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Targeted Partnership Tax Allocations: What Are They and Do They Have Substantial Economic Effect Under Sec 704(b)? Partnerships that use targeted allocations deviate from one of the three safe harbors for substantial economic effect in the section 704(b) regulations: liquidating distributions are not tied to positive ending capital account balances. Paradoxically, this does not mean that partnership agreements that utilize targeted tax allocation provisions are automatically in violation of section 704(b). Targeted allocations are often preferable because their use for allocating a partnership’s items of income and loss line up the tax consequences of partnership activity with the economics of the business deal. The simplest way to visualize the mechanics of targeted tax allocations is to start with the basic equation for tax capital accounts: beginning capital, plus contributions, plus or minus taxable income or loss, minus distributions equals ending capital accounts.
In partnership agreements utilizing targeted tax allocation provisions, liquidating distributions are not made in accordance with positive capital account balances. Targeted tax allocations are easier for clients to understand because the allocation of taxable income or loss typically follows cash distributions. An experienced drafter, however, can anticipate these issues and formulate the targeted allocation provisions so that eventually the capital accounts return to the expected relative balances reflective of the business deal absent tax considerations. If you are preparing a partnership income tax return with targeted tax allocation provisions in which liquidating distributions are not in accordance with positive capital account balances should you be concerned that the allocations do not have SEE?
Tax practitioners should be wary of targeted tax allocations because the IRS has not officially sanctioned them.
Let’s say you are preparing a partnership income tax return and suddenly in a particular year something unusual occurs and you are either unsure how to allocate the taxable income or loss or you don’t believe the allocation as called for in the partnership agreement has SEE.  At that point, you must alert the client that there could be a problem and ask your client to consult with tax counsel to resolve it. The client may be reluctant to incur the time or expense or both and may try to reassure you that he or she is sure the partnership agreement should be interpreted a certain way.
Without a clarification in writing you are taking a risk in preparing the partnership tax return. These simple examples illustrate the difference between “layer cake” partnership tax allocations and targeted tax allocation provisions.
Trump Towers, LLC is formed with a $90 cash capital contribution from Mary Moneybags and a $10 cash capital contribution from Dan Developer.
Trump Towers, LLC is formed with a $90 cash capital contribution from Mary Moneybags and a $10 cash capital contribution from Dan Developer (same as Example 1).  The operating agreement calls for Mary to receive a 10% annual preferred distribution on her capital until it is repaid. Mary first receives an allocation of $9 (10% preferred return on her invested capital of $90). Trump Towers, LLC is formed with a $90 cash capital contribution from Mary Moneybags and a $10 cash capital contribution from Dan Developer (same as Example 1).  The operating agreement calls for Mary to receive a 10% annual preferred distribution on her capital until it is repaid (same as Example 2). If the operating agreement has the safe harbor section 704(b) rules requiring liquidation in accordance with positive capital accounts, then Mary receives a liquidating distribution of $90 and Dan receives $10. Example 4 is the same as Example 3 except the operating agreement contains targeted allocation provisions.
Targeted partnership tax allocations are quickly becoming the preferred method of allocating taxable income or loss to insure synergy between tax consequences and economics.  As tax professionals, we need to understand how targeted tax allocation provisions work and advise our clients that choose to use them whether they have substantial economic effect. 7 Responses to Targeted Partnership Tax Allocations: What Are They and Do They Have Substantial Economic Effect Under Sec 704(b)? Thanks Jeramie – I needed a tutorial on how to edit blog posts already published, but I think I got it now.
Target allocations are great in theory,but f you have an entity with a large disparity between book and tax it can result in some unwanted results. Well this wouldn’t be the first time we have seen a game get pulled from Australian shelves.
We have seen many big name titles removed from Australian shelves before, and even outright banned. Is this recent turn of events really out of consumer complaint as Target’s press release states? Un des grands classiques quand on se lance dans un projet de MOOC, c’est de ne pas vraiment reflechir a son public cible, de se dire “le MOOC c’est une vitrine et peu importe qui s’inscrit au fond, l’important c’est de le faire”.
Ce n’est pas parce que l’on transpose en ligne un cours que l’on fait d’habitude devant ses etudiants qu’automatiquement des milliers de personnes vont s’inscrire; meme si on le poste sur Coursera. Alors, quels sont les facteurs qui peuvent influer sur le public-cible, mis a part le portail d’affichage, la langue d’enseignement, et le plan de com ?
Bref, la facon dont vous allez presenter le cours va avoir une influence tres importante sur le public qui va s’inscrire.

Pour resumer, identifiez votre public cible, dressez une typologie des personnes qui peuvent etre interessees par le cours, leur background, leurs motivation, etc, etc. Vous avez determine votre public cible, c’est bien. PS : quelques problemes avec les commentaires depuis la derniere mise a jour WordPress, il semblerait que je ne recoive pas les commentaires postes. Un MOOC, de la taille d’une petite universite, ou de celle d’un billet de blog ? On the contrary, properly drafted targeted tax allocation provisions can make it easier to split taxable income and loss in accordance with the partners’ interests in the partnership. However instead of deriving ending capital accounts, targeted allocations solve for  the allocation of taxable income or loss among the partners. The IRS indicated in unofficial discussions that they are working on guidance that will bless targeted tax allocations as long as they achieve the ultimate goals of section 704(b). While your client may believe he or she knows the appropriate interpretation, if the language is unclear, then most likely the partnership agreement must be amended. This creates a nightmare of tracking layers of preferred return that is accrued versus paid.
The business deal has been impacted: Mary does not receive the expected $9 preferred return.
This means that (1) liquidating distributions are made in the same manner as current distributions (instead of in accordance with positive capital account balances), and (2) taxable income or loss is allocated to mirror the way cash is distributed (instead of referring to the layers). This could be done one of two ways: (a) Giving Mary a guaranteed payment for the $9 preferred return on her capital and allocating the resulting $9 loss all to Dan, or (b) Specially allocating $9 of income to Mary and a $9 loss to Dan.
I had a client who at the start of this recession when banks were failing etc bought distressed debt for as little as 30 cents on the dollar.
Yes it is true, in an official Media release by Target they announced that they will no longer carry Grand Theft Auto 5 in their Australian stores. Fallout 3 was once slated to use real drug names like Morphine in place of Med-X, but this was eventually scrapped so that the game would see an Australian release. Compte tenu de l’investissement  necessaire pour monter un projet de MOOC, il faut quand meme reflechir a deux fois avant de se lancer. Car meme si on s’adresse a un public en particulier, vu que le cours est en ligne et completement ouvert, n’importe qui peut s’inscrire, et au final on ne peut pas dire exactement qui on aura (et on a toujours des surprises). Prenons le MOOC Gestion de Projet de Centrale Lille par exemple, l’edition du printemps 2013.
Il y a de nombreuses questions a se poser. Sur le fond, est-ce que c’est un cours plutot theorique ou plutot operationnel, avec des savoir faire que l’on peut appliquer immediatement ? A priori tous les gens qui travaillent dans les sciences experimentales, les sciences humaines, la psychologie, mais aussi des gens du monde de l’entreprise, les statistiques on s’en sert tout le temps. Dans votre video vous donnez des exemples comment ne pas faire un Mooc; Teaching Goes Massive en est, malheureusement, une illustration honteuse. Do your clients ask you to review the tax provisions in their partnership or LLC operating agreements? Since the allocation provisions by definition do not meet the 704(b) safe harbor, you will have to test them to make sure they have SEE. However, until such guidance is released, tax practitioners must carefully evaluate allocations to insure they are consistent with the partners’ interests in the partnership.
The 704(b) regulations require that Mary receive a priority allocation of taxable income to the extent of her preferred distribution. At its worst, forced application of the 704(b) safe harbor can actually impact the economics of the business deal as illustrated by Example 3. Either way, Mary receives cash of $99 and Dan receives cash of $1, and Mary receives taxable income of $9 and Dan has a taxable loss of $9. I started the Tax Maven Blog to share what I've learned and hopefully play a (small) role in elevating the quality of tax advice in our profession. Le MOOC n’est pas la panacee universelle et meme si on peut en faire sur tout et n’importe quoi, cela ne veut pas dire qu’on doive necessairement le faire. Est-ce que c’est un cours qui augmente l’employabilite, soit par les competences qu’on apprend, soit par le certificat ? Si 99% des internautes, dont votre public cible, ne comprennent pas le titre de votre MOOC, c’est mal parti. Vous avez meme des MOOC pour les lyceens pour reviser le bac, comme ceux lances par Pythagora avec le soutien de France TV education.

Et surtout, il va falloir s’assurer que votre public cible est bien le genre de personne qui peut etre interesse par les MOOC.
Le weekend dernier il a carrement ferme le forum, visiblement epuise par le travail qui le surpassait.
Then you need to understand how targeted tax allocation provisions work, when they are beneficial, and whether they comply with section 704(b).
The partnership agreement must clearly spell out the partners’ interests in the partnership (the business deal), and also carefully define how capital accounts will be derived. Remember section 761(c) allows a partnership agreement to be amended up until the original due date of the return (April 15 for a calendar year partnership).
At this point, Mary’s capital account is $171 and Dan’s is $19 assuming no distributions have been made. Upon liquidation, Mary and Dan each receive a distribution equal to their ending capital accounts: $135 for Mary and $14 for Dan. Beaucoup de facteurs entrent dans la balance : le portail d’affichage bien sur, le plan de communication, la langue d’enseignement. Ou alors est-ce que c’est un cours que l’on suit en general pour son plaisir personnel, pour sa propre culture ? Quel est le degre de specialisation ? Il faut reussir a trouver un titre a la fois accrocheur, et qui s’adresse precisement a votre public cible. Prenons quelques MOOC, par exemple, un MOOC d’Introduction a la statistique avec le logiciel open source R de l’universite Paris Sud. Mais vous avez egalement des MOOC extremement pointus, comme le MOOC sur la programmation des robots volants autonomes du  TUM, Techniche Universitat Munchen. Bref, des MOOC, vous en avez pour tous les gouts.
If the LLC then liquidates, Mary receives her capital account balance of $171 and Dan receives his $19. Si vous produisez une ressource de tres bonne qualite, mais que personne ne l’utilise, vous avez manque votre coup. Je ne suis pas en train de dire qu’il faille viser au moins 100.000 inscrits pour lancer un MOOC non. Bien sur, la question de la categorie socio-professionnelle n’est pas le seul angle d’attaque possible. Est-ce que c’est un cours introductif, voire un cours de vulgarisation, ou plutot un cours de niveau Master ? Quels sont les pre-requis ? Face au refus du ministere de rendre public l’algorithme d’Admission postbac, l’association a saisi la Cada. Il faut donc penser toujours avoir en tete la question des usages avant de se lancer, et donc du public qui va utiliser ces ressources.
Mais il faut tout de meme avoir reflechi un minimum a l’utilite du projet, et identifie qui va en beneficier. On peut egalement s’interesser a l’origine geographique des participants, mais aussi de motivation pour s’inscrire, etc etc. Et dans sa premiere edition, pas vraiment pour augmenter l’employabilite, c’est plus pour de la culture personnelle. L’un des objectifs : verifier la legalite des criteres regissant la repartition des candidats dans les licences en tension. Chaque MOOC a une audience particuliere, qui peut changer d’une edition sur l’autre, parfois c’est presque le meme public, parfois cela change completement. Pas vraiment de pre-requis ni en termes de competences ni en termes techniques, car on est sur un cours assez introductif.
Par exemple, un MOOC suivi par seulement 1000 decideurs a peut etre plus d’impact dans la vie reelle qu’un MOOC suivi par 10.000 etudiants. Est-ce qu’il faut un materiel ou des logiciels particuliers pour le suivre ? Quel est le niveau de contrainte ?
Vous n’aurez pas le meme public si vous annoncez qu’on peut suivre le cours avec seulement une a deux heures par semaine de travail ou s’il faut compter dix heures minimum ? PSL, Sorbonne Universites et l'Universite Paris-Saclay ont entre 18 mois et deux ans pour convaincre le jury.

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