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But while most are entering their prime at age 20, the text message might just be past its glory years. But, of course, it turned into something very big -- at least once some of the consumer technology caught up. At that time, you could only receive messages on phones; you couldn't actually send messages from phones until a year or so later when phones from Nokia and others had the proper capabilities. But in 2012, there is building evidence that text messaging is past its peak as more and more people have smartphones and use e-mail, instant messaging, iMessage, and other mobile messaging services to communicate.
In November, the New York Times reported that in the third quarter of 2012 text messaging was down.
Other experts also point out that users still need to pay for text messaging, while some of the other services are free, with no cap on the number of messages. Additionally, with more of those services and social networks like Twitter and Facebook, users are finding texting to lack the features of the others.

But while Papworth admits that texting is past its prime, he believes it will still be very relevant for years to come.
At the age of 22, Papworth was working for a company called Semea Group Telecoms, which had been working on a mobile messaging project for Vodafone, a European cellular carrier.
On that day in 1992, Papworth didn't send the first message with his thumbs on a mobile phone. In 2010, the International Telecommunications Union reported that 200,000 text messages were sent every minute and 6.1 trillion texts were sent worldwide.
According to a report by Chetan Sharma, a mobile analyst, cell owners sent 678 text messages a month, down from 696 a month the previous quarter. Ironically, Twitter, which says 60 percent of its users access the service on mobile, was based on text messaging. In fact, Twitter's 140-character limit was designed specifically to allow for any tweet to be read in its entirety whether you're using a rudimentary mobile phone, or a more sophisticated Internet enabled device," Twitter wrote on its blog back in 2010.

While a growing part of the population owns smartphones, which allow you to instant message, email, or connect to social networks, cellphone use without those features is growing at a very fast rate in emerging markets like India or Africa. 3, 1992, and Neil Papworth, an engineer working in the UK, sent the world's first short message service or SMS. He sent it from a big computer in one of Vodafone's offices to a Orbatel 901 mobile phone, which was the size of of today's office phones, Papworth explains. It's not a huge hit, but it falls in line with other reports that text message usage is dropping.
Like SMS' 160-character limit, Twitter has a 140-character limit and was designed that way because of text message capabilities.

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