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This morning, FxHome Hitfilm started a Kickstarter to help fund the conversion of their flagship software, Hitfilm2 to Mac.
The purpose of using video editing software on raw video files is to enhance their quality and make them presentable to the masses.
Special effects tools either come within a video editing software or editors need to purchase additional software that specializes in adding special effects to a video footage. If the video is destined to be showed off to a wide audience like movie theaters or TV, and is the theme of the video requires, special effects become one of the most important functions editors need to perform before releasing the video to the intended audience. In advertisements, special effects are usually added to either highlight the branding or the corporate logo. Special effects in video editing software allow editors a free creativity reign and do whatever they want with the video in order to make it more interesting than it already is. One can also add interesting transitions between different parts of the video to make it more interesting.
Using the extra plug-ins that come with most of the special effects and video editing software, editors are able to add a lot of creative elements in the video. One of the most sought after advantage of special effects tools in video editing software is that it allows editors to easily perform screen transitions. However, before one starts to add special effects and sit back to watch the benefits of their labor, one should determine the parts in the video which will be requiring special effects.
Video editing could be very money consuming due to its requirement for large hard-disk storage, high computer performance and expensive video editing software. At the point this article is created, Adobe After Effect CS3 still cost about USD999 per copy while Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 costs about USD799 per copy. Eyespot provides video editing and sharing software that can be easily embedded in any website. Jumpcut is an online video editing and remixing website that lets you edit your videos, create slideshows and post them on any webpage. VideoEgg is a video editing platform that lets you create a movie, edit it, while adding effects, making slide shows, create mash-ups, etc- all from within your browser. Photobucket lets you edit your videos using Flash and lets you remix your photos, home videos with cool effects, video captions, transitions and other things.
YouTube Remixer lets you add effects and graphics, text and audio, overlays and transitions to your YoutTube Video, directly in your browser. Movie masher allows you to sequence and trim clips, add effects, transitions, titles, and music, using a familiar timeline editor. This service features the ability to link to a very specific point or “segment” within the clip itself.
Vidavee graffiti adds graphics and text into any video; the service is called a “legal form of artful vandalism” by the creators. Kaltura’s open source platform enables any site to seamlessly and cost–effectively integrate advanced interactive rich–media functionality, including video searching, uploading, importing, editing, annotating, remixing, and sharing.
Windows Movie Maker is an equipment you need to make digital movies and get footage from your camera to your computer.
ZS4 Video Editor is video editing and composting software which provides media experts with a facility to combine a variety of media types (currently photos, videos and audio files) into one (or more) output file(s).
The idea for Wax is to be very general purpose and flexible in video compositing and effects, so that you can compose your dream video sequence with ease everytime.
Vivia is a video editing program for Linux and Windows that offers very user-friendly editing of DV video material.
AVIedit allows you to join and split avi files, extract frames and perform video warping, color restore, noise reduction and so on.
VideoSpin is free video editing software that allows you to create your own movie clips in minutes using your own videos and pictures. My BIGGEST time waster, Learning video editing software only to find out that the software I down loaded is about as good as a pair of pants with three legs. Video editing software is something most people will turn to if theya€™ve ever been subjected to hours upon hours of my Disneyland vacation footage.
Premiere Elements 7 software is easy-to-use at great value, so you can tell amazing stories with photos and videos. To handle many files in the directory, it is possible to zoom out, so that a single file only covers one pixel-line in the editor, or even less, for rough cutting. Vegas Movie Studio, Video editing, audio production, and DVD authoring come together in a single, powerful solution.
Roxio Creator 2009 is A complete digital media software that lets family members of every age and experience level to easily create, preserve, and share their stories and passions. PowerDirector 7 is also the first open video editor that allows users to share and download custom designed PiP effects, animated objects and DVD templates from Directorzone, the community website for video editors.
ShowBiz DVD 2 can export video to hard disk, DV tape, VHS, or e-mail, with real-time movie or segment previews and automatic or manual scene detection.
MyDVD 10 Premier includes a couple of new features called "Mobile Phone Doctor" and "Mobile PhotoFit" which automatically adjust, improve and resize photos taken with your camera phones. Video Edit Magic is easy-to-use and allows you to capture video, edit, cut, copy, paste and trim your audio and video. If you are familiar with names like Adobe, Alias, Apple, Avid, Discreet, Eyeon, Media100, Newtek, Pinnacle, Sony, Quantel you will be surprised to find out that there is an open source, video editing and post-production software that is freely available and that just awaits you to be downloaded, installed and put to good use. Called Jahshaka, this grassroots real-time video production powerhouse integrates multiple fully featured modules including a frame-by-frame paint over video facility, a production titling component, full video and audio editing, animation, and a special effects lab. With this technology you don't need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to produce video that is as good as its editor.
Jahshaka leverages the power of OpenGL and OpenML to provide a unique video production suite that can run on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Irix and (soon) on Solaris. The goal of the Jahshaka project is to produce an industrial strength editing, effects, and compositing system that works on uncompressed video and audio, at any resolution, in any existing colorspace.
If you are a professional video editor you can download Jahshaka right now and see whether this is vaporware or whether you would actualy advise small and independent video makers to adopt this tool in place of its much more expensive predecessors.

I would actually be interested myself in hearing your opinion on this and to share back with Jahshaka what you think may be the major areas of improvement that the product development team has to work on.
Here is my edited summary list of Jahshaka version 3 planned features, many of which have already made their debut inside the existing public version (1.9x). The effects module is a true image processing environment, expandable by plugins based on the OpenApi to create anything from blurs, glows, optical effects, lens effects and edge filters to whatever your creative abilites can think of.
The text module is a complete OpenGL based character generator with support for multiple fonts, and upcoming support for rolls, crawls and all of the typical computer graphics and titling needs.
The JahPlayer is the final complement to a production suite that also envisages production of individual free tools for video editing, photo editing, music editing and more. Interestingly enough, since last September (04) the development team at Jahshaka has also been working on a Jahplayer that would work on Nokia mobile phones.
When you click the link you get diverted to cinefx.org where you find that the editing software has been renamed to "Cinefx", except when you download it it won't even load (on Mac OSX). All this hooplah for a dead link - must have been LOTS of bugs (did'nt that guy below - who sounded like he knew what he was talking about - say he "wouldn't even consider it "alpha" software?
I am a newbie when it comes to video creation and this is great that it's open source and freeware but I have to agree with David Luu that it's not newbie friendly.
Ow I see it's pretty easy to google a working link, sorry :) Still it may be nice to fix the ones in the text :) Good luck with the project!
As a Mac user, I own Hitfilm 2 for PC that i've been running through bootcamp, and I've been an FXHome customer since Visionlab.
Competition breeds Innovation.The more VFX users there are out there, with more tools, the better we all have to become. The video editing tools come with a lot of features like video and audio merge, anti-shake features and other features that help in editing the raw video files.
Advertisements, corporate videos, product announcements also utilize special effects to add an extra star to the video, which has been otherwise well made.
A professional movie maker would die before even thinking of not adding special effects even if they are supposed to be use minimally. The level of special effects in advertisements is based on the budget and the purpose of the ad.
Using special filters, editors are able to restore the picture quality of the video and enhance elements which they deem unfit for a professional video.
Special effects also allow editors to add logos, animation and cool graphics if the video requires so, making it look more professional. Screen transitions allow differently shot scenes to appear in continuation, thus making it into a single movie without awkward pauses before the next scene begins. This particular feature comes in handy in advertisement videos, corporate videos or even movies, when adding words on the screen during a scene or giving sub-titles which appear at the bottom. Adding special effects in almost every scene when they are not required could turn the video into something entirely different. Because of all of these, it makes nearly impossible for end users like us (or me at least) to afford the fun of video editing.
This point is, if you are not going to use them frequently, it’s really not worth getting a copy for just couple of one or two video editing. Eyespot allows you to apply special effects, transitions and even audio dubbing to your videos. Cellsea allows you to add effects, change size, add sound or simply to convert their videos to another format—eg 3G for mobile use, MP4 for iPod or PSP etc.
To add clips, music, transitions, or effects to the timeline you simply drag and drop them into place. You can create, edit and add special effects to your home movie and share them with friends and family. This is the simplest and fastest tool in its category which has ability to extract long VOB clips in few seconds. With the flexibility to up grade when you are ready to Pro or Ultimate, This video editing software is not free to own but does offer a free trial. While it could be argued my videoa€™s are a bit long But only a bit It certainly could have easily been condensed into a more compact presentation. Easily create extraordinary photos and incredible movies, and use them together in cinematic slide shows and more.
A play button lets the software automatically advance to the next image, thus playing the video.
Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Edition software has everything needed to produce high-quality movies, corporate videos, wedding DVDs,. The most popular of these programs are Avid, Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro (in no particular order). ShowBiz DVD 2 offers you a whole range of choices to provide inspiration for your movie projects. No need to buy a set of brand name applications that can do the same while emptying your wallet. On the desktop you can load, save, import, export grab video or view still and clips that have been loaded into the system.
With support for realtime video and effect playback (on supported OpenML hardware) the editing module will support mixing clips of different resolutions, formats and colorspaces. Its support for anti-aliased brushes allow you to paint on video clips, paint with 3d models and more.
Full local and peer-to-peer networking will allow you to share files and projects with users next to you, next door or around the world.
While there is still a lot of work to do before the present JahPlayer release can become a real competitor to Windows Media Player, Quicktime or Real, the team at Jahshaka does have the first player to sport a built-in 3D engine!
The JahPlayer can play back uncompressed video sequences and integrates display of standard SMPTE timecode. Here is a sneak preview at the JahPlayer running on a Nokia Ngage and here is the link to its direct download.

Which is a shame because a viable open-source alternative to $1,000+ programs like After Effects could only be a good thing. They don't have the massive resources that Adobe has, but they put together a solid product.
If you can't afford After Effects and Premiere, or Final Cut, you'd be out of the game if not for companies like FxHome. Special effects can be used to add animation, show death defying stunts or show something on the screen which is normally impossible to occur, among other things.
Editors can either chose to simply perform screen transitions or add special effects between scenes like swirls and rush, to make it look nicer. One should always take note of this particular fact before editing their very own blockbuster!checkout more info in their website.
That's what my friends have said and a few other choose things I don't wish to share right now.
MyDVD 10 Premier even includes Roxio's full PhotoSuite editing package for all of those photo editing needs , such as removing red-eye, rotating and cropping. Jahshaka is capable of playing all major media formats from Flash and .avi to Quicktime, Windows Media and Real. The desktop also has an integrated player which can scrub files on disk or load clips into RAM for realtime playback of uncompressed footage.
This is the strangest version numbering system I have come across in over 20 years working as software developer.
So, I think tat if you enjoy open-source software and the ideas behind it, you may want to give it a good try. I am looking for opensource video editing software, can you recommand me any if Jahshaka is not good enough. They have been personally extremely cool with me, responding to my random questions about the product, and the industry. They're providing a lower cost alternative that lowers the barrier to entry for aspiring artists and filmmakers.
Instead of carefully looking through all your video footage and splitting it into scenes to edit, just select Detect Scenes and let AutoMovie Creator do all that work for you.
It plays uncompressed video sequences and makes it possible to view and even edit video in any format or resolution.
Just take a look at the Jahshaka source code and you will see lot of classes, widgets, modules, etc which have been ripped off from the KDE project and back ported to Qt.
If you are instead in for a rock solid software to do video post-production, then give Jashaka a bit more time to smooth out some of its rough edges. For something comparable, you'd have to go with something like After Effects + Video Copilot's Element 3D. As a matter of fact, I got to talk to their community manager today about his take on a potential project of mine in the near future. Karsten Becker and friends ought to be ashamed of themselves for stealing other peoples work. Nothing against Adobe and Andrew Kramer, but some people just don't have that money, especially those starting out. We allow more people to have the means to create, and thus raise the bar for ourselves as well. Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 will make them look great with quick edits, artistic touches and fun transformations. If we want to see better products, better films, better effects and better stories, we need to support those that are making it happen.Check out their kickstarter for more information. Create impressive titles, transitions and effects with more overlay options, easy Freeze Frame, and Video Masking. Explore almost limitless creative options with plugins and tools from industry leaders NewBlue, proDAD and Boris Graffiti. From personal movies and action cam videos, to screen recordings and slideshows, the results will be stunning thanks to XAVC S support for 4K and HD.
Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 & Premiere Elements 14 will make them look great with quick edits, stylish effects, artistic touches and more.
Use the included Sound Forge Audio Studio software for precise audio editing; then enhance your multimedia projects with 400 exclusive music soundtracks. Create video in beautiful 4K (ultra HD) XAVCS or AVCHD, develop original music, and enhance multichannel audio.
Weave your ideas into videos that can be uploaded directly to Facebook or burned to a DVD or Blu-ray Disc!
Movie Studio 13 Platinum is touch-enabled!Create movies on your touch PC or Sony VAIO Tap device. Create projects on your desktop or Sony VAIO Tap PC Record Audio Record Audio ACID Music Studio makes music creation easy.
Play them through unique instruments and the included TruePianos Amber Lite virtual instrument plug-in. This multi-awardwinning video editing suite is geared towards the unique requirements of professional and ambitious users and offers an unrivaled range of powerful postproduction tools: 3-way color correction, multicam editing and hardwarebased decoding. Native 64-bit technology and scalable proxy editing provide powerful video editing in HD and 4K quality. With the new color matching tool, the colors and tonal values of two separate videos can automatically be matched. These can be used indefinitely after this year has expired on the software version you have already installed. If you reinstall the program after this point, it will revert to the version you had when you registered the program.

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