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THE FIVE STEPS OF THE WRITING PROCESSThe Most Important Thing To KnowThere is nothing in writing which is more important that finding a voice. Want to learn how I went from writing nearly nothing to writing thousands of words a month? And what’s in here is not just a rehash of the same tired ideas you find coming from people who have suddenly fancied themselves as writing gurus. Producing enough content (especially blog posts) for prospects and customers is one of the greatest marketing challenges facing organizations today. After all, who has the time and expertise to consistently publish relevant and interesting contenta€”quickly and effectively?
To help solve that challenge, I developed a six-step process that's highly effective, easy to use and makes writing blog posts a snap.
Instead of writing an outline with statements or bullet points, outline your blog post by asking four or five questions. Recording your interview is important because it will create an accurate record of the conversation. A side benefit of recording the interview is that you wona€™t be hassled with jotting down notes while you are listening. You can transcribe the interview yourself or you can outsource this job to a transcriptionist. When formatting your content for the web, remember to break your information into short, concise paragraphs like this one.
This creates extra white space and makes it easy for readers to skim and become more easily engaged with your copy. The final, and often overlooked, step is to have someone besides you proofread your content.

Proofreading goes beyond correcting typos and grammar mistakes; it helps to ensure that your structure, tone and voice are on track. Creating consistent blog posts (and other marketing content) doesna€™t have to be difficult. Either way, having a simple and effective system will help remove most of the obstacles and simplify the content creation process. Find out from a customer or prospect which one or two problems they face and need answers to. I offer a special pricing on a 10-pack of blog posts, customized and custom-crafted for your website. You'll fill in the illustrated ladder with each important step needed to complete an A+ paper. It captures not only the right content for your blog post but also the emotional words (often missing in business writing). Either way, having a transcript to work from will save you lots of writing time (and time from staring at a blank screen).
Feel free to move the content around and edit it until the copy flows smoothly from beginning to end. Voice is the manner of presentation which allows the personality of the writer to shine through the printed word and gives the reader a sense of conversation.Every person has a unique, worthy voice.
The trick is to find the voice and this comes through trusting yourself as a writer and not being afraid to write as you feel you need to write.
Similarly, no person should attempt to write without a plan for what is to be written.Prewriting is the time to get the brain focused.
Consider: The first time you traveled to some far away spot you were able to get there, but the traveling was difficult.

Each time you write a draft you are a more knowledgeable person than you were previously and, thus, better prepared to write.
Therefore, don't be afraid to cast off an early draft as it was written by a less knowledgeable person than you are at a later writing.RevisingMany students believe that revision is about correcting grammar, spelling and mechanics. While these things are important, revision is primarily concerned with the clarification of ideas . Revision might call for the writer to eliminate sentences, paragraphs or even pages in order to make a piece more clear. Revision might call for a writer to add sentences, paragraphs or even pages.Some have said that a writer is not really writing until she is revising. However, special attention should be given to the need for both items - neither excluding the other. Proofing is the act of making certain that the spelling is correct, the grammar is accurate, and the mechanics is proper.This is a matter of personal pride.
Any writer who has a level of self worth will want his piece to be written with the language demonstrating control.PublishingPublishing goes beyond getting a piece in a magazine or newspaper. By knowing that others will read a piece a writer will work harder to make certain the piece reaches its highest possible potential.

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