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Spotify now has more paid-for subscribers than any other music streaming service in the world – a fantastic achievement! Spotify is the winner here: Spotify has a larger catalog than any other music streaming service in the world!
We also did not include Grooveshark (suspect legality and no way to determine catalog size since users upload their own tracks), YouTube and of course iTunes as it offers purchase downloads only (here’s a post on Spotify vs. Catalog sizes quoted here were determined from the service’s own websites, wikipedia, and news reports from reputable sources. Not sure where you got your numbers from, but Napster is closer to 14 million streamable tracks. I know how it can be hard to get those numbers, as I already did it for the French market and made myself a couple of mistakes. Hmm I know We7 used to do that, but didn’t they change to a more Pandora-like radio model?
They offer three levels of service, very similar to Spotify, except it’s based on pure internet streaming in the browser and not a p2p network like Spotify. Live video streaming services allow you to broadcast live any video content from your computer to any number of viewers connected via the Internet. One thing to keep in mind when testing your upload speed is from where this is being measured. All of the top video streaming services allow you to easily embed and re-distribute your video channel to multiple sites and social media, generally providing also a way for users to comment back, rate, and even chat back to you during your live transmission. Advanced features include automatic recording of your video performances, auto-distribution of your live video to popular video-sharing sites like YouTube, the ability to invite and display video co-hosts who connect from separate locations just as news reporters do during the news, or event the option to switch between multiple live cams connected to your own computer. In the comparative table that follows I have collected and compared the more important key traits and features for all of the best live video streaming services available out there.
Ustream is a live video streaming solution that helps you broadcast your life in real-time. Livestream (former Mogulus) is a video streaming solution to broadcast live and on-demand videos. is an online community where you can broadcast, watch and interact around live and on-demand video. Stickam is both a live video service and a social network that allows you to stream real-time videos over the Internet.
BlogTV helps you live stream your videos straight from your computer and engage with your audience. LiveVideo is a video streaming community where you can produce live shows or video-chat with other users. With Veetle you can live stream video from your webcam, DVD, tuner card, any file on your computer or your own TV.
Yaika is a social lifecasting community where you can live stream your video or audio, and also interact with other users.
Originally prepared by Robin Good and Daniele Bazzano for MasterNewMedia, and first published on July 27th, 2009 as "Live Video Streaming: Guide To The Best Broadcast Services To Stream Your Video In Real-Time".
Along with the news yesterday of a camera-equipped minivan driving around SF and Apple hiring a manager for Apple Search came a couple rumors that Apple is going to start streaming services.
Industry executives say Apple is in talks with TV programmers about deals that would allow Apple to offer an “over the top” pay-TV service, like the one Dish has started selling with its Sling TV product, and the one Sony is getting ready to launch. The theory is that Apple would put together bundles of programming — but not the entire TV lineup that pay-TV providers generally offer — and sell it directly to consumers, over the Web. We don't have many details on the tv service, but at this point it looks like this would be just tv shows and not movies. Six months after buying the subscription music service Beats Music, Apple is actively working to launch a completely new paid streaming music service that will compete with Spotify and Rdio. Yet to be named, the new service is entirely Apple-designed, yet leverages Beats’ technologies and music content, a collaboration that has thus far led to personnel challenges and delays. The service will be available on both Android and iDevices, and the current price being bandied about is $8 a month. The service is going to be deeply integrated into a subscriber's music library; it's said that they'll have the option of searching for and adding tracks to their music library and downloading the tracks to their iDevices. Apple has a lot of plans to integrate many of Beats Music's features into the new service, including the Playlists, Activities, and Mixes features, but it's slow going. The iMusic service is still under development, and sources are hoping that it will be launched at Apple's WWDC event in June, rather than the earlier rumored launch in March. I will rather use Spotify as it is free if you can accept about 1 minute advertisement every few songs. And don’t get me only how dreadfully Hunspell handles the lookup of misspelled words.
Recent CommentsNate Hoffelder on Nate’s Simple Trick for Coming Up With Names for ShitSomewhere on my shelf I have a book of place names for the state of VA. Please Donate or SubscribeThis blog is largely funded by advertising and affiliate fees, but donations will always be gratefully accepted. February 21, 2012 by Bob 3 Comments There’s no question that online streaming is hot.
Until then, these services will supplement existing media for audiophiles – and be used mainly when mobile. While interest in music servers has been quite high, actual implementation has been slow IME. As far as music servers go for storing and playing your own music, I like using my iPod touch 4th generation. I reckon that is Google’s strategy to get people to migrate to their service from rival services, seeing as they arrived to the party late.
TechCentral also reveals that “users can upload up to 50,000 songs of their own to an online locker, and listen to this music alongside the ‘All Access’ catalogue. South Africa is the first African country that will experience the services of Google Play Music. I'm the guy at Tech Cabal who writes about social media, telecoms, internet tech and ecommerce stuff.

Spotify track count obtained from their Metadata API (the first number returned is the global total number of tracks).
They also have the jukebox radio facility, but their service is little different from Spotify or Napster. It's mostly about music-streaming service Spotify, with a dose of synthpop music, Google Android, and the odd post or two about gadgets and science fiction. In this guide to the best live video streaming tools you can find all of the available free web video broadcasting services compared and put through their paces. 384Kbps would be an acceptable minimum, with 500 Kbps or more providing the best results and video quality. If your speed test uploads a test file to a relatively close by server, you may likely see upload speeds as high as your provider promised, but considering that when you video conference with someone, your other party may likely be across the ocean, it is always a good idea to use a speed testing service that can measure your upload speed from different locations around the world. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, a microphone and a webcam or video camera.
The service provides you with a show page where you can stream your video using a Flash-based video player. You can start a video channel with live or pre-recorded material just with your webcam and mic. You get a dedicated page where a video player streams your videos and your audience can watch and interact with your content.
Just launch your Producer Console and manage all aspects of your show, including video customization, different playback clips, cameras, polls, and more.
To have Veetle work on your machine, you need to install either Veetle TV or Veetle Broadcaster software (PC, Mac and Linux), depending if you want to watch or broadcast videos. Every channel created on Yaika works like a blog, so you can post your live streaming content and also write posts. You can switch between multiple cameras, monitor different sources (live and pre-recorded) and adjust volume levels inside an interface that resembles a recording studio.
You can also pull videos from YouTube to broadcast inside your web TV or create niche-targeted compilations to redistribute on third-party websites..
Just plug your external camcorder to your computer (or use your webcam) and you are ready to stream using the web-based interface of Apple already sells music, tv shows, and movies, and now they are said to be working on paid subscription services.
That means Apple wouldn’t be reinventing the way TV works today, but offering its own version of it, with its own interface and user experience. The cost, selection, terms, and launch date are still up in the air, so at this point there's not much more to say than it exists. Multiple sources within Apple and the music industry have provided the first in-depth details of Apple’s upcoming streaming service, which we share below. Apple is currently developing the new Beats-infused versions of the Music app for iDevices. Everyone and his brother—Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and the rest—are spending huge sums to compete for our entertainment time and money. Despite the billions of mobile devices with small screens around, sending out a document that they can handle, say in EPUB, is a pain. A number of years ago, Adobe, Apple and Microsoft bragged about supporting open source by adopting Hunspell as their built-in spell checker.
Acquiring the rights to world-class, constantly updated professional dictionaries for Hunspell. Creating a spell-check lookup for Hunspell that wouldn’t be an embarrassment in a 1980s-era DOS word processing program.
I thought the interest has been high on the several sessions related to music servers tha you had, or planned to, put together. I don’t think an outboard DAC will make any difference because the onboard DAC is excellent. The service offers access to 35 million songs, which includes a large selection of South African music. Users can access Play Music through apps for Android and iOS, as well as directly through the Web.” The app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Other streaming services that have thrived in South Africa include Rara, Mix Radio Deezer and Apple Music.
Who’s most likely to have that forgotten B-side you suddenly have an inkling to hear? Unfortunately many Internet providers offer plenty of download bandwidth to Internet subscribers, but keep the available upload bandwidth to a very bare minimum. As a broadcaster you got a personal page where your viewers can check your live video broadcast, the videos you have produced so far and use a text-chat area to interact live with you (also using Twitter).
Your live show is streamed using a video player you can fully customize to match the look and feel of your website. When you are live streaming using Stickam, you and your viewers have a text chat area close to the video player to interact with each other. BlogTV gives you a personal show page with your profile info, video player, chat area and list of your recorded and upcoming shows. Next to each video you can put a "module", which is an interactive widget to engage your audience. When you finish setting up your personal page, you can live stream your video or schedule the release of pre-made clips in a video playlist. Other features include live chat with your audience, receive comments, ratings and also redistribute your content over third-party websites using an embeddable player.
Your viewers can chat with you in real-time via text or using their own webcams and microphones. With Glomera "Total embed" option, you can install the whole Glomera platform on any website or blog to broadcast your live videos.
Multiple cams are not allowed, neither you care able to co-host your live streaming session with other users.

And to do that, text apps need to think in syntax, meaning in terms of what a particular bit of text means not its font size, which is so print-worldish. The fact that these devices are close cousins to general purpose computers, including the internet connection, will make it so. Computer and circuit miniaturization has already proved that bigger is not necessarily better.
That means, if you subscribe to it now for R49.99, you’ll be able to renew at that price for every other month, as long as you keep using the service. Rdio used to be on that list, but it longer is, as it is shutting down business and transferring its assets to Pandora.
Whose archive is more likely to have that obscure indie band you always wanted to listen to again? Who has the most number of tracks to stream? This is why it is a good idea before you get excited about video conferencing that you do check your effective upload bandwidth from the computer and connection you plan to be using.
You can also distribute your video player to third-party social media sites or embed the player on your own blog. Up to 6 members of your audience can also connect using their webcams and microphones to create a video-conferencing session on-the-fly. To chat with your audience you can either use simple text or login with your Twitter account and tweet with other users.
From the list of modules you can use, you have a text-chat area to communicate with other users in real-time, both via simple text or Twitter messages. When you are live, other users can join you to chat, either via text or using their webcams and microphones. The channels you create with Veetle cannot be personalized nor redistributed on other sources through an embeddable player. Your viewers can use their webcams and microphones to connect with you live and you can make any member of your audience the co-host of your show.
The video players available are fully customizable to match the look and feel of any web page and adapt to your needs.
The video-streaming player is fully embeddable on any web page and supports an interactive text-chat box to communicate in real-time with your users. There, we grind away, almost all of us with jobs that heavily involve text, with tools that haven’t been significantly improved since the late 1980s.
And using that instead of my computer means no hard-drive or fan noises; absolutely quite operation with album art and a server music search capability in the palm of ones hand. Read on for a comparison of the music catalog sizes for the ten top music streaming services! You can also syndicate your videos via RSS feed or using social bookmarking services like delicious or StumbleUpon. Each show page has an integrated text-chat area where you can interact with other users, but also with your Facebook, Twitter and MySpace contacts.
Your can redistribute and embed your Stickam video player on any web page or social media site.
Your viewers can freely download any of the video you publish for offline viewing or redistribute your show episodes to any web page or social media site. Users can also drag and drop different web-cam enabled users inside a video conference to have them participate. The service is still at its beta stage and misses common features like co-hosting a show, manage multiple cams, auto-record a show and auto-post your live streams to external destinations. You can freely redistribute your live videos with a customizable player that you can embed on any web page or social media. Other player features include a Twitter window to check any Twitter stream and perform searches, and also an interactive button that allows your viewers to call you. On your personal page, you can also display a list of recommended shows you follow and who is following your channel.
When broadcasting, you can switch back and forth to multiple cameras, regardless of their location.
If you link your Twitter account to you can also tweet everytime you are watching a video (using a dedicated hashtag) and see the reactions of other users live on the show page.
Each video player is largely customizable and can be redistributed on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace with one click. Also, as the owner of the show, you can drag chatroom members into your webcam window, and make them co-hosts. also works on your mobile with a dedicated software that supports several last-generation cellphones. If you had bad sound experiences with the original iPod that does not apply to the newest iPod touch.
If you link the Ustream channel to your YouTube account, uploading your video streams to YouTube is just one click away.
You can also integrate Livestream with your Twitter account to send a tweet notifying all your friends you are live at that very moment. If you integrate MySpace with the streaming service, your status is automatically updated when you watch new videos.
Video player can be also embedded on your blog, both by you or your viewers, who can also comment your clips.
After your clip is recorded, publishes the live video without any upload or conversion process.
After your broadcast is over, your live streams are automatically archived for seven days to be downloaded.
Livestream is web-based but Windows users can also download for free the Procaster suite which allows you to manage and produce your live streaming efforts directly from your computer.

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