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SpiderOak 3.0 will sync files among multiple computers, regardless of operating system, and allows for ultimate privacy and security. Straddling the line between those who want simple, easy access to their files from any location and those who need stealth security for content that simply must remain private, SpiderOak 3.0 is a free service that serves both purposes—and plenty in between. SpiderOak now offers the Sync option, which allows you to synchronize files on up to eight computers.
The latest version of SpiderOak is an online data manager designed to work with Windows, Mac, and Linux (the Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora flavors of the last). Its new Sync application lets those with multiple computers sync their data among different operating systems. This is good news for people worried about privacy, but bad news for people who forget passwords easily. For Mac and Linux users, and people concerned with privacy, these changes are excellent news.The software is cloud-based, offering a central storage repository instead of an online backup option. SpiderOak will save a password hint, but unless you are logged in with your password on another computer running SpiderOak 3.0, the data is impossible to access if you forget your password.

With Version 3.0, files on one computer are automatically changed on the others, so you can use it as a virtual personal network, sharing files among numerous machines and platforms without having to e-mail files or save them to a backup device. Even if SpiderOak turns over everything they’ve got, your information is safe.Another potential problem area is the Backup window. If you accidentally deselect a category or file, the computer will no longer check the files you want for updates. Along those lines, it’s also important to remember that SpiderOak needs to be on for changes to be updated.
SpiderOak 3.0 offers ultimate privacy, storage for as long as you need it, and the ability to operate under differing operating systems. If you’re looking for a simple way to streamline your work across multiple computers, you should consider this service.

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