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5 Powerful Marketing Lessons From Steve Jobs This Is A Custom WidgetThis Sliding Bar can be switched on or off in theme options, and can take any widget you throw at it or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Psychologist Henri Tajfel wanted to know how seemingly normal people could commit genocide, and explored how easy or difficult it was to get subjects to identify with one group and discriminate against others.
Tajfel tested subjects by having them perform a more or less meaningless task, like choosing between one of two painters or guessing a number of dots shown on a screen.
Tajfel’s experiment (published in Social categorization and intergroup behavior) led to the theory of social identity, which states that people have an inherent tendency to categorize themselves into groups. Note the common characteristic of these, and many other, Apple commercials: they focus on the PEOPLE who use each product.
Certainly, other brands have successfully exploited this concept, both directly and indirectly.
Ozellikle teknoloji dunyas?nda merakla beklenen Steve Jobs filminin yeni fragman? yay?nland?. Apple’?n kurucusu ve CEO’su olan Steve Jobs’un hayat? beyaz perdeye tas?n?yor. Today it’s harder than ever to manage people but you can become a better manager simply by treating your employees as valuable people instead of numbers in a spreadsheet. Marketing Quotes“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” ~ Peter F. The firm that began with the Mac built some of the first home computers [doh, thanks, alert reader!] has turned their customers into legions of fanatical evangelists. What he found was startling: with the most trivial of distinctions, he could create artificial loyalties to one group, who would then discriminate against those not in that group.
They then base their identity (in part) on their group affiliations, and build boundaries to keep other groups separate. Brands that can be positioned to put their customers into a group will find that their efforts will be enhanced by their customers’ own need to belong.
These ads convey little or no actual product information, and instead mock PC users while portraying Apple users in a favorable way. Pankreas kanseri sebebiyle 2011 y?l?nda hayat?n? kaybeden Steve Jobs’u Ashton Kutcher’in canland?rd?g? ”JOBS” filmi 16 Agustos’ta ABD’de gosterime giriyor. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
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But, without a Steve Jobs at the helm, or with fewer resources than Apple, is building that kind of loyalty possible?
When the groups were formed and asked to distribute real rewards, they became loyal to their own group and were stingy with the other group. These in particular draw a sharp distinction – do you want to be one of the cool kids, or a dork? Truck owners in particular seem to consider themselves part of groups, as shown by the ongoing animosity between Chevy people and Ford people, to say nothing of the clannish owners of HUMMERs. It’s critical to make your customers feel different, and to interact with them in a way that makes that more credible than a passing ad slogan.
Have you been able to define an “enemy” group that strengthens the cohesiveness of your own?
Many variations on this experiment have been performed subsequently, and they have shown that people can develop group loyalty very quickly even in the absence of real differences.
It’s not about the company’s cool videos that transformed the Apple brand.The aim of this article is to hand you some of the most powerful strategies and tactics used by Steve Jobs in his presentations, on stage, during interviews, and in online videos.
It is to demonstrate with examples how you can replicate his strategies in your online or offline marketing efforts.You may be thinking,I’m not launching products like Steve Jobs did on stage and in front of thousands of people, how will this be applicable to me? These strategies are applicable as long as you are crafting a marketing strategy and communicating it to your target audience.These strategies can be used in all of your marketing efforts, whether it be website design, copywriting, video presentations, webinars, teleseminars, stage presentations and even one to one presentations. The answer is YES! In this article I will share with you seven strategies used by Steve Jobs that you can implement into your business.1.
In the context of business, I have not seen anyone do this better than Steve Jobs did.In my marketing career I come across businesses every now and then who undersell their products or services. They shy away from saying out loud how great they are.Steve Jobs was 100 percent behind his products.
In 2007 he started his presentation on the iPhone saying, “This is a day I have been looking forward to for two and a half years. Research suggests that movie trailers persuade us to watch new movies as they are released.
Simplify Your Point VisuallySteve’s presentations were all about using the best ways to explain an idea quickly and powerfully, so that it would stick. The graph below shows how smart and easy it is to use an iPhone compared to other competitor phones on the market.

To show how many books can fit in an Intel tablet this is what they came up with (notice likes and shares).If you have been looking at current online marketing strategies, you may have noticed exponential growth in the use of infographics – which are a graphical way of representing information. It’s no surprise that marketers are reporting infographics as one of the most effective tools in their content marketing, for the reasons we talked about earlier. A simple and clear message presented in a basic, yet powerful way.Salesforce is an incredibly successful software company.
Give Your Prospects the Experience of Owning Your Product or Service If you can get your prospects to imagine owning your product and feeling great about it, you have done your job.
If you can achieve this in your presentations, sales and marketing, you will see results.Why does this work?
This allows emotional arousal to dominate and control thinking”.Steve Jobs was a master at this. Social ProofSteve Jobs got some of the biggest names in the world of technology on board to create anticipation and get the message out in a big way.
In his iPhone presentation in 2007 Steve got the Google and Yahoo CEOs on the stage to speak positively about the product.Google CEO Eric Schmidt said on the stage, “This product is going to be HOT”.
It’s important to think outside of the box to utilise social proof effectively, just like Steve did. 5.
More Surprises the Better: ‘And One More Thing…’‘And One More Thing’ is one of the greatest phrases that Steve Jobs used to WOW his audiences. Allow me to expand…If you were to give the same presentations that Steve Jobs delivered to someone else, they rehearsed night and day to make sure they knew the words perfectly you may agree that the result would be different. You may have seen even Tim Cook (current CEO of Apple)on stage recently and it is nowhere near as impactful.The book ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson suggests that he had a belief that he was changing the world, and everything he did in his life had this underlying theme. The real ingredient of his presentations was his intense desire to make a difference through his work.Steve Jobs said to Steve Wozniak that, “Business is the vehicle to make a difference in the world”. Start implementing these 7 tactics in your marketing or presentations and see how it impacts your results.2.

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