only for Software Testers and Business Analysts but not for Software Developers. There is no need for Software Testers to be involved during Software Design phase or Software design reviews.
Defects detected post implementation or only due to lack of time or resources provided to Software Testing team.
Thereafter, the Test Manager assigns him the task for the day, which is to look for bugs in a new software! Since, there are very few institutes in India that run exclusive courses on test methodologies, except for in-house diploma courses offered by the software companies themselves, what is really important for a testing professional is to develop strong quantitative and analytical skills. Companies offering courses even in item 1 or 3 are rare in India, hence gaining on the job experience is very important in this field.

You could have chosen a better image that conveys what our field is about instead of showing a possibility of bug free software.
So, testing provides quality related information to stakeholders to help them take better informed decisions. I have attended their Hypothesis based testing (HBT) session & good value for IT companies.
The purpose of testing can be assurance of reliability, validation, verification, and quality.
In the quest of providing timely and cost effective solutions, the possibility of bugs and boilerplate code has increased. It is the way you utilize the resources and approach testing with proper tools and techniques. Also, the blog posts various events organized and celebrated by the company showing that the employees not only dedicatedly work at office but also enjoy their lives in the campus. Mohit’s job, as a Test Associate is to understand the functionality of an application and review it for faults. Once all the defect reporting for the day is done (somewhere along the way, he’s found time and the opportunity to grab a sandwich), he’s ready for another steaming cup of coffee! When big business suffers due to a bug in a system, testing no longer becomes a formality but a mandatory, in-demand service.
At the entry level, a tester can expect to earn Rs 8000-10000 per month, but as the career progresses, he begins to earn on a par with the software developer. No doubt, Gartner Research says worldwide software testing market is at $13 billion and the market for outsourced testing services is $6.1 billion. As the competition intensifies, a need emerges to incorporate effective methods of software testing.
You must make sure that the development was according to the software requirement specifications.
This will ensure that the project did follow the structural specifications and design as in stated in software requirements. You must make sure that you address the concerns if any, to the respective development teams.
Some more regression testing and he’s ready to call it a day, after filing a status report with the Test Manager. If it does not give the desired output, then it may result in serious loss to the client in terms of time and investment. It should be done as soon as possible so that the necessary errors or bugs get fixed within the production cost.
It is the overall evaluation of the developed software on the basis of software requirement specification. The CAGR rate for independent testing companies is estimated at 92%, with India poised to capture almost 70% of it.

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