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Version 6.0 of the Instagram app adds a ton of new photo editing tools that we'll discuss momentarily. What do you do if you shoot a picture in landscape orientation but it displays (incorrectly) in portrait orientation? The solution is to use Instagram's Straighten tool, which lets you rotate images either 90 degrees or in much smaller increments.
On the Straighten screen you can tap the Rotate button at the lower right corner of the picture to rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise (tap as many times as necessary). Instagram 6.0 adds a ton of photo editing tools, all accessible by tapping Tools on the Edit screen.
The final tool on the Tools screen is called Tilt Shift, and the name doesn't provide a good description of what the tool actually does – there's not tilting or shifting of the image involved.
All of these editing tools are nice and quite useful, but they're not really what Instagram is known for.
All of Instagram's filters are available when you tap the Filters control on the Edit screen. Marc Clancy Self taught special effects makeup artist and designer from Melbourne, Australia. A blog deticated primarily in special effects makeup and it's related fields (practical effects, prosthetic applications, body painting, and beyond). Perfect Effects 3 is an amazing photo editing application, include more than 30 professional effects divided into four categories, they are Effects, Instant, Textures and Borders. You can also combine some effects altogether with various intensity and apply combination effect in your image or photo. On right corner below, there’s options Image Navigator, Layers management and Masking functions. Not only is it easy to use for both taking and sharing photos, you can also use it to touch up your photos with a variety of special effects and filters. Not only is it easy to use for both taking and sharing photos, you can also use it to touch up your photos with a variety of special effects and filters.
Long-time Instagram users, however, will be familiar with a single control that's still there in version 6.0, and might be the only editing function you need.
Or what if you're shooting a landscape or other horizontal scene but the horizon isn't quite level? If it's just a matter of straightening a crooked image, slide your finger across the grid at the bottom to rotate the picture a few degrees at a time.
These controls should be familiar to anyone who's ever used even a basic photo editing program. Slide the control to the left to remove contrast from the picture, or to the right to add contrast. Slide the control to the right to give the picture an orangish (warm) cast, or the left to add a bluish (cool) cast.

This control can brighten or darken the highlights in a picture; it's similar to adjusting the brightness, but only affects the brighter parts of the image. Slide this control to the right to darken the edges of the picture, leaving the center in a brighter vignette. Just remember to use each tool with caution; move the slider a little at a time and judge the effect before you do more.
The default is a Radial effect, where the center of the image remains in focus and everything outside that circle gets blurred.
This isn't a filter, it's the absence of any filter – that is, your picture as shot, nothing added.
This filter creates a softer and somewhat faded look that can make outdoor images in particular more calm and soothing.
This is a strong filter that increases the color saturation and adds a warmer color temperature. This one adds a slight vignette around the edges and applies high contrast and high saturation. This one increases the exposure, decreases the contrast, and create a warmer image with a slight pinkish tint. Instagram's final filter (for now; they're always adding more) gives an image a bright vibrant feel with a  radiant glow. That's what makes Instagram so fun – click a shot and then play around with the look you get from the various filters.
Instagram is an application you can use to exhibit and edit photo, it can connect with your friend and also comment each other’s photos.
Although this application works independently (standalone), but you can also plugin with Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom and Apple Aperture. Options like Delete, Copy, Blend layer, Layer Opacity, Brush Size, Feather etc can be used to fine tune effect you’ve applied in the image.
This application could work well in 32bit and 64bit version of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. After 6 years of hard work at telecommunication company, he decides to quit his job and build his own business. In addition to being a burgeoning social network, Instagram is also a first-class camera app. Slide the control all the way to the left to remove all color from the image, producing a black and white picture. Again, it's similar to adjusting the brightness, but only affects the shadows in the image. The second effect is Linear, that is the middle third of the screen horizontally remains in focus and everything above and below that line is blurred. The effect is a brighter center with a darker vignette around the outside, and is more pronounced in darker photos.

This filter makes colors warmer and more vibrant, and is a good choice when you have a lot of strong colors in a picture.
It lowers the contrast of the image, slightly dodges the center, and softens the overall picture. In addition, Willow softens the image and applies slightly brighter lighting in the center. This filter vignettes the corners of the image, warms up the color temperature, and applies a sepia tint. That's the effect you get with this filter – high exposure, reddish tint, and a faded look, just like an old picture from the 1970s.
This is accomplished by means of increasing the color saturation and warming the overall color. The resulting screen lets you add a border to the image and adjust the intensity of the filter, via a slider control. This time SOT will discuss about image editing application for your PC which offered effect option which is almost similar like Instagram, but more special and complete. There are some option on the left side such as Crop, Cut, Masking Brush, Masking Bug, Zoom and many more. Preference window can be accessed from Edit menu, makes you possible to change general application, control memory and VRAM usage for better performance. In this article, author Michael Miller describes how to use Instagram’s various special effects –- including filters, rotation, and the powerful tilt-shift tool - to create great-looking photos. With both effects you can use your fingers to both reposition and resize the in-focus area; with the Linear effect, you can even use your fingers to rotate the in-focus plane. The filter adds a slight glow and softer lighting on the subject, along with a slight yellow tint. It adds a vignette to the edges of the image, increases the contrast level, and applies a golden tint. Drag the slider to the right for a more intense effect, or the left for a more subtle adjustment. Effect Tab offered more than 24 effect in five categories, you can also combine them each other.
It's something pro photographers have been clamoring for for a long time, and is now available to everyone using the Instagram app.

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