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The investment will also allow Micromax users to avail unlimited downloads without advertisement and access over 10 million songs with ad-supported streaming. Earlier, the Gurgaon-based company had made similar strategic investments in travel platform Ixigo, HealthifyMe, MiMedia, Scandid and others to develop relevant deployments of software that leverage its consumer footprint. The Times Internet-incubated, Gaana, claims to have over 20 million active users and over 700 percent annual growth in consumption and over 10 million songs in more than 45 languages, as well as 45 radio stations. Talking about the strategic investment in Gaana, Rahul Sharma, Co-founder of Micromax Informatics Ltd, said, “We at Micromax have been consistently integrating the best in class services to our smartphones and are trying to build an ecosystem of connected devices in a connected world.
Over the past few months, Micromax has been very active in investing in mobile-centric startups to ramp up its stake in overall mobile and app ecosystem.
The investment will help Gaana to reach a wider audience in the country, especially in smaller cities where Micromax has a strong presence. Starting his career as a crime reporter with 'The Indian Express', Jai Vardhan is a storyteller, erstwhile entrepreneur and a habitual prankster. Berlin Bootcamp - Calling all startups with innovative solutions in the energy sector to apply! There are many music docks out there, but few that can match the quality and beauty of the Soundfreaq Sound Platform.
Have you ever felt like adding your music to the cloud and being able to stream it anywhere, on multiple platforms? Jukebox is a new service (it’s still in preview stage), by a new start-up (on the Microsoft BizSpark programme) consisting of just four members, which will enable users to upload music and stream it to other devices from the cloud. Once an account is created with Jukebox, a user is granted with a 1,000 song allowance, for absolutely nothing at all. In a way it’s very much like Zune, or now Xbox Music, where on Windows Phone or Windows, one will use a client to stream a collection of music to that particular device with the option of saving it locally. Once music has begun uploading to the cloud, which is powered by Microsoft Azure (so you know it’s a good service), popping into the app on a Windows Phone or Android handset (iPhone app on the way) will enable one to start streaming music that has been successfully uploaded.
Don’t be put off by the 1,000 song limit, there are plans for this to be increased, and there’s always the referral programme. Jukebox is not only about enjoying music and streaming it on multiple platforms, but it’s also about discovering new music and getting social with friends and others who share similar tastes. A Jukebox Windows Phone app is already available on the Store, though many may be turned off by first impressions when booting it up – the UI isn’t fully Metro influenced. Background playback is supported, and it'll pull down content stored on the cloud as well as what's stored locally on the phone.
We’ve been informed that a Windows 8 app is on the way, and is expected to be available by the end of the year. As wel las frequent updates, to increase the song limit the team will be looking to implement a subscription service to pay for the extra storage that will be required by users. Jukebox is a neat idea, and has the potential to become a serious contender with planned features, but there's a long way to go. EA Access looks set to get another popular title added to its vault, with Mass Effect for Xbox 360 showing up on the dashboard right now in a promo for the service.

Blizzard has decided to extend the current open beta test for its multiplayer MOBA shooter Overwatch by an extra day. Tesla picks up the pace, Windows 10 hits 300 million devices, HTC gives their new phone an update, and safeguarding your digital keys. New music streaming service Tidal launched this week, promising to revolutionise how music is listened to online.
Many of the artists took to social media with the #TIDALforALL, but despite the publicity, actual details about the service on offer were vague. Nokia has started rolling out new software update ( Software Platform 1.4) for Asha devices, Nokia Asha 500, 501, 502, 503, 230 and the dual SIM variants. New Parental control feature can be enabled by setting a restrictions code for Browser and app installations. Srivatsan Sridhar is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast who is passionate about Mobile phones and Mobile apps. How do you choose between Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, Rhapsody, Google Play Music All Access or any of the other services out there? With this strategic investment, Micromax will preinstall Gaana across its range of smartphones. Micromax is the most popular smartphone company in India, passionate about providing its consumers with the best experiences. India is a music loving country and the youth today are hooked on music for at least two-three hours a day through their smartphones.
Right from healthcare to price comparison, travel, fitness, and music — Micromax is making investments in companies which are complementing its smartphone segment. He is inclined towards entrepreneurship, philosophy and startups, not necessarily in that order.
Even better, you don’t have to plug your iPod or iPhone into it to listen to music, because it supports streaming audio wirelessly using Bluetooth. It takes a lot of space to store a 10,000 song+ music collection, and the majority of time is spent listening to particular songs or playlists. The only difference is that it’s music you actually own, as opposed to it being restricted by licensing with other services where it will be unavailable should a subscription be halted. For each referral made, both the referrer and newly registered user will receive a limit increase of 100 songs.
As mentioned previously: Windows, Windows Phone, Android, the web, and soon both iPhone and Mac. Instead of relying on a subscription-based business model (excluding extra storage of course) Jukebox will offer users the ability to purchase songs through a third-party music platform.
Making use of the store platform, Jukebox will be able to provide users with not just a 30 seconds preview of an individual track, but it will allow the user to play the song three full times before locking that it to just 30 – 90 seconds. We’ve been told by the team that this is set to change and improvements are in the pipeline that will enable the app to take full advantage of the Metro (yes we’re still using the word) UI.
While the UI being something left to be desired, there are some issues when browsing the app and going through the collection of music.

We expect the current Windows client to remain updated for Windows 7 and previous versions of Microsoft’s desktop OS. In the Windows client, the right sidebar currently sports dummy updates, which will be replaced with live notifications and alerts. Be sure to try out the app on both Windows and Windows Phone, play around with it and leave feedback to the team so improvements can be applied. Spearheaded by Jay Z, Tidal will be the first major artist-owned service, aimed at changing the current financial model of music streaming.
Many fans criticised the stars for promoting the service, while previously failing to be outspoken on other more humanitarian causes. This update brings a lot of new features such as Nokia MixRadio, voice-guided self-portrait and panorama features in camera, Parental control and more. Engadget Forums member daninbusiness is here to help, and he's done a great job breaking down the pros and cons of each music provider that he's used.
He likes connecting the dots, breaking news, nose and beliefs - ‘To wake up in life one must fall asleep’. There are a number of options available, iTunes Match probably being the most likely recommendation, but they’re restricted in some way or another. The team aims to become a universal service that’s available on multiple platforms to make it as convenient as possible for the user base. We found that frequent crashes occurred when attempting to scroll through a collection of 400+ tracks. Speaking of which, an update is said to be on the way that will enable multi-file uploading to make the process of storing music in the cloud faster. The team plans to create a community using Facebook, Twitter, and more to focus on relevant information which can be provided to consumers. The launch announced some hugely influential artists as joint owners, including Madonna, Beyonce and Kanye West.
When engineers wanted to give the Soundfreaq Sound Platform powerful sound, they turned to Kevlar to reinforce the speaker drivers. The client can import music from smart folders – any changes or alterations made to these particular folders will be reflected in the music collection that’s listed in Jukebox.
Instead of having to visit an individual service, Jukebox will offer functionality from each social platform.
The result is of this custom engineering is a signature sound profile crafted for natural bass response, full stereo separation, vocal clarity, and a a crystal clear audio experience that brings music to life.The cool modern design of the Soundfreaq Sound Platform is sleek and contemporary.
It’s all funded by those who wish to opt-in for more storage, or by purchasing music they find by browsing through the upcoming store and through recommendations.

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