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Both methods are great to use and can easily be tracked by Google Analytics.  Proper testing can drastically improve ROI for paid search and prevent wasted ad dollars. Okay, you might think that if we use a landing page, the number of clicks will be less than the amount we use with a direct link, right? I’ll skip the details about the landing page components, as I’ve already covered this in PPV Game Killer and the upgrade. When your campaign runs and gives you valid data, it’s time to decide which lander we should keep testing in the next step and which one should be deleted. If you find that there is one from twenty visitors who see the offer and decide to purchase the product, the conversion rate will be 5%. When you find styles that give a good conversion rate, the next thing to do is to make more profit by optimizing them.
For this lander, the first thing I test is definitely the picture of a sexy girl on the left because it’s normally the first thing visitors see. On the one hand, if you want to increase the conversion rate, you need to persuade people to take action. Another way to increase the conversion rate is, like I said before in the previous article, rotating the offers. Bank has been working in the affiliate marketing industry since he was an undergrad in 2008. When creating landing pages for your affiliate campaigns, it’s not always just about your call to action or the offer being promoted.
For instance, the colors being used on your landing page are extremely important, as different colors bring out different emotions. As for how each of these colors are actually used on landing pages and for how they might relate with shoppers, KissMetrics had the following to say. This landing page was created through the AdsBridge platform and also has the ability to split test images, text ad copy and of course colors. When using different call to actions and buttons on your landing page, it shouldn’t just be the text that you are changing around, but also the colors as well. Now you might be saying a 3% to 5% conversion swing isn’t huge… but it actually is! Once your split testing is setup and in place, all you need to do is sit back and wait for traffic to hit your site and then view the conversion results within your AdsBridge dashboard. Anyone that’s been in this industry long enough knows a good landing page can make or a break a campaign. Imagine a scenario where you’re advertising on a traffic source such as Facebook hoping to profit.
However the same couple have a much higher chance of buying that vehicle if they get talked to by a good car salesmen. Breaking even is a good thing because I know I can split test ads, make my landing page better, test more offers, get a higher payout on the offer, etc. The key to knowing when to and when not to is to think about how much action to they have to take, and how much information do they have to give up. I see a lot of competitors out there that direct link some campaigns and probably would benefit more if they had a landing page. Do you have any campaigns where it took you a ridiculous amount of testing to finally get profitable? I’m running 2 campaigns on adcenter ppc right now and both are getting closer to breakeven but this is 5 ads later and I could use some motivation. A lot of the guys that run that kind of stuff have it approved by lawyers that specialize in that area of law, and feature legit testimonials and pictures. Heatmap doesn’t work when I implement it on each of my LP and traffic is sent to the rotator script.
Track engagement, clicks, conversions, sign ups, or anything else that matter to you and your business. Unbounce is a self-serve hosted service that provides you doing paid search, banner ads, email or social media marketing. Marketing and advertising is creative and fun, but implementation headaches and technical processes aren’t. Unbounce hook up your landing page to Mailchimp for email and list management, add Google Analytics for advanced reporting and get automatic email notifications for every lead you capture! Leadpages is the only platform that lets you collect leads and customer contacts from landing pages, pop-up forms, social media, text messaging, and email. Leadpages generates leads and sales for your business on the web, in emails, via text messaging, and on social media. Add Leadlinks to your emails and let subscribers instantly change their email preferences, opt in for extra content, or sign up for webinars. Publish unlimited landing pages to Leadpages' super-fast servers, WordPress, your Facebook page, or any other site you own in a few clicks.

However, when you find profitable campaigns from this method, you should scale them up by creating a landing page. That’s correct, but it makes you force visitors to see your offer or product without asking their permission. If the visitors are interested in what the landing page offers, they might click to see the offer on the next page. What I mean by this is totally different designs – not just a different headline, picture, or call to action button, but the whole thing.
If you don’t know how to code, you can subscribe to my AffLanders, which has been designed for PPV landing page.
For dating or game offers, the landing page’s CTR should be high because the payout is pretty low. Then, we need to calculate back to find the lowest CTR that still makes the campaign profitable.
If you have a 1% CTR landing page, just tweaking the landing page components can make it better. For example, if you want to see which button performs better between red and green, duplicate the same landing page and change only the button color. So, I make the second landing page by duplicating the first lander and replacing the picture with a new girl, like this.
I like optimizing the landing page because it’s a good way to scale up your campaign without spending more.
Some criteria might not be good enough to judge the target or landing page, but this is what criteria I define and feel comfortable with. Of course these are two of the most important things to focus on, but it’s actually not the determining factor in whether you find success or not. This is exactly what we are going to be talking about in this article — how you can trigger different emotions based on the colors you use, how to perform simple color change split tests and increasing conversions in the process. Instead, take a different approach and understand what each color represents and the emotions they might trigger when someone sees them on your page. Colors like blue and green are often used to gain trust, provide security and be easy on the eyes. As shown in the landing page screenshot above, you will want to build a landing page that not only looks good, but also uses the right colors to relate with your target audience.
This is extremely easy to setup and track since AdsBridge not only allows you to create landing pages with a WYSIWYG editor, but also provides you with internal tracking and automatic optimization as well. I’ve seen stale niches become hot overnight because someone came out with a new angle on their landing page. You’ll do this through an affiliate link so you can get credit for any sales you generate. The point of a landing page is they help increase the visitor’s desire to complete the actions you want. I send $100 worth of clicks at a $.20 cost per click (500 clicks) that goes to my landing page. Someone that has to pull out their credit card to complete the action will need a landing page.
Imagine you have a new niche with several countries and you don’t know which country to start.
I usually keep testing if it’s a niche I know a lot of people are making money on, and the volume potential is worth it.
I read that the FTC came down hard on flogs (fake blogs) a while back, but I still see them around (so it seems they still work, but are risky). However, it does work when it is implemented on just 1 LP and traffic is sent only to that LP. Using Visual Website Optimizer, you can easily understand which changes on your website increase conversion rate, and which changes don’t. Optimizely’s custom goal tracking provides an endless range of measurable actions that you can define. Our simple interface and built-in optimization tools are ready to make your next campaign the easiest and most successful one yet.
Text, images, buttons, and even widgets such as countdown timers all snap into place with ease. Let’s assume that a visitor accidentally sees your dating offer while he’s surfing adult websites.
So, the next question is how we design the landing page to grab the visitor’s attention. For example, I may use a one column landing page for the first style with no picture and a red theme color.
If there are no conversions after you drive 1,000 views to each landing page, I will create new ones.

What’s more, the location of visitors may be placed in the sub-headline or wherever to get more attention from visitors.
Be sure to look through each of the colors and the emotional triggers they have associated with them. Instead of trying to find that perfect call to action title or image for your landing page, you could see improvements in your conversion with just a simple button color switch.
I am like Ric Flair, I will use every trick I can in the book to increase conversion rates (Whhhhhhoooooooo!!!!).
I’m going to keep things as simple as possible since I have a lot of beginners that read. I know from tons of experience that I could create a landing page for that eHarmony offer and it would do better than direct linking. I use a strategy I call Minimum Viable Campaigns where I test the ideas with direct linking before I really invest my time. If I had a $500 budget I would set a $50 budget for each campaign and direct link them all. The beautiful thing about this service is that you need absolutely zero coding or programming background, as the tools are easy for anyone to use.
One click will integrate Optimizely with a range of popular analytics tools, like SiteCatalyst, KISSmetrics, and Google Analytics, and Optimizely’s full-fledged API will give you the power to seamlessly integrate your testing data into virtually anywhere else you choose. As our main traffic source is PPV we need to make people interested as fast as possible before they close the popup window. With the second I may use two columns and place an image on the left side and design it in a black and white color.
If you send someone to this page and they fill out all the information, you get $5 or whatever. Using our scenario, someone clicks your ad on Facebook and then they immediately go to the eHarmony page.
If you don’t know, then you have to test direct linking vs a landing page and see for yourself. Depending on the type of leads or sales you were generating, this small percentage swing could results in six to seven figures in addition revenue per year. There are different ways to improve conversion ratio, but the most common methods are split testing and heat-maps.A conversion doesn’t mean a sale as most people assume. A free trial user making a payment to become a customer is another conversion point.As a general rule, the more conversion points we have in the marketing funnel, the more opportunities you have for conversion optimization. It is easy to run such tests with the various tools available today.Such split testing experiments were carried out even before the era of digital marketing and online advertising. Then they would track which ad got a better response by tracking the calls triggered by these ads.
Each ad variant had a different phone number for tracking the effectiveness of the ad copy.The tracking was done manually by the sales people who answered the incoming calls.
It is easier to track visits, clicks and leads, and now even a hobby blogger can run split tests on his blog.Limitations in Split Testing Landing PagesSplit testing works great for optimizing landing pages. He does these minor changes with an educated guess (a hypothesis) about what your customers would want.Here, split testing only helps you prove or disprove your hypothesis. But, it does not help you learn what your customers want.To build the ideal landing page X you have to understand your customers better.
The marketer should join the conversation that the prospect already has in his mind when he is searching for a solution to his problems.If you do not understand what your customers need, all your variations will fail. You may be able to achieve a small increase in conversions, but it would not be enough to take a business to massive profits.One of the best ways to understand more about your customer is to talk to them and find out where they come from. You should replace those ignored sections with stuff that your visitors want.There are many tools that will give you more insights into the click and scroll pattern of your website visitors. I noticed that certain areas get more attention than expected, and other areas are being ignored. I will consider including the widget from Clarity.fmI also noticed that people get to the Contact Me page from the button below this section. Even if you get little traffic, you would still get some insights that you wouldn’t get from other sources.Any questions about heat maps? Need to explore heat maps for my websites.Reply Deepak Kanakaraju July 31, 2015 at 4:38 pmThanks! Want to start a website and use all digital marketing concepts studied on it.Reply Mohamed Saquib August 22, 2015 at 1:26 pmGreat!

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