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Video editing a few years back was a very hectic and difficult jobs and only professionals with some sophisticated studios were able to put some visual effects into the videos.
Sony Vegas Pro with its awesome features is giving some tough time to its competitors like Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X from Apple.
On an ending note we can say that Sony Vegas Pro 13 is a very powerful video editor which will help the professional to create some video with stunning effects. Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Sony Vegas Pro 13 free download. Before you start Sony Vegas Pro 13 free download, make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements. Well try to download from Adobe ?? I think you need to sign for an account before downloading. September 17, 2014 By Team AISFM18SHARES Whether youa€™re an amateur editor or a professional, having the right video editing software is imperative to performing your job at the highest level possible. Corel takes the look of Avid Studio and underpins it with faster code in this full-featured, fast-performing nonlinear video editing program. Can’t update anything other than text in After Effects features, and must enable it in After Effects. Adobe provides even more tweaks and features to its video editor — all of which make for a better program.
Can’t import projects from previous Final Cut versions natively (though a third-party plugin can).
Apple has built a completely new, faster, cleaner, and more intuitive digital video editing package.
Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 simplifies the video editing process into three simple steps: capture, edit and share. The effects and transition libraries are not as extensive as those of some other video editing applications we reviewed. We tested EDIUS Pro 7 with eight camera angles of screen capture at 2560×1440 in proxy mode with a 1080i project. Already a fast and effective performer, MAGIX has developed still further with its new version MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Plus. The Particle Simulator remains HitFilma€™s best feature, and enhancements mean that ita€™s now better than ever. HitFilm 2 Ultimate costs a third the price of After Effects, however, and while its scope is more limited, its particle effects are far superior. Designed for a new generation of creative professionals Vegas™ Pro 13 Edit delivers pure Vegas Pro core technology in a cost-effective package. It is full offline installer standalone setup of Sony Vegas Pro 13 Video Editing for 64 bit.
But technology has taken a giant leap and anyone can take the seat of video editor at his home.
Though Vegas Pro is falling short on several grounds comparing to the above mentioned two competitors but Sony is hoping to catch them up with the introduction of new features.
Shape Masking tools are also present which makes the job of cropping and effects treatment much easier.
This powerful visual effects software merges professional 3D compositing and over 180 effects with live rendering on the Vegas timeline. With this movie editing software, you’ll be able to create professional-looking movies.

AMA is Avida€™s answer to the ability of other packages to read media in their native formats.
With solutions such as Unity ISIS and Symphony, and workflows including Pro Tools, Avid isna€™t going anywhere anytime soon. If you dona€™t already have an editor or are currently using a less sophisticated program and would like to up your game, you can download the trial and take it for a spin. Instead of the software automatically adjusting and skipping frames in the preview monitor(s), all clips and the program slowed down to three frames per second, playing every frame (the result was about 30 seconds to make it through five seconds of our sequence). With a middle-of-the-road cost at$700, EDIUS Pro 7 will be good for any short-format editor who doesn’t want to futz around getting their system off the ground. If you are looking for a good level of control and creativity over your video projects then MAGIX gives you a highly workable product. Each particle is essentially a bitmap, and it’s now possible to pluck these bitmaps from frames in a hidden layer, creating particles with complex evolutions or randomness.
It tracked two scenes pretty accurately, but in a couple of others it struggled to make sense of the planes we’d defined.
Anyone who wants to add some high-octane drama to their video productions shouldn’t hesitate to invest.
We offer accredited bachelor's and master's degrees in filmmaking, performing arts, advertising, journalism, photography and graphic design. New features include advanced archival tools, new audio metering options, and full synchronization with the Vegas Pro Connect mobile iPad companion app. Sony Vegas Pro has no special requirements when it comes to hardware and it can runs on almost any Windows computer.
Along with video editing and applying of effects, audio files are also treated in a very professional manner and you can edit your audio files with superior control over them. Featuring an industry-leading toolkit and a world class particle simulator, HitFilm 3 Pro gives you total control and customization of your built-in effects, including color correction and grading tools. Meanwhile, prosumer video enthusiasts get a less daunting upgrade path to a pro-level Mac editor.
Other packages allow video producers to import the footage and read the root files while editing.
We understand the need to address the concerns from video producers in Avida€™s traditional workflow, but the solution here is not a completely viable answer in practice.
Although AMA is still not quite there, the new features hold the promise of easier ingestion and even quicker workflows.
If you are a non-professional user and are already using Vegas Pro 12, then you may want to wait for the next update to come around. Vegas Pro 13 Edit offers more formats, more workflows, and more creative control than ever before. Sony Vegas Pro is one such video editing software which is loaded with all the necessary and advanced tools for editing the videos and make it look like a masterpiece. Vegas Pro 13 has some rock solid improvements and updates for professionals as well as newbies. Then, in order to view the video in real-time, you often need to render the clips in your timeline.
Ita€™s fair to say that it still takes skill and experience to achieve consistently usable results. Sony Vegas Pro was initially introduced as an audio editor which then was upgraded to NLE for audio and video.

The interface of Sony Vegas Pro 13 is very well organized and is loaded with lots of tools which help users in editing videos. If, on the other hand you are a professional user then check out the pro features and see what you think. Add visual effects and compositing in HitFilm and save your changes which automatically updates the media back in Vegas Pro.
The Vegas Pro 13 interface provides an impressive array of innovative tools and thoughtful touches with a fully customizable workspace for accomplishing a wide range of production tasks. Seamless integration makes for an amazingly efficient and powerful post-production workflow. Good organization toolsa€”ratings, tagging, auto analysis for faces, scenes, and stabilization. Avid has also introduced a memory-resident transcoder that will enable queued transcoding to happen with Media Composer closed. Because everything works in true unified 3D space, your models work with the cameras to accurately simulate depth of field, motion blur, multiple light types, full self-shadowing and shadow casting onto other layers. Plug in 3D models as textures to create fleets of ships, sprawling cityscapes, asteroid fields or a hail of arrows. Vegas Pro Connect Vegas Pro 13 collaboration enhancement app for iPad To meet the collaboration challenge on video productions, Vegas Pro Connect replaces tedious written spreadsheets and notes with efficient online and offline review workflows. The app provides a comprehensive review system within a gesture-driven control surface and represents a genuine breakthrough in project collaboration and control.
Easy to set up and use, Vegas Pro Connect provides the kind of collaborative edge that will make your clients feel like they have well-channeled editorial control as well as a more direct and meaningful involvement in the creative process.
You can even mix in an audio clip to automate the animation, or apply them directly to 3D objects. Whether you're a beginner, an experienced filmmaker, or a professional broadcast producer, there is a Vegas Pro solution to meet your needs. Superior editing and collaboration Vegas Pro is known for being a rapid editing environment. The latest version expands on this with the introduction of a multi-tool paradigm which organizes frequently used tools in a convenient pop-up menu directly below the timeline to provide fast access for a more efficient editing workflow. Project Archiving Organize and archive your completed production along with its associated media with the flexible Archive feature. Archive all media associated with a project or only the media used on the timeline, including nested projects.
Automatically clear the Project Media window of unused material just prior to archiving in order to maximize storage space. Apply keyframes to the surround panning of tracks and buses to mix the most demanding DVD and Blu-ray Disc™ soundtracks, while never leaving the Vegas Pro environment. Apply 5.1-channel audio effects to the master bus for enhanced control over surround mixes. Export projects as discrete tracks for post encoding, or encode directly to Dolby Digital® surround with the Dolby Digital-certified AC-3 Pro encoder.
In addition, the DVD Architect Pro software imports AC-3 files for multichannel 5.1 DVD and Blu-ray Disc creation.

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