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Fact is, there are many B2B companies using social media to great effect today- not only for relationship building, but to drive bottom-line sales. We are emerging from an age of marketing where we talked about the product and our own brand (product centric) to where businesses solve problems and add value to the customer (customer centric). A powerful use of social media for B2B marketers is to influence the customers of your customers, thus generating grassroots (bottom-up) demand.
An example is when we transformed a client’s conversations about their products (in this case orange beverages) into popular conversations around the customers health and wellness (customer centric).
This bottom-up approach raised awareness of the product, generating more consumer generated retail store purchases, and thus more demand and sales from their direct retail customers. A well-known case study of how this works in practice is how American Express used social media to create connections with their small and medium sized business (SMB) owners.
Over the years, this community has gained a large following and increased loyalty among SMB owners to American Express. For your company, if your budget is much smaller than say an American Express, inexpensive and easy-to-implement technologies exist to help facilitate just such an initiative. Combined with the right customer-centric idea and a smart tactical use of awareness-driving paid media, this type of initiative could help you reap similar dividends.
With 955 million active members (at the time this is written), a large advantage Facebook offers is their highly precise, long-tail targeting capabilities. Certainly these strategies are not the only means to success within social for B2B companies, but they are ideas that have been proven to work.
A recommended first step would be to identify and gain support from key stakeholders in your organization. Is YouTube a social media channel that you use to educate and communicate with your customers and prospective clients? My book – Blogging the Smart Way “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Facebook pages for consumer brands are sexy, they have millions of followers and  they attract all the attention. LinkedIn emplea cookies para mejorar la funcionalidad y el rendimiento de nuestro sitio web, asi como para ofrecer publicidad relevante. You see most inbound marketing tactics try to hit multiple keywords or topics to engage buyers.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Los recortes son una forma practica de recopilar diapositivas importantes para volver a ellas mas tarde. We’re strolling through the final quarter of 2014 and we’ve spotted several thought leaders share insights on trends and strategies that are going to be big in 2015.
There’s a lot of content flying around on these trends, but we’re finding that they’re positioned slightly arbitrarily. If you’ve read our latest eBook then you’ll know we like to tear a subject apart and lay its insides on the table for all to see. You’re going to learn all about these 5 insights along with some actions so you can implement them into your B2B marketing strategy. What you’ll notice is that while the channels aren’t necessarily new, the way in which they’re being used are evolving steadily.
We’re starting to see publishers and social media networks alike shifting from earned to paid media. Remarketing is an effective way of getting your message back in front of people who have already visited your website. I was recently checking out Appian’s website, a client of ours, to check in on what they were up to.
What was great about this is the message matched my activity on the site and was clearly top-of-funnel, as the call-to-action was to download a research paper. These sorts of targeted display ads are the kind that can encourage users to revisit your site and take an action that they missed the last time. This is one of those overlaps that I mentioned above, as there are several Facebook advertising tactics that you can experiment with.
They really must have a purpose, and that’s why it’s best to promote top-of-funnel content at first. Back in August, John Oliver did a highly amusing piece on how Native Advertising is ruining journalism. It’s a delicate subject, as allowing already-powerful corporations to place biased content amongst genuine journalism is morally questionable already, but for B2B marketing it can actually work in a way that grabs the trust of our audiences. This is one of those tactics that could easily sit within the content marketing umbrella, but essentially you could call it a light form of native advertising.
The important thing to bear in mind is that publishers’ priority is getting content that serves the audience first. Guest blogging can work wonders as you’re putting incredibly valuable content in front of an already established audience, piggybacking on established trust. When approaching publications, try and establish a relationship before going in cold with your content. When creating content, think about who their audience is, what challenges have not yet been covered on their blog and make a note of other content forms that do well (this is easy, just see what’s been shared the most).
I just touched on Facebook ads, but sponsored posts are different as they appear inside a users’ feed along with ordinary, organic content.
Facebook were the first to provide this service to advertisers, but since then other networks such as Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram have caught up.
By promoting your new and already existing content you can drive more traffic and conversions than you would by driving traffic via your current subscribers and audience alone. We used to live in very fragmented times where several pieces of our B2B marketing strategies lived in silos.
To provide you with baby steps, here’s how we suggest you test marketing automation on a small scale first, measure the ROI and make the decision to invest in more powerful platforms later.
There’s a lot of noise out there in the B2B marketing world, and marketing automation is no different. Finally, Neil Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, has created an incredibly comprehensive guide on marketing automation that you can dig in to here. There are several ways for you to test the various aspects of marketing automation piece by piece, but before you go ahead and integrate them you should figure out how it’ll all piece together with your current sales and marketing systems and processes. First of all, it’s likely you use a sales CRM such as Salesforce or NetSuite in order to manage deal flow and pipeline. Many of the most common CRM’s that B2B organisations use have their own App Stores and add-ons available.
Before you begin, make sure you have a brainstorm session, especially with sales, to see how marketing automation and the software that comes with it can help assist these processes. We already mentioned all-in-one tools such as HubSpot and Marketo, but some marketers prefer to start small and work their way up. There are several tools out there that can help you get set up with email automation quickly.
One of the most popular email marketing services around, MailChimp comes with incredibly affordable email marketing automation tools right out of the box. You can create campaigns that nurture subscribers and leads over time, and it comes with a powerful WYSIWYG editor right out of the box. It also has a powerful API, meaning it will likely integrate with any systems you’re using already. If you find yourself creating lots of landing pages then Unbounce could help save you and your organisation a lot of time. Much like MailChimp, there’s a powerful WYSIWYG editor that allows you to quickly put landing pages together for your marketing campaigns. Most of the tools we mention in this list integrate together out of the box, but depending on what solution you go for you might find getting certain packages to talk to each other is slightly tricky.
Whatever stage your business is at, getting started with marketing automation is easy and affordable. The amount of data available to us is now at a point where we can tailor our marketing messages to an individual level. The above is just one example of how precision marketing can help you target your audience effectively. Whether you’re focusing on consumers or trying to market to the C-Suite, precision marketing has its place in all organisations.
We here at Seraph Science are constantly referring to and expanding upon our buyer personas.
It’s good to include how your product, service or solution helps them to overcome their challenges. Getting in front of these ideal clients is unlike most marketing efforts, especially when selling to the C-Suite.
The image above shows how most salespeople start with what they’re selling is about, followed by the benefits and then on to the business case, which is where they would hope to gain trust. Another mistake that many marketers make when attempting to sell to the C-Suite is doing so with a fragmented funnel. Going into the new year, you need to come up with methods of target these senior decision makers and plan on generating large deals that go into the 6 to 7 figure arena. Content marketing is already a strategy that many brands are taking part in, but as more get involved the amount of noise only increases. It’s about creating higher quality content that truly solves deep rooted pains and challenges that your buyer personas are suffering from. Unbounce have created a great course on landing page conversions that are delivered by email over time.
Companies such as HubSpot and KISSmetrics have a tremendous library of eBooks and other resources dedicated to the needs of their audience. Long form content can really help to increase the perceived value and authority of your brand.
Crew, a service that connects contractors with high quality freelancers, were looking at a bleak future. Around this time they were re-building their website and had some photographs left over that they didn’t use. This includes long form content such as courses, as we discussed above, but you can also create apps and software that truly serves your audience.
This links quite nicely with the first strategy on our list, but needs to be re-iterated here for the purpose of mobile. Bear in mind that long-form visual content such as infographics may not be as effective on mobile as they are when viewed on a desktop.
If you’re creating visual content then make sure you adapt it to platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest individually.
We’ve talked about how tools and side projects can act as great marketing, and this is especially true of mobile.

If it makes sense to do so, you should think about extending your offering into the mobile realm. There’s a lot to take in here, and with the rise in new technology such as wearables, 2015 is looking to be a year full of innovation.
There’s a lot of opportunity on the table for us B2B marketers if we can step up our game and experiment with new and emerging channels. The key to successful B2B marketing is in creating valuable content, targeting the right people and spending time focusing on opportunities that yield a high ROI. Onsite CRM has launched its groundbreaking B2B CRM that unites sales and marketing workflow into one easy to use interface.
Sure, your B2B marketing strategies list is great, but, I personally, think that there a lot more to talk about. Research: Digital Marketing Strategies for B2B Buyers in 2016 You are using an outdated browser.
The majority of organizations surveyed, 53 percent, reported that data-driven marketing was a key priority for them in 2016. Panelists, from left, Heather Anfang, John Peters, Barbara Merwin and Chris Hawver discuss channel marketing strategies at Tuesdaya€™s BMAMN event.
What do marketing professionals from industries as diverse as food service, laboratory supply manufacturing, data storage and financial services all have in common? As these B2B marketing leaders have helped to guide their companies through changes in data and content technologies, they gathered at Golden Valley, MN’s Metropolitan Ballroom to share their expertise with other marketers. 9.A Heather Angang from Land Oa€™ Lakes emphasized that in digital marketing it is crucial to use data to be strategic rather than just transactional. The following list of the top Internet channels for B2B lead generation can help business of all sizes obtain high quality leads, when utilized in the right way. While employee, customer and peer referrals are particularly effective, social media is a good source of referrals. The attraction of email marketing seems to be that it is a low-cost marketing channel, it allows the tracking of responses and it gives businesses the advantage of personalizing content and offers.
Based on this 2014 Marketing Charts survey of B2B marketers, white paper downloads was selected by 20 percent respondents as being very effective for lead generation. Among the popular forms of visual content found in the B2B Buyers’ Demand Gen Report’s 2014 Content Preferences Survey, podcasts and webinars also rank high.
B2B search engine marketing (SEM) continues to be one of the top online lead generation tactics that businesses use. While the most successful strategy to B2B marketing success is being able to engage with your buyers at a more personalized level and help with problem-solving, SEO (search engine optimization) continues to be important for putting your name out there in the first place.
These are the top B2B lead generating channels that businesses have been using since 2014 and into 2015.
About Paperless ProposalPaperless Proposal is a cloud based proposal presentation and tracking software for Sales, Management and Marketing. Among the most common is from people who feel that social, while interesting, is best suited for B2C brands. AMEX didn’t talk about the advantages of their product (which is a topic that would likely gain little traction) but rather they created a branded community called AMEX Open around a theme that small business owners are extremely passionate about- making money & growing their small business. It works, because it adds value to small business owners about a topic they’re interested in. Consider that your target audience outside of work are just people- and that their usage of social media typically mirrors the population at large, and then it becomes clear that social can be used as a cost-efficient digital outreach channel to reach your audience on their terms. In fact, you could target only qualified prospects based on their company or a single keyword. Each of these strategies can be used by themselves, or in combination as part of a more holistic digital marketing solution. Armed with the right examples and business case for such an initiative, you can set the proper stage for a results-driving social media solution.
The subject has dipped its toe into the water but hasn’t showed us how you can actually implement the strategies that are being talked about.
You’ll also see how some other incredibly successful companies have succeeded in implementing them and the results that they gained.
Things have shifted rapidly over the last year and these are some of the ways you can keep on top as they continue to do so. Back in the day these came in the form of irrelevant banner ads and have slowly moved towards more relevant and targeted campaigns. If you’re on top of your digital marketing trends you’ve likely heard of Remarketing, but if not then it might be time to invest. An hour later I was browsing YouTube (not for cat videos, I promise) and spotted an ad from Appian themselves.
These are the mistakenly creepy ads that are highly targeted to our online activity and interests. The great thing about Facebook ads is that you can use them in the same manner as Google retargeting campaigns.
If you watched it to the end you may have seen the humorous Diet Coke advert that shoehorned facts about Ebola to illustrate what things would look like the other way around, which beautifully underlined his point.
This allows you to promote your organic social media content and amplify it to a wider audience. Your blog post might be incredibly valuable but if a large number of people aren’t seeing it then you may be falling short of your objectives.
Like all marketing campaigns, test on a small scale first and see if you’re getting relevant traffic, leads and conversions at all stages of the funnel before scaling up. Thanks to marketing automation software such as HubSpot and Marketo, these silos have been united inside of extremely powerful platforms. Your CRM, email marketing, SEO, lead scoring, content management and analytics can now sit in one place. Tools like the ones mentioned above can be extremely expensive and overwhelming for first timers in the world of marketing automation. If you’re new to the concepts of marketing automation, and inbound marketing in general, then you should bring yourself up to speed with what’s going on.
Their academy has a lot of information on inbound marketing and automation for beginners, and they have a huge library of eBooks, kits, webinars and other content forms that you can indulge in to educate yourself further. The 6 chapters cover everything from email marketing to conversion funnels and database management. Before using the tools we suggest below it might be worth researching whether they integrate into your current processes first.
Luckily, many of the tools we’ll be recommending integrate seamlessly with most CRM’s already out of the box. Unbounce is a simple landing page builder that allows marketers to build conversion driven landing pages quickly. If you have a complex funnel or create lots of content then Unbounce can easily assist in driving conversions. This solution connects any service with an API (which is most) to connect with one another.
They’re constantly adding new services to their list of connections so it’s likely yours will be there soon. There was recently a piece on Adweek that told the story of how one Brian Swichkow pranked his roommate using Custom Audiences for Facebook ads. Creating buyer personas allows you to aim your marketing messaging with a higher degree of accuracy. Right now we’re typically focusing on Marketing Directors, Marketing Managers and Managing Directors. You need to establish trust first and then offer a different perspective to what they’re doing already. They have separate contacts for telemarketing, email, appointment setting and face-to-face meetings.
Many marketers are wising up to delivering long form content as a means to deliver tremendous amounts of value and create a connection with their audiences.
It’s an incredibly in-depth, deep dive into creating landing pages that convert well and has been a tremendous success for Unbounce. These generate hundreds of leads a week directly into the top of their funnels, allowing them to nurture and build relationships. Dive deep into your buyer personas, talk to your customers and find out what challenges can be solved with content. So they built a quick Tumblr page called Unsplash and posted them for all to download, totally free.
Neil Patel created an SEO tool that people could use to assess their websites, totally free, on his site Quick Sprout. Again, talk to your personas and current customers, see what they’re struggling with and begin serving those needs in a truly useful way.
Although you’re a B2B organisation, your messaging is still geared towards people, and these people spend time on their mobile devices. More and more people are using mobile to consume content, communicate and even buy stuff while on the move.
This is old news now, and as more and more people browse the web on their mobiles, your website needs to be flexible enough to mould to this experience. People are still using social mediato discover new content and this is especially true on mobile appa. This is easier for many software and tech companies but might be more challenging for more traditional B2B organisations. Being in the analytics space, KISSmetrics created the first app that allows you to sign in to Google Analytics on mobile. Plan your B2B marketing strategy around these three philosophies and you’re sure to be set up for a great year. Suited for any sized business, its helps increase efficiency with segmenting, personalizing campaigns and nurturing leads. Given the availability of top-quality databases and CRM solutions at this point, it is a mistake not to gather and analyze data on your buyers.By building detailed profiles of prospects and customers (Buyer Personas), tracking pre-contact phases of the buying cycle, and then monitoring transactions, you can get a strong sense of the types of people who buy your solutions.
Each of them see consumer data and content management as keys to the future of channel marketing in their respective industry. Chris Hawver, Seagate, commented that many of their channel partners do not have the resources do real lead generation. Although some data is plentiful to a large companies, like Land Oa€™Lakes, their wholesale food distributors have traditionally not provided data to them, says Heather Anfang.
Several of the panelists said that the integration of marketing automation has been transformative to their marketing operations, but expressed that a challenge is keeping up with the demands of creating high quality content to use in lead nurturing.If marketing automation is a sweet car, content is the gas that keeps it running. Provide buyers with information and data that not only addresses problem, but creates awareness of environment. Heather shared how her company has switched from category management to holistic management. Correctly structuring a marketing campaign A around data can result in an expanded customer audience, and a more strategic relationship with business partners.

According to John Peters from NuAire, the goal of digital marketing is to track opportunities in order to influence purchasing. If youa€™re developing content as part of your channel marketing, ita€™s essential to also develop a content distribution strategy. When shaping your channel marketing, think about how you can help your partners as they reach out to their customers. We respect your privacy.EmailThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. But besides live sales visits, direct marketing, telemarketing and other offline tactics, there are some Internet-based channels that are popular among B2B marketers for their effectiveness. Other significant sources of B2B leads are whitepapers, webinars, blogs and online display ads. Marketing companies like HubSpot utilize LinkedIn to republish their blog posts and get more people reading their content.
According to a Gartner survey, B2B buyers were more likely to turn to similarly-sized peers in their industry (60 percent), professional communities (36 percent), and similar-sized peers in the region (25 percent) for lead referrals.
In addition, e-mail has consistently beaten social media marketing and content marketing on the retention front.
Whitepapers are especially useful in B2B marketing, since they help to solve specific problems that B2B buyers have. This ties in with the growing popularity of these content channels as seen in other reports linked to above.
They can be downloaded over the internet, and like webinars, they should add value and provide solutions to problems instead of being sales pitches. Even though it may not have easily measurable results, SEM is an indispensable element of marketing online. Content marketing continues to be big, and your high quality blog, website and even the guest posts on sites with hundreds of thousands of readers can help to increase your visibility on search engines. Paperless Proposal allows your business to produce a high volume of personalized sales proposals quickly and efficiently by integrating information from your CRM system directly into your proposals! Using a highly targeted Facebook paid media campaign, you can communicate with your audience on a one-to-one, highly personalized basis, which combined with the right message, can lead to high conversion rates, increased awareness, leads, and sales. Through social media, it has become very easy for companies to keep track of its potential audience and then make their presence known to us. Consulta nuestras Condiciones de uso y nuestra Politica de privacidad para mas informacion. Consulta nuestra Politica de privacidad y nuestras Condiciones de uso para mas informacion. It’s safe to say that paid digital campaigns aren’t going anywhere, in fact this channel is just getting warmed up. You can strategically create display ads that appear on sites within Google’s display network.
You can serve ads to your subscribers, offering whitepapers or even products and services that might interest them. Capturing, nurturing and closing leads can all be done from a single platform in a more automated fashion. Sidekick, an email marketing service from HubSpot, provides users with email tracking on the go.
This is a total business solution for the financing and lending industry that is designed to serve the high demand that these companies require. The more you know about people currently buying, the easier it is to target the right prospects with the right promotional strategies.
Increasingly, these personas are targeted with inbound content marketing tactics to bring them along to a purchase decision. With the downturn in the restaurant business, the distributors are now A working with suppliers and end users to better review overall category management, including providing data. First gather the data, then create some initial reports that demonstrate the potential value of these kinds of insights.Presenting these initial findings to a smaller group within your company can help to build momentum and supporters of a new approach, which makes it much more likely that your ideas will gain the support from leadership that they need in order to be implemented at scale. Make sure youa€™re keeping your tank topped up with high octane content or you might end up stranded on the side of the road.
Heather Angang of Land Oa€™Lakes wonderfully summarized what many marketers experience in larger organizations when data is available, but only to the few who deal with it on a regular basis.
Chris Hawver of Seagate said his organization saw up to 44% response rate increase in qualified leads by using data to create credibility.
Competitor data may be difficult or impossible to collect, but businesses can get an edge in figuring out how they are different and can then market how theya€™re different to vendors.
Learning their distributors and operators so well intricately, by reviewing their data, that they can sell to the their needs. Using marketing automation and sales communication platforms across the organization can centralize customer data and help marketers identify what stage of the buying cycle they are in.
If your channel partners either cana€™t find or cana€™t access the content youa€™ve created for them, ita€™s the same as not creating content at all. Barbra Merwin shared how AmTrust reshaped both the products they offered and their marketing after increased regulation put pressure on their channel partners.
Bill Gates publishes as an Influencer for Microsoft and GE draws readers into interesting discussions on its LinkedIn page. You can choose to send in your whitepaper in installments over a few days for greater engagement or send it at a go to provide value when it is most needed. Webinars are simply seminars that are run online, and are meant to be educational, not sales pitches.
The additional advantage of using YouTube is that it is a Google platform, and helps with creating visibility for search engine optimization as well. SEM involves promoting your business website, blog, social media channels and other online content and increasing its visibility for your business by improving ranking on search engine result pages (SERPS). But unless you are engaging with customers and others in your industry directly, and staying at the tops of their minds, you can’t create more business opportunities through online channels. He encouraged marketers to understand many channel partners represent multiple products, so there is competition for the accounts. She went on to comment on a new emphasis on understanding overall restaurant trends, like understanding where their food is sourced and people only eating two meals a day, to better meet the needs of the market.
If the demands of content creation are intimidating, partnering with an agency skilled in content marketing (like TopRank) can be an investment that pays for itself many times over.
This insight gives marketers the opportunity to more strategically target customers, resulting in greater ROI.
During a downturn in their industry, they were able to succeed by helping their partners feel comfortable that AmTrust was providing marketing and products that were regulatory-compliant. LinkedIn can help you build your referral network at very little cost, and supplement your other referral network activity, while also offering content marketing advantages. It may be a PowerPoint-style presentation with one or several speakers voicing over the presentation.
Choose your arsenal of online marketing wisely and find greater success in B2B lead generation. In an organization that intends to optimize the customer experience, this culture means employees in front-end sales, marketing and service activities collaborate. You need to gain understanding of where your stand, what accounts are using your products and then provide value by suggesting additional account targets. Chris Hawver noted that Seagate provides all their marketing content digitally so that they can track who the content is sent to, when it is opened, and how that person then engages with their site.
LinkedIn provides the network to help you market content and build a sizable referral network as well. If you can get influential peers in your industry to participate in the webinar, you score extra credibility points among your B2B customers. All make understanding and optimizing the customer experience throughout the buying cycle the goal.To prove the importance of collaboration, over 90 percent of those surveyed in the QDIB reported that optimizing create workflows and building collaboration between marketing and creatives were necessary to optimize the customer experience. Typically, marketing and sales teams share responsibilities for gathering data from prospects. This data is then used to prepare optimized promotional materials, as well as to enhance communication processes aimed at effective selling.Get on the Mobile TrainMobile is far and away the fastest-growing leg of the digital marketing arena. Since 2014, Internet access through mobile devices has outpaced online activity on desktop computers.
As more people now conduct research online, more e-commerce transactions are also being performed on tablets and Smartphones.One critical content strategy for companies is to have responsive websites that adapt to the mobile experience. Therefore, you need to recognize the experience of a customer at each stage and focus on delivering value throughout the journey. When you rely on data and create distinct buyer personas, you are equipped to send out customized e-mail campaigns with informative and interesting messages that may offer add-on or cross-selling opportunities. When possible, seize opportunities to automate for consistency and efficiency, while maintaining a personalized approach.Econsultancy just published its Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing, which offers tremendous insights on 2016 digital trends through the lens of 7,000 marketers and e-commerce professionals.
Sales teams use CRM programs to schedule regular reminder calls with clients to ensure ongoing satisfaction. By capturing mobile phone numbers, you can also facilitate SMS (texting) campaigns.One of the most critical ongoing processes to optimize the value of relationships, though, is user experience monitoring.
In fact, when people begin their buying journey online, they often want greater depth of information than someone who doesn’t do this pre-contact research. Don’t assume that because a customer journey flows in one way now, that it will stay that way going forward. In general, the more complex the problem, the greater the need to gather reliable evidence before investing in a solution.The challenge for your team is to deliver a personalized experience while making use of electronic communication channels. Continually research, including soliciting feedback on surveys and through social media, to stay on top of opportunity and pain points in the buyer’s journey. Consider opportunities to put more valuable content in front of prospects as they begin the buying process.
On Twitter, for instance, sales reps can share content and messages that provide information prospects seek. Ask detailed questions during follow-up to address concerns during a sales process and after purchase.ConclusionsThe tools are available that allow you to communicate your valuable proposition effectively in a digital marketplace. Even more importantly, interacting with people engaged in needs-based conversations on Twitter can lead to problem-solving communication. Consider all elements of digital marketing, including content, social media, e-mail and mobile, when formulating marketing and sales strategies.
These tools help you gather and analyze data to identify ways to enhance the customer experience throughout the buying cycle.Get our white paper: 15 Tips To Delight Customers and Increase ROI, for additional insights on maximizing opportunities for digital buyers!
You can connect with prospects, share individual bios or company descriptions on your profile, and make initial contact with a potential decision maker.In content marketing strategies and e-mail marketing, you can customize the message to match the particular interests of a target market. Creating personas for your critical segments allows you to develop an in-depth perspective on the real needs and motives of the people you serve.

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