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Social marketing is all about sharing content that your audience shares in turn, expanding your reach and getting your message out to more and more people. So marketers shouldn’t necessarily be jumping on whatever they think the next hit Internet meme is — but if not, then just what is it that gauges a video’s potential viral success?
The video — which featured patients, nurses, and doctors dancing, singing, and laughing — was a hit with viewers.
What translated into success for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta could translate into success for other companies, too.
As to where to share, while CHoA used Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and traditional media to promote its video, there’s no right or wrong answer.
While we may have made the path to viral success sound straightforward, it’s not as simple as getting the most-shared video. Sprout Social is an advanced, collaborative social media management platform for teams of all sizes. Privacy Policy: Your details will not be released and will only be used to contact you regarding your enquiry. There are times when suddenly a video or meme makes you gaze in awe and you’re left with your jaw dropped!
Viral marketing is believed to be one of the most powerful ways to make a business stand out! Viral marketing is believed to be one of the most powerful ways to make a business stand out from the crowd.
So, here’s the burning question of all time – Is there any one key for successful marketing?
While I was looking out for ways to create a buzz in the market, I found some interesting advertising stunts done by renowned businesses from around the globe.
When talking about bringing a business marketing to the realm of the practical world, it becomes hard not to mention the famous and super hilarious American television network TNT’s “Push to add drama” button campaign. The campaign received tremendous applause because people could see themselves reacting to those situations. Later, the television network also made a sequel to this video with the title “A dramatic surprise on an ice cold day” in Netherlands which had over 15 million views at the time I was writing this post. Give your audience something real to experience and they’ll never let you slip from their memory. On a similar note, Burger King, launched a campaign with the tagline – “Chicken the way you like it”.
Do you know early in the year 2007, Barack Obama was a name with less than 10% of brand recognition – the name of this one term senator was often considered to sound funny. It was because rather than following the cow’s path, like his competitors, he took advantage of the social media channels by reaching out to people through Facebook and Youtube. He broke down traditional barriers with in-action photographs, videos, and issue-oriented calls-to-action upon its visitors daily — and ultimately, rode that online popularity all the way to the White House. If the freakin’ president of the USA can be a past master at social media, then why can’t you.
Also, there’s this another scary movie, Cloverfield, where mystery was created through its untitled trailers. Join The Nimble Customer Care Team for an open question & answer session, Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 9:30 AM Pacific. We'll discuss best practices, give advice on data migration, help you compare Nimble to other solutions, and answer pretty much any question you might have! Whether you've just signed up for Nimble's 14-day trial or still need a little help getting the most from Nimble, join an upcoming training call and learn how to get the most from your experience.
Going viral is a term mentioned in political news, the entertainment world, and marketing campaigns.
Below is a brief list of some more successful viral campaigns and a few tips on mastering the art of going viral.
One thing that both the Dove and Old Spice campaign had in common is that they cost money up front. By studying successful viral campaigns of the past, you can learn how to create one to promote yourself or your product for the future.

Elizabeth Murphy is a contributing writer for Invesp, a company which helps clients with their online marketing endeavors and also helps them create killer landing page design. Having an idea, product, video, or marketing plan go viral is something of a holy grail for online marketers. Tom Dickson, the founder of Blendtec, is the star of YouTube Viral Video Classics in which he blends everything from the Stimulus package to an iPhone to BIC lighters.
Portland advertising agency Wieden and Kennedy was tasked with creating buzz for the release of the feature film Coraline. Back in the summer of 1999, home from college for summer break, I remember the first time someone said to me, “Have you heard of this whole Blair Witch thing? Successful viral marketing campaigns have two elements to them:  first, they leverage multiple existing networks and second, they create original content that is worth sharing with others.
Twitter: Having a person of influence and affluence tweet your campaign can have a positive residual effect, so the story will snowball throughout Twitter and roll into other mediums on the internet.
Blogs: If you have relationships with a blogger of influence and affluence and they’ll mention or repost your article, then you will give your viral marketing campaign another avenue in which to snowball.
Advertising: potentially, if you don’t have a network already built, you can leverage advertising, such as pay per click, to help spark viral marketing campaigns. Successful viral marketing campaigns need to have certain characteristics in order to get noticed, get shared, and snowball across the Internet.
But guessing — and second guessing — what the next viral trend will be doesn’t get you any closer to social success. We spoke with both content marketers and content creators to get their perspectives on the process. To achieve viral levels of success, you have to be sure people are watching it and sharing it themselves. People are more active on social networks than ever — which also means they’re sharing more than ever.
Compiling data from its Viral Video Chart, Unruly reports 10% of shares occur by day two, 25% of shares occur in the first three days, 50% of shares occur within the first three weeks, and 66% of shares occur in the first three months.
You need to be sure the right people — the people you’re trying to reach — are watching and sharing your video as well.
The very next thing you do is – quickly forward it to your folks to knock them down with feather. Businesses are experimenting every now and then, from funny to thrilling and from bitter to horror, to come up with something new and innovative that audience would love and share with each other.
Well, what I’ve experienced and observed till now is that if one thing works for you, then it might or might not work for someone else.
Let’s take a look over them to know how and why they left a mark, plus, what we can learn from them?
Even if you watch the video now, which has over 53 million views till date, I guarantee you’ll never be tired of it.
By simply uploading the pictures of their own, folks or loved ones, users could watch them dancing as Christmas elves.
A website was created where users were able to create a man with a chicken suit and could make him dance and perform other funny moves.
Based on this concept was the Blair Witch Project – a horror movie relating to the story of three students who disappeared while hiking through the Black Hills near Maryland making a documentary of a local legend known as Blair Witch.
This fueled the media speculation about the film’s plot and led to a huge hype, ultimately driving colossal traffic to its website as viewers were seeking more information about it. With such simple yet unique efforts these businesses exploded their message to hundreds, to thousands, to millions and so on… Same can happen to your business if you can offer something extraordinary to your audience. When the content of a video, photograph or other advertisement goes viral it basically means that it has reached the masses through a vast network of people in a very short amount of time. Evolution was a short video featuring a woman of average beauty as she was transformed by hair, makeup, lighting, photography and photo editing. It is beneficial to put some money into promoting a very powerful and thought provoking image upfront. Sometimes it is beneficial to a company looking to master the art of going viral in the online world to use a viral product that already exists.

Here’s what they advised when it comes to creating and marketing that all-elusive viral content. So, in addition to sharing the video over its social channels, CHoA spread the word by getting fellow members of the Stop Childhood Cancer Alliance to help spread the video on Facebook and Twitter. Of course, if you’re thinking about making your own viral videos, you need to make sure that video as a medium makes sense in your overall social strategy. In other words, if going viral for a restaurant means to offer free burgers, then this might not work for a business of selling deodorants. Coming from an intense background in science and biotechnology, he likes to relate advancements in technology with real-life activities.
We’ve all received emails, tweets or Facebook messages from friends telling us to check out some video or another, this is exactly the same thing we want to create for our business – something so great, funny, etc.
You never know what will appeal to the masses, so be sure to through many options out there and above all, be creative!
His homemade video had gone viral and someone recognized the power of a product that already existed in the online marketing world. However, there are a few steps you can take to place you on track for creating a profitable viral campaign. Other companies, such as Geiko, have used established YouTube sensations to launch online marketing campaigns. Stumbling upon a website detailing found movie footage, three missing documentary filmmakers, and the legend of a witch, I was hooked. In a world where marketing is all around us, it is our job to be innovative with ideas that shine-through.Advertising, for us, is getting more exciting with increasing emphasis on viral campaigns, social media and internet advertising. At the time when it was launched in the year 2006, the idea of such an interactive e-card was a bit less popular but completely awesome. Although the advertisement was shown as a television commercial in a very limited setting, it was an Internet sensation. A few months later, Old Spice used Twitter to invite customers online to watch another video featuring their character.
Bieber’s singing career has soared and his camp continues to market him as a brand using the social media platforms he came from. These successes not only bring more awareness to the brand but also help conversion optimization efforts.
Fast forward to 2013 and the number one videos on average attract more than 60,000 shares a day.
Coupled with our digital know-how we are well placed to deliver cutting-edge ways to get your message seen by the right people.
Six years and over half a billion shares later, it almost became a Christmas cult for the people. This interactive and personal experience by the company using social media tools and their product website was incredibly effective. You know a good viral campaign when you see one, and since by its very definition it is spread by word of mouth and has everyone you know talking about it, you definitely can’t force it. Old Spice was also smart to make their online campaign interactive by inviting customers to view their ad. Clearly this campaign worked on an emotional level since it appealed to the average American woman and by sharing this video with others, women felt empowered – therefore, this viral commercial became a real success.
Here are five successful viral campaigns of Internet past that are great examples of what viral marketing is all about. Created and marketed on a reputed budget of $350,000 (depending on whom you trust, budget estimates range from $2,500 and up), the film grossed $100 million in its first weekend alone, leaving the legend of the Blair Witch to become its marketing strategy, not piled up sticks and stones or handprints in the basement.
Nothing more than letting visitors put their face on dancing elf bodies, and the option to email it along.

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