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In-text advertising offers another way for you to turn your content into a revenue-generating venture. VigLink offers users higher payouts and the ability to convert existing links into paid ads—adding another layer of opportunity to the in-text advertising process. Built In Text’s unique offering is more than a dozen ad layouts that allow you to closely mirror the existing format of your blog. Kontera, like Infolinks, has fast and easy plugins that make it easy to get started with in-text advertising. Technology has enabled people to do more than consume media; it lets them get involved with media.
Naturally, business owners can’t be expected to spend hours every day responding to hundreds of text messages from potential consumers. Follow the InVenue Mobile blog and learn more ways to speak with consumers using text message ads.
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Mobile coupon redemption rates are higher because mobile coupons are easily stored in your customers’ cell phones. For years, consumers didn’t mind carrying around little pieces of paper that spent like cash. With the advent of mobile marketing, mobile coupons have helped not only continue the popularity of money-saving offers, they’ve helped further it. According to Borrell Associates, mobile coupon redemption rates are 10 times higher than that of traditional coupons, and that number continues to grow as folks on both sides of the counter acclimate to living in a digital world. Text message-based coupon campaigns are centered on an opt-in consumer base, which means the people who receive ads have requested to do so. Mobile coupons sent by text message are more personal in nature, increasing the likelihood that a customer will respond to your message. Text message coupons reach their target audience in minutes, giving retailers the opportunity to speak with consumers in real-time and reap same-day benefits.
Opt-in campaigns are often driven by instant rewards, so the gratification to consumers is immediate. Experience how mobile coupon redemption rates will force you to rethink how you market your company. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged InV Messenger, mobile coupons, mobile marketing stats, text message advertising, text message marketing on March 25, 2013 by admin.
For business owners who lack an IT department, a tech team, or even a marketing guru, setting up a mobile marketing campaign might seem like daunting work. The black-and-white squares of strategically placed pixel-dots have grown in prominence in recent years, and now play important roles in mobile marketing campaigns initiated by the likes of Taco Bell, Best Buy, Target and many other fortune 500 retailers.
But what about the independent real estate agent, restaurateur, or small-market golf course owner who doesn’t have access to those resources? As the technology becomes more and more common, QR Codes are proving to be an effective way for businesses to direct traffic to a mobile coupon or a web page with product information.
Realtors can use the technology to assign a unique QR Code to each property they’re selling. The bottom line is, if you’re a business owner and feel that new-tech ways to advertise are reserved for large corporations with dedicated IT people, think again. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged InV Messenger, mobile coupons, mobile websites, QR Codes on March 22, 2013 by admin.
Need more evidence that text message advertising is no longer reserved for major players like Starbucks, Best Buy and other Fortune 500 companies?
Digital media revenues are expected to grow at a rate of 12.3 percent annually over the next five years. Learn more about how text message advertising should be an important part of your small-business mobile marketing strategy. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing News and tagged InV Messenger, mobile marketing stats, SMS marketing, text alerts & notifications, text message advertising on March 18, 2013 by admin. You’ve launched your mobile marketing campaign, posted promotions in your store and on your website, and watched anxiously as the database of respondents grew.
Make sure customers know instantly who is sending them a text by putting your company name up front.
Consumers love exclusivity, so show them there’s value in receiving your text messages by asking them to show the actual message to one of your employees. This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged InV Messenger, SMS marketing, text alerts & notifications, text message advertising on March 16, 2013 by admin.
As a means of everyday communication, text messaging has grown to become as accepted as phone calls and emails.
Some erroneously view it only as a way for friends to stay in touch, a technology not geared for business. If you’re of the belief that a mobile marketing campaign would run you thousands of dollars per month, think again.

Mobile marketing companies offer contracts of varying lengths, but business owners new to the mobile game should tread safely and find a short-term contract.
This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged InV Messenger, InV Text Reminders, SMS advertising costs, SMS marketing, text message advertising on March 13, 2013 by admin. Small-business entrepreneurs who are considering text message advertising for a small business face a challenge when building their audience database. Owners of restaurants, golf courses and retail outlets share in the dilemma, but evidence surfaces daily showing that building a mobile marketing database is not only achievable, it’s easier than you might think. Often the prospect of receiving future special offers in the form of mobile coupons is enough to encourage consumers to opt-in. Because of the nature of their product, golf course managers nationwide have launched successful text message advertising campaigns. Upgrade driving range services, such as a large bucket of balls for the cost of a small bucket. InVenue Mobile provides customized marketing solutions to ensure the success of text message advertising for a small business.
This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses and tagged InV Messenger, mobile coupons, mobile marketing promotions, SMS marketing, text alerts & notifications, text message advertising on March 12, 2013 by admin. As evidenced by the explosion of social media websites, consumers today prefer to get off the sidelines and take a more active role in the events around them. The technology can be applied to marketers in a wide range of environments, including sporting events, rock concerts, community festivals, graduation ceremonies, receptions, awards ceremonies, and virtually any occasion that brings large groups of people together. A sports bar owner dedicates one of his big-screen TVs to a text-to-screen campaign that lets customers text to predict which player will score the first goal during that evening’s televised hockey game. A minor league sports team uses an in-arena text-to-screen campaign to let fans proclaim their favorite player on the team.
This entry was posted in Mobile Marketing Features and tagged InV Messenger, SMS marketing, text message advertising, Text to Screen on March 11, 2013 by admin. All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time.
In short, in-text advertising finds keywords in your content and creates links for those keywords that take your site visitors to advertiser websites. Without having to change any of your copy or interfere with your site layout, you’re able to place relevant ads within your content. Considerations to prioritize are the importance of and immediate need for revenue, keyword selectivity (i.e.
Vibrant in-text ads are known for being unobtrusive, especially in comparison to other vendors, like Infolinks. For example, if you presently link to a product but are not an affiliate, VigLink will convert that link into an affiliate link, creating a revenue-generating link from an existing, natural link.
By making the ads unobtrusive, you preserve the user experience and increase the chances of a click through. You will be able to add up to twelve in-text ads on every page of content, and plugins for common content management platforms like WordPress and Drupal mean easy integration for your content. Heading the list of differences is the fact that text message ads enable consumer participation.
InVenue Mobile features a state-of-the-art mobile marketing platform that makes the entire process a seamless one for both parties. And retailers loved them because coupons drove traffic to the stores while offering insight as to the impact their print ads were having. Consumers and retailers alike are learning that mobile coupons present numerous advantages over traditional print-based coupons, most notably that mobile coupon redemption rates dwarf the print coupon standard set in recent decades.
Opt-in campaigns allow them to sign up to receive ad messages from the businesses they frequent.
With the new technology has come new terminology, industry buzzwords like text alerts, mobile apps and QR Codes. Of course, each of those companies have departments dedicated to marketing and technology, and employees trained in IT, graphic design and other relevant vocations.
Each grid features a unique pattern of black-and-white dots, and when scanned, will direct consumers to a specific landing page, website or app.
Essentially, QR Codes spare consumers of having to type in a URL address, and instead allow them to essentially take a picture in order to retrieve the information they’re seeking online. That’s a sure sign that retailers are gradually acclimating to using new technology in their advertising efforts, following in the footsteps of the international corporations who have made mobile the cornerstone of their marketing efforts.
It only took a couple of weeks to get your Mobile Club’s numbers where you needed them to be. Strong writing will drive your success, and with a text message ad there are a handful of tips to keep in mind as you craft a clear, concise message. Although most cell phones can handle messages of any length, don’t ask your customers to scroll through a long, rambling ad.
In your mobile marketing campaign, stick to communication standards you’ve employed in other forms of advertising.

For as little as $500 a month, InVenue gives business owners the opportunity to test the mobile marketing waters while getting their campaign off the ground.
InVenue’s program is based on a six-month agreement, designed to give business owners ample time to experience the true benefits of a mobile campaign without making a long-term commitment.
One thing is clear: Text message advertising for a small business is not a one-size-fits-all effort. Website message boards and Facebook status updates are two tangible extensions of the public’s desire to do more than simply consume the news. The technology is no longer reserved for deep-pocket organizations like professional sports teams.
To build a database of cell phone numbers, he uses a text-to-screen campaign to ask fans of his house band to help choose that night’s playlist.
Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
For example, an in-text advertiser for your piece on nature photography might add a link to a camera retailer when you mention the name and model you used for your shoot. Ads will always be a part of supporting content, and in-text advertising can help minimize the appearance of ads while still offering a solid revenue stream. Vibrant targets highly relevant keywords, which increases click-through rates, although the approval process for site owners is stringent. Visitors who purchase something after clicking through an ad on your site also generate commissions. Control of ads is made possible through the Infolinks dashboard, with minimum payouts set at $50; payouts come via PayPal.
But know that in-text advertising is another option and a quick way to create additional revenue from content already on your site.
Sports radio phone boards light up with calls from fans who want to participate in the reporting of their team’s latest win or loss. Business owners can populate the InVenue system with pre-selected messages, which are then sent to consumers in response to the text messages they submit.
They may reach a large number of people in a certain geographic region, but a high percentage of those people aren’t shopping for your products.
Car dealers are using the technology similarly to offer vehicle information, and retailers in all segments are using it to direct shoppers to mobile coupons. To this point, crafting an effective text message ad is no different than creating a print ad that gets response or a radio spot to which people respond. With a no-cost start-up, InVenue specialists will customize a program specifically for a particular business, as well as offer a one-hour training session to school business owners on the system’s easy-to-navigate platform.
The rate includes assigned campaign keywords and an allotment of out-going text messages per month, more than enough to stay connected with customers while you build your cell phone number database. One of the beautiful things about text message advertising is that costs can directly correlate to your campaign’s impact. Even small non-profit groups are finding text-to-screen to be an affordable marketing option.
If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription.
Its broad advertiser network that includes more than 3,000 partners increases the chances that the in-text link on your site is a close match with the keyword phrase. Text message ads allow some of those same qualities to live in the advertising world, giving consumers the opportunity to hold conversations with business owners via text message.
In either case, a customer is left to feel special, in part because he or she was able to participate. If you’ve already assembled a database, InVenue will upload that list onto the platform while guiding you through the promotional channels to help add new members to your database. In other words, as your database in InVenue’s system grows, you have the option to upgrade to a package that offers more out-going text messages and more keywords. InVenue Mobile helps you get started by offering these ideas to promote a mobile campaign for a golf course. But if your campaign reaches its potential with a limited number of respondents, you have the option to remain at that pricing level indefinitely.

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