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Recently I blogged about how I was redesigning my landing page to increase conversions from AdWords. That picture pretty much tells the story: for the last 1,000 visitors, the One True Goal button got over 180 clicks, and the (equivalent) sign up free link above it picked up another 40. This means that the same number of impressions results in a third more trial downloads for me, and hopefully thus a third more sales. Because they’re coming from the same traffic source (AdWords) on the same day the participants are mostly identical. Interested In Selling More Software?Get a free 45 minute video by me on improving the first-run experience of your software, absolutely free. While there may not be a simple mathematical equation that will ensure your landing pages are successful, there are several steps you can take to optimize for conversions and encourage your users to stay on your site — even after they’ve handed over their information. Regarding the process, I agree, it all depends on the product, market and how you want to pitch it and also agree 100% with making it un-cluttered.
Use Color to Make the Call to Action Stand OutThe right use of color makes the CTA (call to action) button pop.
Remember, the goal of today’s landing pages is no longer to gather data from your users and then leave them stranded on your site. You can download the full Landing Page Handbook for additional tips on content organization, call to action creation, helpful worksheets, and more! Both Hulu and Plated use a bright green button with white letters, while ours is orange with white letters. You should be using your landing pages as launch pads to drive consumers deeper into your site, fostering greater engagement and funneling them toward other useful pieces of content. The way your brands WebPages look, whether it’s your homepage, blog or press releases make a difference in who arrives, who stays and even who buys.I remember me sharing tips for successful Online Campaigns with more conversions. Keep your Logo in SightIt doesn’t need to dominate the page, but you should always include your logo so visitors are sure they’re in the right place.Both Hulu and Plated use floating navigation bars, so the logo is visible even when the reader scrolls down the page. However, on the landing page, Hulu’s logo is white — on the rest of the site, it’s green.#4. It’s using the design of the landing page to persuade a user towards a particular action. Having an attractive, relevant and well executed landing page is critical for online marketing strategy. With all of that in mind, we are listing few points with all the essential ingredients to create a great landing page.1.
Make Sure Your Landing Pages are Technically OptimizedBefore web designers can actually create a landing page, a full team of SEO experts and web development professionals should make sure that everything is technically optimized.
Include Social ProofTestimonials — real ones, from real customers — have a positive impact. If you don’t have any, you can use social media posts to let prospects know they’ll be in good company when they buy your product or service.Hulu provides no social proof on their landing page, but that’s likely because of their topic — TV watching doesn’t need a lot of social proof. Create a great 1st impression with DesignSo, what’s the first thing you notice about a website after opening its URL?

Generally, complex or costly products require more social proof than simple (or widely known), inexpensive products.#6. The first thing that gets noticed by an incoming visitor, it is imperative that you make the landing page design both attractive and easy to understand.
Keep it Consistent with Other Site PagesWhile your landing pages don’t need to look identical to other pages on your site, there should be enough common elements, with a similar layout, so readers know they’re in the right place.If your company logo is usually in the upper left corner of the page, don’t switch it to the middle or the right.
Keep your regular color scheme on your landing page, with the exception of the CTA button.A MarketingSherpa report titled How to Use Landing Page Optimization for Better Conversion Rates indicated that page layout is the top conversion factor on a landing page!#7. A well-designed page increases the chances that visitors will stay longer on your page and consequently click due to the page’s appeal. 46% of Web sales are lost on websites that lack the critical elements that build value and trust with website visitors. Social HP 32 Image: Driving EDU Leads Through Social Media Brand Ambassadors Driving EDU Leads Through Social Media Brand Ambassadors Social HP 25 Image: Do You Want Loyal Customers? As with testimonials, the more complicated or expensive your offering, the more copy you’ll need to showcase its benefits.How to Create a Landing Page On a WordPress SiteThe theme you’re using may offer you the ability to create full-width pages.
If you’re okay with keeping your site header and top navigation on the landing page, this is by far the simplest option.Log into your WordPress Dashboard and Add a New Page. So it’s imperative you have a catchy, attractive headline which shouts out to the visitor that they are in the right place.
It can be anything — the home page, an About or Contact page, or even a blog post.Some types of landing pages are known as “squeeze” pages.
Content is the KeyOnce you have hooked them with your headlines, it’s time to land them with your content! It includes 136 customizable templates (with more on the way), and works with any WordPress theme.Optimize Press, $97 for three sites for one year, substantial discounts on renewals, 30-Day money back guarantee.
You choose how many dinners you want them to provide each week, and they ship you the recipes and all the ingredients you need.Their homepage is the landing page, and they offer minimal choices of actions to take. You should be able to leverage on your audience’s motivations – their fears, their needs, their desires, their curiosity and use them to come up with persuasive copy that is short, crisp, but nevertheless, highly impactful.
If you’re already a member you can log in, you can see their new cookbook, or you can view the available plans.
If your only reason to change the theme is to build a landing page, you may be better off going with another option.However, if your site is dated, or worse, not mobile responsive, changing to a theme that offers landing pages might be an excellent choice. Be VisualImages and other media content such as video, audio and animation clips also form an important part of landing page. Here’s an article to help you get started on choosing a new theme.After Your Landing Page is Built…It’s a good idea to test your landing page.
Plus, people like to read “captions” under your images almost as much as they read your headlines.
In addition to the Sign Up button at the top, there are three Start Your Free Trial buttons on the page. I won’t go into details of how to test — that’s a topic for another article — but it should be an ongoing activity.Test one change at a time.

In the middle of the page, there’s also an opt-in to get the newsletter.What Makes a Landing Page Successful?There are some common ingredients for successful landing pages. If you want to determine whether a different color on the CTA button converts better, don’t make any other changes at the same time.If you’re checking one chunk of content against another, don’t go changing colors or fonts.
If you do, you won’t know which change is responsible for an improvement.Whatever tools you use to build your landing pages, remember this — the most important part of selling online is to offer a product or service that your readers want and are willing to pay for. Clear PurposeAll three of these examples are very clear in what they want the reader to do. Strong Call-to-ActionYour call to action basically tells your audience what you want them to do, whether it’s to buy your product, avail of your services, and subscribe to your newsletter. Hulu wants readers to sign up for a free trial, Plated wants them to view the available plans, and SiteSell wants them to sign up for a free SBI! Be more creative than the “Order Now” or “Subscribe Now.”Visitors respond well to how you say things, then what you say. And since the offer is the Call-to-action, let it be so visually as well as content wise be so appealing that they are drawn to it.7. Integrate your various online PropertiesSocial media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest, use them to your benefit. Therefore, by embracing the power of social media and blending it with your landing pages will benefit you on multiple fronts.
Include multiple social media sharing buttons on each of your landing pages; with this it raises awareness for your brand. And gives them many platforms to follow your brand and be informed.Thus with a well-designed page and keeping all these ingredients in mind can make a difference between the user buying the product or losing interest.
Here are Examples of websites that have got it right.Gift RocketGift Rocket’s beautifully designed landing page features an illustrated image, which is surrounded by icons of all the different products and services that are available for purchase. If not, you can always scroll down the page for more information, testimonials and social buttons as well.
On the right-hand pane, a mock-up of the Everest interface on an iPhone toggles through its main features, with annotations picking out highlights.
Ultimately, the goal is to channel users towards the App Store.So there you have it, ways to make your landing page effective so it drives your business.
Landing page is something which you need to work on always; you can’t launch and keep checking your email for new acquisitions.
It’s a continuous process of tweaking as per change in customer’s demand and product type. With all the ingredients above you’ll have a landing page that works hard for your business and gets you real results.Your turnHave you created any landing pages for your campaigns? But as you rightly said they might not be suitable for all the cases, we didn’t mention it as a separate #tip here and included it in the GiftRocket example if you see.I am sure, for some products and services testimonials can play a great role!

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