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If you’re not running a genuine version of Windows OS or your license period has expired then you must be experiencing ‘This copy of Windows is not genuine error, right? Well, I’m here with a simple tutorial on how to fix Windows 7 not genuine error in few simple steps. The major problem with this copy of Windows is no genuine error is that it removes wallpaper from the desktop and replaces it with complete black color wallpaper which looks very bad. Another thing which is annoying is that this message keeps on coming after each 5-6 minutes on your desktop notification. Now a popup will appear as Windows Script Host which will notify that you’ve successfully completed that command and you need to restart your system. China Good Quality Car GPS Antenna, Magnetic Mount Antenna and Monopole And Dipole Antenna International Trade Site.
Microsoft Security Essentials is the free antivirus developed and provided by Microsoft for free to Windows XP, Vista and 7 users. If you do not have Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) installed because you want privacy and does not trust what information is being constantly sent to Microsoft, then here is a method on how to install Microsoft Security Essentials bypassing the genuine validation check. I Believe M$ has put some new servers to check and it is saying again about conterfeit bla bla bla… Someone has a workaround? I have XP and had trouble the first time cause it kept telling me it wouldn’t pass the validation test (even with the loader running). I wish microsoft would stop with this annoying messages that only hurt legitimate customers.

Follow instructions #1-3 below the main install instructions above (clearing files, changing hosts file, etc). Works with V.1, but after install, reports that my Windows XP Pro SP3 is not valid and that MSE will be disabled after 30 days. However, I did a complete reinstall of Win XP – same everything, same PC, same XP copy, etc.
You don’t need any additional software to do so but you’ve to take a little help of command prompt of Windows OS. Don’t forget to share this simple guide on how to fix Windows 7 not genuine error with your friends online. Brand new OEM software from factory, if you are not familiar with OEM software, please refer to below basic knowledge.
Package contain CD+COA+Manual, you can choose 32bit or 64bit CD to buy accroding to your request. Internal pack with original key code sticker from Microsoft, it can be register, activated and update online. Accepting more kinds of OEM software customize for you, provide good quality and discount software sales.
Software CD contains the same programs as the Retail Box version, but it does not included Microsoft free tech support since it's intent for user with in-depth knowledge to install operating system.
It has been very good detection against virus and it is light which does not put a lot of load on your computer.

However you will notice that there are some red alert notifications in the program telling you that Windows did not pass genuine validation and you can run another validation check after you get genuine Windows. I have a genuine windows PC, but disabled all the WGA stuff ’cause Microsuck has no business putting spyware on my machine. Remember, I’m not going to include any software in order to fix Windows 7 not genuine error. However to install Microsoft Security Essentials, the user must go through the genuine validation check first. Follow the on-screen instructions and when asked validate your Windows, just continue with it. If the genuine validation passes, the installation continues but if failed, the user cannot proceed with the installation showing the message “This copy of Windows did not pass genuine validation. You might be a victim of software counterfeiting” and will be either asked to close the setup or get a genuine Windows.

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