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If you are looking for affordable and reliable UNIX hosting, you have come to the right place. You can quickly and easily stream your station all over the world whilst keeping track of who is listening and where they’re from. With our SHOUTcast V2 Server you can now Play your MP3 With out thinking about buying a license key . For Windows users you have full administrator Remote Desktop rights, and Linux machines full root SSH access, allowing you to control the machine and install and configure all aspects of the server. StreamingVideoProvider offers fully built-in monetization features with Pay-Per-View streaming. StreamingVideoProvider gives you the ability to add a preconfigured live chat module when streaming your live event.
StreamingVideoProvider offers you top level security features to protect your videos.You can use Secured Streaming which will encrypt your video to prevent pirates from downloading your videos. Stream your live event using RTMP based broadcasting software such as Flash Media Live Encoder and Wirecast.

2Connect your capture card in accordance to the instructions supplied with your card to your computer. 4Open your broadcast software and ensure that your capture card is displayed as source then select it. 9Start sending the signal from the broadcast software and check that its being received in the broadcast panel.
4.5 - Now simply give the camera a unique nickname and click on the "Add Cam" button to start using your camera as a live streaming source. The codecs above are just some examples; CLICK HERE to create your own combination of codecs and bitrates!
Urstream Media will activate Your V2 MP3 Free of cost , to allow you to Run your Station with Auto dj stress free . Urstream Media has designed a range of dedicated servers perfect for startups and SMEs who need power and adaptability. You can also lock your events and videos to specific Domains, Geo locations and IP addresses as well as being able to Pasword protect them.

Wether you are building a personal website or a professional website for your business, you will find what you need at Urstream Media. Get a bespoke machine that's adapted to your needs and enables you to propel your projects. Easy for beginners with our browser based webcam streaming with no need to install software to professional expert level multi camera streaming using visual mixers with encoders or software based solutions.
All payments from your viewers are made directly to your online bank without waiting times.

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