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Animated GIF Generator is a completely free gif maker that allows to create animated gif online from images as well as lets you extract a particular part (not more than 10 sec) of a video as animation gif.
Screenshot above shows a quick animated gif created with images using Animated GIF Generator. Another good thing about Animated GIF Generator is that no sign up is required to use it.
A useful online gif maker that allows to create gif from images as well as generates animation from a specific part of uploaded video.
You can also set animation speed, height & width, and quality for output gif that you want to generate with uploaded images.
Check these software to convert videos to animated GIF: Freemore Video To GIF Converter, Free Video To GIF Generator, and KickMyGraphics. GifMake is an online service that is helpful in creating an animated gif online from PC photos or from image URLs.
The best part about this online service is that you can edit size and speed of already created animated gif images.
Thus it is a simple yet an effective online animated gif creator which you can use free of cost.
On homepage of GifMake, you can upload jpg, gif, and png images from your computer or using an image URL.
After this, it will generate your animated gif with a short delay which you can download to your computer. We have also reviewed software to create animated gifs from videos: Free Video to GIF Converter, Coub, QGifer.
GifMake helps to quickly create animated gif and you can perform basic actions with your animations. The cursor was on the desktop, clicking on which you can see the colourful droplets coming out.

So, once you have installed the software in your system, all you need to do is open the application from the system tray. Drobz is an amazing cursor animation software which will create water droplets and magic wand stars on the screen upon the click of the mouse. And to generate animation from a video, you can set height & width upto 360 px, and can extract any particular part of video (maximum 10 seconds in length). Output can be shared online or can be downloaded to PC, like it is possible in Images option. It will show multiple images of your animated gif and you can change individual image’s speed and can remove particular images too. First choose the play type which means choose which animation you want the mouse to create upon clicking- water drops or magic wands.
Jpeg, gif, and png image formats are supported by animated GIF Generator and it also supports online videos to generate animations.
If you don’t want to share animation with anyone, then enable Private option and hit on Generate GIF button to download it. Once the video has been uploaded, you can select the start and end part of video segments, width for output animation (not more than 360 px), and can hit the same generate GIF button to get the output. It can be a good choice for users to create gif from images, but this free version of Animated GIF Generator puts some restrictions on Video option.
You can upload multiple photos of max 1MB in size and can change animation speed of individual photos as well.
If you want to try this free service, then use the below link to access homepage of GifMake. However, the good thing is that you can choose how many drops or wand stars you want the cursor to send out at the time of a click.

Choose one and then go to the settings icon in order to adjust it according to your choice.
Then check on the box if you want random colors of the drops and wand stars in order to make it look more pleasing. I feel it would have been better if they would have incorporated more animations in the software. You can change settings, such as animation speed, height & width, output quality, and title for output animated gif. If you want, you can even add text for output as watermark, can adjust Maximum FPS, speed, and loops (number of repetitions) for output animated gif.
If its watermark doesn’t bother you much and you are happy to generate 10 seconds gif from videos, then video option is also beneficial for you. Advanced optimization delivers the smallest possible file size, while exporting to video, EXE, and Flash formats makes it one of the most versatile animation tools available. And at the bottom part of its interface (below to images), set the animation loop upto desired numbers. You can also customize the settings by choosing how many wand stars or droplets you want per click of the mouse on the screen. You can check on the color hues option which will send out a pattern of colors instead of one color which will further enhance your cursor. He loves building web apps and has also written for the Wall Street Journal & Lifehacker.

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