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Here is what you have to focus on when planning your campaign:What is the goal of your campaign?
Over the last 5 years, Content Marketing has established itself as the mainstream marketing tactic across all industries. For Fitness & Exercise, more than half (56%) of shares were driven by Videos, whereas for Cloud Computing, dominant shares (68%) were driven by Articles.
87% of Fitness & Exercise shares were for articles less than 1000 words, whereas 68% of Cloud Computing shares were for articles more than 1000 words. Once you have produced great content, next you need to identify your key channels for distribution. For Cloud Computing, 92% of the shares happen on LinkedIn & Twitter, with LinkedIn attracting almost half of all shares. We discovered EpicBeat on ProductHunt in April 2015, and since then we have found ourselves using it quite regularly. It is a free product, and presents a powerful combination of information across four tabs – Content, Influencers, Content insights, and Community insights. The topic coverage is extremely good, choice of charts thoughtful, and usability quite intuitive. Finally do your best to ensure that your email won’t end up in their spam filter by running it through a spam analysis checker.Know Your AudienceIf you want to stay on the good side of your audience then adopt a policy of “one size does not fit all” when it comes to your email updates. Do you want to build more brand awareness, increase leads and sales?What is the message you want to convey to your target market?What communication channel do you want to use? As per CMI, Content Marketing is employed by 86% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers.
While you should share your content on all channels, it is important to identify the most important channels and deploy more resources and efforts towards those. For different topics, the community tends to have a different post frequency, different levels of conversations, and different propensity to share. We see EpicBeat as a must-have tool for Content Writers, Social Media Managers, and Marketing Planners. We especially liked how they categorized the influencers based on behaviour like Retweeters, Responders, etc. It has to keep evolving based on audience interests, your brand’s growth, your business objectives, and many other factors. Of course, for the heart and the veins to do their job, you need a brain, too and that’s where tools like EpicBeat step in. More than that, its launching over the most suitable and effective platforms would count a lot.
This might mean you have to keep several different email lists and send slightly different messages to each one.
What makes the most sense based off what you know about your target market?What type of media will you send? But only 35% of B2B Marketers and 27% of B2C marketers have a documented content marketing strategy. EpicBeat is one of the latest products in the market that monitors the popular content and influencers across the social web and provides useful insights on various topics of interest.

Your content strategy needs to be driven by what kind of content your target audience shares and engages with.
Your audience strategy needs to incorporate these details to set the right targets and plan the effort to reach those targets.
We do wish that they would increase the share duration beyond one month, and would allow us to download the data as a CSV. He is passionate to share ideas, tips on the search engine, social media & reputation management. For example, you might want to send a certain offer to customers who are on you database to thank them for their loyalty, or to let them know of a new service you’re offering before the general public see it. Video, infographic, emails or will you use an integrated approach?Remember that the success of your marketing communications plans relies on your ability to craft the right message at the right time, delivered in the right way. Because, in the end, you just have to make sure that you are serving the right content to the right audience on the right channel. Distribution of channels needs to be also very specific according to the massive gatherings of market targets! Alternatively, you might want to have a different welcome offer for prospective customers who have signed up through your website.Track and AnalyseBeing able to track and subsequently analyse everything that you send out means that you can get a great understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
If you need additional tips and to dig into our target market more, consider using my target market profile worksheet to document all the key demographics of your target market. You’ll be able to build up a picture of what headlines work the best to get people to open your mail, what topics people respond best to and more. Good analytics can tell you which links in your emails are getting the most attention, and which ones you may need to tweak in order to get them to work for you. You should also pay attention to the number of emails that bounce, and if necessary remove them from your list.What is your most effective tip when it comes to Email Marketing?
So many people forget to do this!The advice on finding out where your audience is online and then go to them is spot on.
Social HP 32 Image: Driving EDU Leads Through Social Media Brand Ambassadors Driving EDU Leads Through Social Media Brand Ambassadors Social HP 25 Image: Do You Want Loyal Customers?
In fact, B2B marketers in 2015 plan to increase their investment in Email, website and social media marketing by over 50% according to MarketingProfs. We’ve all received countless business newsletters, some good, some terrible and many that don’t get read at all.So how do you make sure that the email updates you send from your business fall into the “great” category?Create Compelling ContentThe first thing you need in order to conduct a successful email campaign is some fabulously written copy. Businesses looking to increase brand recognition, sales and leads can find interested and eager prospects online, but it’s critical to recognize that regardless of the marketing channel you use, a solid understanding of the foundations of marketing is essential if you want to find success in your online marketing. You have one short line to get your point across and convince someone that your message is worth reading. Understand Your Target MarketTo be successful, you need to focus on your target market by identifying their unique attributes. Many businesses create a customer avatar or persona to dig deep into both their demographic and psychographic features.
What is it that makes you click?One Central Idea: People are busy, so don’t confuse them or waste their time with multiple or scattered thoughts. Failing to define a specific target customer is a very common reason why some businesses fail to thrive.

Make sure that after reading you email, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind as to what you were talking about.A Clear Call to action: Why are you sending this email? No matter how compelling your subject line, and how concise your point it, if you’re not asking people to do anything after reading your message, there is virtually no point in sending the mail. You are waging a losing battle if you start this way.There are many ways to learn about your market. Here are some simple ways to get started:Look at your current customer base if you have one. Send a survey to learn more about what they need.There are companies that focus solely on target market research. If you have the money, invest in this.If this is a new venture, take a look at people who are in your target niche. If people have signed up to your mailing list to hear news and updates about your business, don’t send them photos of your Cat (unless your business is cat related…) Keep your newsletters on topics around what your audience expect to hear about from you – otherwise you will not hold their attention for very long.Make It Look ProfessionalIf you’re sending out a newsletter, or a group marketing email then you must make sure that your email looks professional rather than spammy. Find out where they are online and start to join those groups or forums or social media sites. There is no excuse to just write the email in your regular mail format and copy and paste everyone’s email addresses into the BCC line, or even worse, the CC line.There are plenty of mail programs out there that allow you to make smart email newsletters, or to prepare any other kind of group mailing and these are often easy to use and relatively inexpensive. If you’re not sure where to start take a look at Mailchimp, iContact or Aweber.Ensure CompatibilityDon’t assume that just because when you check the newsletter on your own browser that it will look exactly the same and perfect to all other readers – it’s often not the case. Give them what they wantOnce you have a clear understanding on your target group, the next step is simple-find out what they want and create products or services they need.
There are so many options for people when it comes to different web browsers, and the different email packages that your list are using themselves may also format your email differently. There’s also more chance that people will read your email from their smart phone than from their desktop, so make sure your message is mobile optimised. Deliver the GoodsOnce you find that hungry group of people who are desperate for your product or service, your next challenge is to decide how to put that solution in front of them with a compelling offer.
Depending on your business model, this involves face-to-face or physical contact or you may have transactions online via your website.Before you can make your offer, you need to think about the cost of your product or service. You can evaluate your competitor pricing, evaluating production and delivery costs with the right profit margin.  You can also consider the psychological value that your goods provide to your target market. I found a great article on how to price your services which proposes that you consider a three pronged approach. Pick the Right Promotion MethodThe array of promotion methods available can make anyone confused.
Always start with what they need and want, and work your way back to your offer from there. If you know them well, provide what they want and promote it where they can see your offer.5.
Develop an Effective Marketing and Communications PlanOnce you have completed the fundamentals, you can now think about how you are going to communicate to your audience.

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